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Jolinar is in a briefing with SG-1.

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Hammond and most of SG-1 immediately all went to a room with a long table, chairs, a screen, and many other things in it. The briefing room/, Jolinar thought as she sat down. /I need to get out of here, and find a new host. The longer I stay, the more likely something will go wrong. The aftermath of the last time she stayed too long still burned her conscious.

They were waiting for someone called Daniel Jackson, who was part of the same team as her newest host.

/Sorry/, she thought to Samantha Carter, who was worried about any information her intruder would get from the briefing room. Jolinar's apology was ignored, and she knew her host hadn't believed it.

She is right though/, Jolinar thought to herself. /Not entirely sorry. I want to know how soon I can leave this place and go find a new, and willing, host. What would the Tok'ra think of me? What would-

Daniel came through the door, and started speaking immediately. "There hadn't been any Goa'uld interference on this planet for over three centuries. The Nasyans are.../were/ a peaceful people."

And I wrecked that.

"They were eager to form an alliance, "Daniel Jackson continued, "and aid us in setting up a research outpost. There was no warning this attack was coming. We hadn't even spotted the Mothership by the time the Gliders assaulted the village."

Jolinar briefly wondered what the Tok'ra would consider worse. Taking a host by force or getting an entire village attacked. I should have left sooner. Why did I wait so long? She continued to listen to them talk, each sentence bringing her more guilt.

"It's not normal for the Goa'uld to sudden just show up and wipe out a peaceful people for no apparent reason, is it?" asked Hammond.

She looked down at the papers Daniel Jackson had given to her, intending to pay more attention on what they were saying, and less on feeling guilt for what could not be changed.

"In the past, there was usually some reason. Most often they seem to attack civilizations that are advancing to the point where their technology could be a threat, but that wasn't the case here," Daniel answered.

The Tau'ri have learned a great deal of the Goa'uld. Jolinar was impressed.

"Maybe they found out we were there," Jack O'Neill, Sam's Leader, suggested.

No, it wasn't you. Though Jolinar wished it had been them, that she wasn't to blame. The Tok'ra will never take me back after what I have done. No, no guilt right now. Pay attention!

"Well, how could they know?" Daniel Jackson asked, and then continued, "Or more importantly, why would this particular Goa'uld care?"

"They might have been a little concerned because we just kicked the crap out of Apophis."

Really? Jolinar thought as the memory of it came. That explain why his first prime is here? She glanced to Teal'c.

"Well, the truth is we still understand very little about their society," Daniel responded.

Teal'c finally spoke, confirming Jolinar's belief that he was capable of it. "I have seen the Goa'uld wipe out entire civilizations with no reason, simply because it gave them pleasure."

Jolinar watched him, very curious to what would make a Jaffa turn against the Goa'uld, his god, and now speak against them.

"So what, Nasya was just next on the list?" Daniel Jackson asked. "A part of me wishes it was that it was that simple, but I don't want to underestimate them."

Jolinar continued to watch Teal'c. "Maybe the reasons were just made apparent to you, Teal'c. I mean, you are just a Jaffa."

Everyone looked at her in a curious way, making her feel uncomfortable. Shouldn't have said that, but they need to know. "All-All I meant was that Apophis wouldn't necessarily have explained everything to Teal'c, even if he was the First Prime." Someone agree with me. "Would he?" She purposely looked back to Teal'c, hoping he would agree.

"That is true," he answered, but still looked at her in that curious way.

"I agree with Sam, but I think we have to assume the Goa'uld are more complex as a society than we are giving them credit for," Daniel Jackson said.

"The better you understand the enemy, the better prepared you are in conflict." Jolinar said the words mostly to herself.


"What is the status of the Nasyan survivors?" asked Hammond.

"Well, we managed to rescue 237 people. The critically burned and some of the overflow our infirmary couldn't handle were transferred to the Air Force Academy Hospital. The rest are awaiting relocation."


"Sir," Daniel Jackson started as he looked to General Hammond, "I think it's important to try and find a reason why Nasya became a Goa'uld target."

No, figure it out after I have left.

"Agreed, but relocation is the first priority."

Good. Yes. I will leave through the Chaapa'ai, find a new host, and...

"I am assigning the three new SG Teams, 10 through 12, to coordinate with you," Hammond continued. He nodded, and then got up. "Dismissed."

Jolinar got up, thinking about where she would go to find a new host.

"Oh, Carter? I hate to be a nag about this, but ol' Doc Fraiser says you hadn't been check out yet," Jack O'Neill said as he looked through the folder he had.

She nodded. "I'll go right now." Don't want them to be suspicious. "Wouldn't want to break post-mission protocol, right Colonel." And delay getting out of here. She slapped the back of his shoulder in a friendly manner, as she had seen people do.

She headed over to the infirmary using Samantha Carter's memories to find it. Perhaps I could find a host at the same planet Rosha came from. Once she found the infirmary, the doctor, Janet Fraiser seemed to be a little surprised at her willingness for the check up.

Jolinar was instructed to sit down, and the doctor started the tests. She was nervous, thinking perhaps they had some kind of test to find her. She felt the doctor feel the back of her neck, and hoped that was the only symbiote inspection she would receive, if that was what it was.

"Sorry to have to do this," Janet Fraiser said as she felt her neck, then reached behind to get something. "All right, open."

She opened her mouth, wishing she had been able to heal the injury she had created in her host's throat. She watched the doctor put something wooden on her tongue, and use another device to shine light in her mouth.

"You had a sore throat lately?"

Play innocent. "A little, why?"

"There is a small abrasion back there. Gonna have to do a swab." She took out a white stick with fluffy stuff on the end. "And open."

Can that thing find me? Ow, that hurts.

"Cassandra's been asking about you..."

"Cassandra." Girl...Janet's daughter...found on another planet... "Yeah, I...I've been so busy lately."

"She understands." Janet Fraiser set a few of those strange items down. "Ok, you just let me know if it gets worse."

It won't get worse. I'm healing it just fine. "I'm free to go out tomorrow, right?" I have to get out tomorrow. "We're searching possible relocation sites for the Nasyans."

"Sure. Cassandra's gonna to be at the hospital with me tomorrow, so why don't you stop by, and spend a little time with her first, you know, if you can."

Jolinar nodded, wishing she didn't have to. "I will." Another person to fool.

"Ok," Janet Fraiser said as she left.

Jolinar left, her inspection done. She was thankful that she had passed, but was not looking forward to meeting Cassandra. Well, how hard can it be to fool a little girl?

To be continued...
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