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No Survival

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Jolinar must make sure Samantha lives.

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Jolinar started healing her host, though the actions caused her to want to jolt in pain. Samantha? No response. Her host was still unconscious.

We're dying. If I could just...

Dying herself, she put all her energy into healing her host. The pain lessoned as she became weaker. Jolinar felt a wave of dizziness as she continued to work. Wake up, Samantha. You need to wake up and fight.

Still no answer.

Can't do this on my own. The pain was dull now, and instead Jolinar felt a cold tingling sensation which accompanied her dizziness. Tired. Sleep. No. Fight. Must heal.


Jolinar barely registered her own name. It took a moment to realize Samantha had woken up. Her body was still unconscious, but her mind was awake. Jolinar was too weak to respond.

What are you doing? Samantha asked.

Healing.../was all Jolinar could manage to tell her host. She felt colder and more exhausted, but she had a little hope. If Samantha's mind woke up, then it was possible for her to survive this. /Keep...fighting.

Jolinar felt that Samantha was indeed getting stronger, at the cost of her own life. Live... Her body seemed to collapsed, no longer willing to heal the host no matter how much her mind wanted it to. Tell...them...

Jolinar had no idea if her host heard her, and not being able to heal any longer, she used the last seconds for herself. Her mind created weak images of Martouf/Lantash and Rosha. Forgive me loves.

The End
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