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The winx girls and their new friend, Akira, have trouble. Akira's sick, and no one can figure out what's wrong until a teacher steps in. ((Mentionings of Rape in chapter 3... non-descriptive flashb...

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A/n: I don't own Winx Club, or I wouldn't be wasting my time writing fan fictions for free would I?

Chapter six: A promise fulfilled

Silence, as sky blue eyes stared out the window...

"Akira!" A voice interrupted, as a fire-headed girl entered the room, "Akira, what's wrong? You've been distanced for days... not even talking to Odeon!"

"I'll be fine... It's just that I've been thinking about something my aunt said the other day..." Akira, the blue-eyed faerie responded.

How our tale began... A teenage faerie distancing herself from the world she lived in, only to have a huge task on her hands...

As she looked down, the faerie panicked. Through the portal, she could see Griselda looking up, watching her. "I've got to go... the teachers are waiting, as is Odeon."

"Okay... but promise we can come visit you when the baby comes." Mila almost begged, looking to whom she still thought was her sister.

"I'll try... I promise." Akira replied, before stepping back into the portal, falling into the world of Magic.

"Flora? You awake?" a voice called, and was responded with a murmured,

"Yah, what's wrong Akira?"

"I've been thinking again... How could we get Michel and Mila here? They're NMBs, but they know quite a bit... and I think I saw Mila in an outfit quite like ours once..."

This caused Flora to sit right up, and look over to her roommate. "Are you sure Akira?" She asked, quite astounded from what she had just heard.

"I'm sure... Do you think she may be a faerie? And what of my Aunt? How did she know to sign me up for Alfea... unless she was lying about her not being my mum..."

"Or maybe that little girl is a shape shifter..." Bloom supplied, sitting up, "And shifted into your five year old 'sister' after coming years later... to make sure that you came to Alfea..."

"Maybe... or maybe she was just dressing up... Well, I guess we'd better be going to class... or getting ready at least." Akira pointed out; which was followed by Bloom saying,

"That's a good idea." As she stood up, stretching, and was followed by Akira and Flora.

In class, Akira was looked over by the teacher, Professor Palladium. "Are you sure that you'll be okay?" The elf asked, as Akira shook her head. "I'll be fine." She said, as she went to sit down.

Professor Palladium shook his head, as he looked outside for a second, then said to the class, "Today we will be having a survival test in the Black-Mud Swamp. In groups of seven, you will have thirty minutes to finish the first part... and no, the end point is not the same as it was in your freshman year. You will have to listen to the voice of nature, and find a portal that will lead to another planet... You will stay there for exactly seven days, living as one of the inhabitants."

As he said this, the girls were all transported outside, wearing safari-type outfits, at the edge of the swamp.

The Winx girls immediately gathered, and set out with Flora, Bloom and Akira in the lead, as they could hear the Voice of Nature.

After walking for about twenty minutes, Musa stopped the group, whispering, "Do you guys hear that?"

"The crying?" Akira asked, one hand moving slowly to rest on her growing belly, "I hear it. It sounds a bit like Mila..." she added, musing, "But she couldn't be here..." Aten flew from the small pack the faerie had hooked onto her belt, flying towards a patch of high grass, pulling it back to revile a red-headed five year old girl, with a ten year old boy leaning over her, hushing the crying child.

"B...but I wan' Kira." The girl pleaded, "We finally found a way to her, and I wan' her."

"Kira...?" Techna asked, "Isn't that a short form of..." But she was stopped as Akira ran forward, calling out "Mila! Michel!"

Michel, the boy in question, lifted his head, smiling as his sister ran towards him. "She's here Mila, Akira's here."

"That's right Michel, I'm here... Everything will be alright." Akira assured, as she knelt uncomfortably beside the two children, "Everything will be all right..."

I hope... I hope. The faerie added silently, as she felt a burning pain on her left ankle, and closed her eyes, not to open them for a quite a while.
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