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A Mysterious Girl

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When Oliver is out one night, he stumbles upon a girl named Celena Tarien, but she requests that he call her Tarien or Tari. He goes walking with this girl only to realize she is a witch who doesnt...

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She stood looking out at the quiet streets around her home. It was your basic suburb, each of the houses looking identical on the outside where everyone could see. On the insides each house was different, some were brighter and welcomed the sun; some that didn't accept the sunlight. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned away from her black painted window, and turned back towards her darker, candle lit room. The few flicker flames doused the room in unstable light. She already was underground with a small window that already cut out the rest of the light. Her computer screen clock said it was about midnight. She saved what she had been working on, a mere essay on a poem her teacher had assigned over the Internet, and grabbed a hoodie.

A man walked in, her father as she was searching for her shoes under her bed.

"You heading out now Tari?" he asked, as he stood in her doorway looking in to her room.

"Yeah dad, I have a few hours before dawn to go outside." Tarien replied tying a blue bandanna around her short brown hair, which was a brilliant contrast to her pale skin.

He sighed and hugged her tightly, "Are you taking Chaos?" She sighed and looked at the black Labrador at her father's feet. His big amber eyes begged for the walk, as his tail began to wag.

"Not tonight," she replied and slipped out past him.

"Did you finish your Muggle Studies homework?" her dad called, he was almost desperate for her to stay home.

She spun and faced him, "Dad? Im a 16 year old girl, who happens to be a witch...and your asking me if I have done my homework? I have all day literally to do it, and all my muggle class work. Relax for pity's sake. I have been doing this since grade 6... Not on your life am I going to stop now."

She turned and left, grabbing her keys that stood waiting by her door. "I'll be back before sunrise..." Tarien called to her dad and left the house. She shivered not because of the cold breeze of the night, but because she felt odd, out of place.


Oliver Wood left his house in the suburbs of London, it was nearly midnight. It was lonely without school or Quidditch to distract him. He couldn't even fly here unless he spelled himself and his precious broom, his parents had just bought him a new Nimbus 2001.

"I really want to fly it, so I can stay in shape." He muttered to himself, as he ended up at a nearby park. He tensed slightly sensing another being just beyond his sight. He continued walking, his hand in his pocket fingering his wand. He stared at what he saw in front of her. It was a girl, who was obviously a teenager. She looked to be about 16 or 17 years old Oliver Wood's own age. Oliver stared at her as she began to dance slightly singing quietly. She wasn't beautiful, Oliver noticed as her song reached her ears. Her voice was beautiful. She looked tall, and lanky. On her head was something that glowed blue in the darkness.

"Hello?" he called, stopping her in mid step. The dance had been more modern, a simple line dance. She stared at him as he came closer. She tensed as if to run, but his voice stopped her.

"Please don't run... Who are you?" "Tarien, but my friends either call me Celena, or Tari," she replied quietly. On closer expectation she had short brown hair, tied back with a bandanna, her eyes were brown, her skin pale.

"Who are you?"

"Oliver Wood..." he replied staring down slightly. He was six feet tall, there wasn't that much distance between his eyes and hers when he looked down at her.

"Please call me Tari all my friends and family do."

"Is Tarien your last name?" Oliver asked curious at this mysterious being in front of him.

"No, what are you doing here?" She asked as she picked up the book that she placed on the ground when she danced. She had it in her hoodie's pocket when she left and hadn't realized when she left home.

"I wanted to get out...What is a girl like you doing out side at 1:00 in the morning in a neighborhood like this?" Oliver asked following after her as she began to the leave the park.

"It's the only time I can get out..."She replied taking out her book. It had been spelled that if a witch or wizard looked at it, it was a novel called 'Forgotten Potions and their Remembered Uses'. But if a muggle looked at its pages, it merely was a muggle novel, a teen novel about a girl who hides her sex to become a knight.

"What are you reading?" Oliver asked, thinking over her strange answer, he glanced at the title, and took a second glance. "Forgotten Potions and Their Remembered Uses?" he asked looking at her in surprise, she looked at him in shock.

"You're a wizard?" she whispered silently to him as she stared at him.

"You're a witch?" he asked in reply.

"I am, do you go to Hogwarts?" she asked eagerly.

"I do, where do you go?" his voice was happy, she didn't look like anyone at Hogwarts though.

She smiled sadly, "I go at home, I got to go Oliver" she had just noticed they had gone about an hour from her home. She had to be home before sunrise.

"Home? Why not at Hogwarts? Or another Wizarding school?" Oliver said still following her like a puppy.

"I cant..." she replied before racing off. Oliver just stood there, Who was she? He thought when he headed towards his home. She was strange but Oliver grinned to him self, I want to meet her again. "Good Night Celena Tarien," he whispered as he headed back up his house steps. "I hope I see you again"

Author's Note: I wrote this for and yes at that time I went by the penname of Princess of Slytherin or Snakes Intertwined. Now Im Shae, I edited it slightly here realizing some grammatical errors...Please R&R
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