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A Vampire

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Tari leaves the meeting with Oliver Wood, a little nervious. But then she mets with Albus Dumbledore who said she can attend Hogwarts with special precautions but she doesnt want too, she doesnt wa...

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Oliver sat thinking about Tari, in his bedroom the same night. His walls were decorated with Quidditch pictures, plays, and newspaper clippings concerning Puddlemere United, among other teams. He even had a large muggle white board on one wall, which he could use to think of new plays for Quidditch. The burly 7th year could not get that girl out of his mind.

"Why couldn't she go to Hogwarts?" he asked himself out loud, staring at the large Puddlemere United Flag on his ceiling.

He went to the desk hidden under all his plans for the Gryffindor Quidditch team next season, he already sent an owl to Madam Hooch booking the Quidditch pitch for Gryffindor for the upcoming school year and it was only the beginning of July.

He grabbed a spare bit of parchment and a quill.

Dear Professor Dumbledore;

I hope I find you in good health this summer, but I have a question. Under what circumstances can an English witch not attend Hogwarts? Or any other Wizarding schools in the World?


Oliver took it and tied it to his owl, Quaffle's leg and threw the barn owl out the window. He went to his white board and began to sketch out a new play, knowing that Quidditch was the only thing that could get his mind off that girl. Hopefully he would see her soon or Professor Dumbledore would have an answer for him.


Tari woke up the next morning, at about noon. She groaned, and pushed her dog off her bed so she could get up. After she left the disturbing Oliver, she went back to the park and hung around for another hour until she knew she had to go beat the sun.

She stared around her dark room, and began to light candles and turn on the few lamps in the room. She went to her computer screen and booted up the computer. She went in to the rooms off her bedroom and grabbed a protein bar for breakfast, and showered.

She began to work as soon as she could, she was working ahead in her classes. Wizarding and Muggle, she had nothing much else to do. She opened up her online chat and signed on. She sighed, she felt so alone. She continued working until about 5:00 when a knock sounded at her closed door.

"Come in" she called and continued typing.

Her father poked his head in, "Professor Dumbledore is here to see you and talk about your upcoming year."

She turned, and smiled as the Head Master of Hogwarts came in to the room. "Hello Professor, Can I offer you something to drink or eat?" she asked.

"No thank you Ms. Baxton, I really only came for one reason. If we were careful would you consider attending Hogwarts this fall?" he asked, his eyes staring down at her.

"It's not possible, Professor you know I cant. Don't do this to me" she said saving her essay.

"It is entirely possible, Tari. We would just need to take certain precautions." He replied.

"I can't even go outside Professor! I have had 2 melanomas taken off in the past 7 years, what happens if it happens again?" Tari said, brushing past her Professor to take down her Potions book.

"I said we could take precautions, spell the windows so no UV light could come in, even spell your own skin against UV light." Dumbledore said sitting down at the couch that was across the room from her bed. "And getting you to Hogwarts, we can get you there the night before."

"I don't want to be hurt again, I attended my muggle schools for as long as I could even after I got the owl saying I had been accepted to Hogwarts School. My parents are pureblood witch and wizard, they live like Muggles so it is easier on me. The wanted me to attend school in both worlds so I wouldn't be ignorant. When I got my letter I was so sad, I can't leave this room to even go outside on the walks with my dad. Because I knew I could never go. Then you came here saying the exact same thing, I go and I find out I have a melanoma. I want to live Professor," she cried and hugged her Potion's book to her chest. "You give me something I just can not accept."

"Ms. Baxton, you are doing remarkable in your studies. I am surprised a student with a brain like yours doesn't not want to attend a school, due to fear. You are merely afraid for this, but you do not realize that you already have a friend."

"What are you talking about? The only wizards I know are you, and my parents." She said lying slightly; Oliver had given her much food for thought.

"A 7th year student, sent me an owl today asking under what circumstances would a witch not be able to attend Hogwarts." Dumbledore said, as her father leaned against the doorframe.

"Oliver," she muttered her hand at her throat.

"You do know more. You want to attend Hogwarts, you have wanted too since you were 5 years old Tari" her father piped up.

"No, I wanted a dream that couldn't become a reality. Professor I promise I will think about it, but I doubt my answer will change." Tari said turning away from her dad and her professor.

"Very well, Ms Baxton. Here" he handed her and envelope and sheet of parchment.

"What is this Professor?" she asked looking down at the papers curiously.

"The 7th year book list, and you summer homework that you need to do before September first." Professor Dumbledore told her kindly.

"Thank you sir," she replied and set them down near a candle. The men left, but Albus turned right before the door had shut. The envelope was open and the parchment was being slowly burned over the candle.

"You might want to send another envelope soon," Mr. Baxton replied quietly noticing what had caught Albus' eye.

"How long is it thought that she will live?" Albus asked as he headed up the stairs.

"The doctor's area already surprised, but not much longer. It's too hard for them to become children of the moon." Mrs. Baxton replied sadly in the kitchen at the top of the stairs.

"The only thing she wants more then going to Hogwarts is a friend, a real friend." Mr. Baxton said as he handed Albus a drink.

"Her homework is remarkable, there is no reason why this cant be done, she is just scared..." Albus said, "but I think she already has a friend."


Celena Tarien, stared at the ashes that had been the acceptance letter and turned to look at the 7th year book list. She had already read the whole reading list. She set it down away from the flame. She needed it anyway to give her an idea of what she needed for her classes. She set down at her desk, and began the first essay on the list. A potions essay, on the forgotten potion Moonlight Elixir and it's remembered uses. She couldn't wait until she did her defense against the dark arts essay too, about Vampires. According to muggle myth, she was one. And that was exactly what her muggle study essay was about. How muggle myths and legends regarding true mythical being like vampires existed.
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