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A New Arrival, A New Enemy

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That girl I was talking about in the summary? Ya well you see her in this chapter and immediately gets a huge crush on Archie. Atlanta doesn't know though........yet. Talk about love at first sight...

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It was an ordinary day at the dorm. Everyone was bored. Neil was looking in his mirror, Theresea and Atlanta were talking, Jay was lying around, Odie was just staring out the window, Herry was sleeping, and Archie was daydreaming about the 'Canadian beauty' beside him. He couldn't help but think about her 24/7. He kept thinking about how happy he would be if he had her. He wanted her so badly. he liked being best friends with her and all, but he wanted to be her boyfriend. If he was Atlanta's boyfriend right now, they would probably be making out in one of their rooms or be cuddling on the couch. Other girls, like Theresea, were pretty with long silky, shiny hair, perfect manicures, wore alot of make-up, loved to shop, had slumber parties and did each other's hair. Some were those kind of girls with other girls following her around.

Atlanta, though, wasn't like them. Ya she had silky, shiny hair, but her nails weren't perfect, she didn't wear make-up, she didn't have those kind of slumber parties, she didn't talk about boys, she didn't like doing each other's hair, she hated clothes shopping, and she didn't have girls following her around. Instead she talked about sports, and othe stuff ungirly like, she usually had Archie hanging around with her, instead of clothes shopping, she shopped for CD's and sports equipment, and she wasn't pretty, she was absolutely gorgeous. What he liked about her the most was her personality like the way she didn't care what other people thought about her and how she ignored the girls who laughed at her. She was active and outgoing. Thats what he loved about her, its like she was immuned the preasures adn troubles of being a teenager. His thoughts were interrupted when Jay asked,

"Who wants to go for a walk?" He asked.

"Nah." Camed Odie's response.

"Nuh ugh." Atlanta's.

"Sorry but no." Theresea's.

"I might get my clothes dirty." Neil's.

"Huh? What?" Archie's.

"Zzzzzzzzzzz." Herry's.

"Well then what do you guys want to do?" Jay was so bored he didn't even know what to talk about and he would actually be thankful if Cronus came and attacked them right now.

"I don't know." They all said.

"How 'bout a movie." Atlanta asked. She looked like she was going to fall asleep.

"Sure." Archie's response.

"Nothin' else to do." Neil's.

"Which one?" Jay's.

"Cool." Odie's.

"Why not?" Theresea's.

"Zzzzzzzzzzz." Herry's


"So which one do you guys want to watch?" Archie asked.

"Oh! I've been dying to see The Hills Have Eyes." Atlanta told everyone.

"No way thats too scary!" Neil complained.

"What? You scared? I thought you were brave." Atlanta smirked.

"Oh. Did I say it was too scary? I meant it wasn't scary enough." Neil said. He hated scary movies. It made his hair stick up.

"Whatever. So do you guys want to see it?" Atlanta looked around. Nobody said anything. Until she spoke up. "Well at least its better than one of Theresea's chick flicks."

"True." Archie smiled.

"Hey! For your information, they're romantic comedies." Theresea told him.

Archie just stared at her with his eyes half closed. "Chick flick."

Atlanta giggled a little.

"Sure Atlanta, I'll go see it with you." Archie said looking at her.

"Cool. Anyone else?" She looked around again and nobody said anything. "Fine. Lets go." Atlanta said. She grabbed Archie's hand and dragged him to the ticket booth.

"Who wants to see something else?" Jay asked.

"How about the Benchwarmers?" Herry suggested.

"Yes! I really want to see that one!" Theresea said, smiling.

"Sure." Odie sighed.

"Better than a horror flick." Neil said, shaking aat the thought of that movie Archie and Atlanta were watching.

"Alrighty then, lets go." Jay said.


"Man that was so cool!" Atlanta said, walking out of the theatre.

"I know I want to see it again." Archie smiled.

"Were you scared?" Atlanta said, smirking again.

"No! Of course not!" Archie lied, he was scared a little.

"Mm hm, whatever." She said punching his arm.


Once they got back home, it was 10:00a.m.

"Oh crap! We have school tomorrow guys!" Atlanta realized.

"Well, I'm going to bed." Archie siad, managin a yawn.

"Me too." Odie said.

"Me three." Herry yawned.

"Count me in." Theresea told them.

"So am I." Jay said, managin a yanw himself.

"Don't forget about me!" Neil complained, following everyone upstairs.

"Night guys." Atlanta said, walking upstairs.

~The next morning~

Everyone was a little more tired than usual. They didn't stay up late, but they had to get up early in the morning. Everyone was at the table eating breakfast.

"Is anyone else tired except me?" Atlanta said, almost falling asleep.

"Everyone is." Archie said, almost falling asleep himself.

"You guys shouldn't have stayed up late last night." Athena told them, placing buttered toast on the table.

"Tell me about it." Herry complained.

"Did I tell you guys that theres a new student at the school?" Athena asked.

"No." They all said at once.

"Oh, well there is. Hera says shes from Calgary, Alberta. Shes starting her first day today and I want all you kids to be nice to her, got it?" She sounded like their mother.

"Yes. We will." Atlanta said, sounding annoyed.

"Good." She looked at the microwave clock and it said 8:20. "You kids better get going. School startes in ten minutes.

"Kay." Theresea said as they all left.


They were all hurrying to get to their class. Odie had science, Theresea and Jay had math, Herry had english, Neil had bio, and Archie and Atlanta had gym.

"Wonder if the new girl is going to have gym with us." Atlanta sounded excited about meeting this new girl.

"Me too." Archie told her as they walked in the gym.

Archie and Atlanta were alwasy early for gym so they could do their warm-ups, so Mr. Arez didn't have to tell them. (I didn't spell Arez wrong, I know how its just so people won't think hes the God of War, Ares. Its like that Mr. Suez thing. Just to let you know). Once they were done their runs and stretches, everyone else just came out of the changerooms. Atlanta went to talk to the girls and Archie went to talk to the guys.

"Atlanta did you hear? Theres a new girl in the school." A girl named Shennelle asked her. (I got that name from the Cheetah Girls. I love them!)

"Ya I did. Is she taking this gym class?"

"Uh huh." Shennelle said with a smile.

"Line up!" Mr. Arez yelled. "Now did you all do you'r warm-ups?"

"Yes." They all said. They didn't really, they just didn't want to do them.

"Good. Now I want you all to meet our new student to the school. Ellanna (pronounced El-lon-na) Boullevardes (Bowl-le-vard-az)! Get out here!"

Shortly after a girl came in the gym. She wasn't very tall she was just a little bit taller than Atlanta. She had dirty blonde hair with pink highlights that was almost the same length as Theresea's but just 2 inches shorter. She had aquamarine eyes and a smile that fit her perfectly. Her eyes scanned her classmates until her eyes froze on one boy, Archie. She thought he was prett cute and she smiled at him. Archie did't want to be rude so he smiled back.

"Alright, you'r first exercise is a team on team. You will all pick a partner and will choose another set of partners to practice you'r reflexes, you'r speed, and you'r team cooperation (sp?)."

As always, Archie and Atlanta were together. Ellanna was disappointed that she couldn't be with Archie. But it was her first day, and she couldn't be with the people she wants on the first day (know what I mean?). She ended up going with Shennelle (the same).

(Okay I'm having a lazy moment here, so I'm not goint to type the whole gym class. Waste of time.)


"Man that was fun." Atlanta told Archie after they got out of the changerooms.

"I know it was easy."

As they walked down the hall, doing their usual, talking about sports or arguing about something, Ellanna was peaking throuight a corner, glaring angerly at Atlanta. She could already tell there was a little 'something' going on between them. 'I have to get rid of her. I alwasy get the man I want!' She thought as she narrowed her eyes and walked off. You can tell she didn't like Atlanta from gym class, I mean she really wanted to be paired up with Archie. So she went to her next class, thinking of ways to get rid of Atlanta. She didn't care if she had to somehow hypnotize him or even kill Atlanta, she wanted Archie and thats all that Archie and Atlanta had to worry about.

Little did they know, that Cronus was peeking through another corner, listening to every word, watching every glare that Ellanna made at Atlanta, and reading Ellanna's thoughts about Atlanta. Cronus thought this was perfect.

Finally started my fourth fic. Yay! And now my wrists hurt. So tell me what you think about my new story. Chow.
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