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A day in the life

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This story takes place after the Blitz Team moves into class S, and we see how Bit and Leena are movin into somethin more.

Category: Zoids - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bit Cloud, Brad Hunter, Dr. Toros, Harry Champ, Jaime Hemeros, Lena Toros, Leon Toros, Naomi Fluegel, Other - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-11-30 - Updated: 2006-12-01 - 1327 words

Disclaimer: I dont own zoids... altho if i could i would live there :D

Chapter 1 "A day in the life"

"Damn... its almost time for my first day of class S... "
His aquamarine eyes blurred then fixated on the plain red numbers of the clock which read... "8:42"
Bit never really got up this early; he was more of a 10 o'clock kinda guy. But he was too excited to sleep. He lumbered to the bathroom and flipped the switch. And with a big yawn, began his morning routine.

9:00... her Amethyst eyes slowly open and fixed to the ceiling.
"Morning again....." she grumbled
Leena's alarm had done its job. The shapely young woman rose out of her bed and threw on her bathrobe and headed for the bathroom.

About an hour later everyone was sitting in the kitchen. Doc, who was at the head of the table was acting out a Raynos vs. Stormsworder battle with his models. Much to Jamie's dismay; seeing as Jamie always wanted Doc to be more mature. The team had decided to give Jamie the morning off from cooking breakfast, and eat out they were waiting on Brad now. Who oddly enough was the last to wake up, he is usually up around 6:30 the same time Jamie is.

"Heya Brad!" Leena chimes cheerfully
Brad only replies with a distracted good morning. He then walks over to Bit who had been entranced at how silly Doc can get with is zoids. When he looks up at Brad, he sees that Brad is holding and empty shampoo bottle.

Bit speaks up "You smell pretty?"
"That's because I had to borrow some of Leena's shampoo!" replies Brad angrily
"You did?" questions Leena
"Ode d'strawberr....?

Bit doesn't even get enough time to finish before Brad gives him a few lumps. Quietly Jamie chuckles. Because he knows he was the one who had finished off Brads shampoo

"Alright people" interrupts Doc "where are we eating today?"
"Can I choose?!?" Leena beckons the crew
"Fat Chance" Yells Bit from the floor
"Let's go to the Steak and Bake" says Brad
"That sounds good" says Jamie

"Ok team, Steak and bake it is" Doc says and heads for the hover cargo.
Bit and Leena let out a harmonized sigh. For they had their own preferences on where to eat.
An hour later they arrive at New Helic City. Casually they (or most of them) stroll past the statues of Van Flyheight, Fiona Flyheight, Moonbay, Irvine, Carl and Thomas Shubaltz and other Guardian force heroes. Leena and Bit stop to admire their heroes from so long ago.

"Ahh.... I can't decide who was hotter. Moonbay or Fiona..." relishes Bit.
Leena a bit hurt that he was drooling over the women tries to make him jealous by pointing out how skillful Thomas was with his Dibison or how much of a manly man Carl was. But to no avail. For Bit had already left and went to catch up with the others

"Whats a girl gotta do to get some attention now a days" fumed Leena
once at the diner the team is dismayed to find out they are too late for breakfast.

"oh well" sighs Jamie "lunch here is good too" everyone agrees and the feast begins. Once full, the bill for lunch comes.
Doc. Who is in the bathroom is abandoned with the monstrous bill.
"Where is everyone?" questions Doc to a waitress.
"I think they bailed because of this." She answers with a chuckle
Docs face drops and he explodes with a "GAH!"

Somewhere else in New Helic City, Bit, Jamie, Leena, and Brad are walking around checking out stores. Brad Sees Naomi sitting in a coffee shop and slips away to talk to her. Bit gets distracted by a butterfly and wonders off. Leaving Jamie and Leena all alone. Leena Passes a Designer store where in the window there are two manikins dressed up and position like they are waltzing. Leena sighs out loud, And wonders to herself. 'Will someone ever take me dancing, will someone ask me out?!?' Just them a man destined to be king walks up behind Leena and whispers in here ear.

"you'd look awesome in that"
Leena whips around to see who it is. When she sees its harry. She freaks out and walks away. 'bleh.... I cant believe how close he was.'

Later, everyone is back at the hover cargo. Jamie, Brad and Doc are watching tv. Leena is showering. And Bit is chilling in the Ligers cockpit. Wondering aloud if his partner would mind him putting a tv and cupholder in there. The Liger growls fiercly letting Bit know that means no. Bit Laughs and grows serious again. Asking the Liger.

"how bout a stronger vulcan rifle?'
"guess that's a yes" says Bit. "I'll get to it tomorrow. C ya later Liger"

Walking down the hall towards the kitchen Bit cant help but to overhear Leena taking a shower and he figures he might as well take the opportunity to cause some mischief. He sneaks into the bathroom and flushes the toilet. Which sends a cascade of hot water onto Leena's unsuspecting body. Then turns on the hot water which changed the hot cascade to an icy cold waterfall. Leena couldn't take anymore and comes flying out of the shower with a

"WHO'S MESSING AROUND WITH THE WATER!!!" as this happens she also notices Bit Standing there wide eyed and astonished, she also notices that she has hopped out of the shower completely naked


Brad, Doc, and Jamie all sigh and draw straws to see whose turn it is to calm her down. Jamie gets the short one.

As Leena ravaged Bit's Limp body. Jamie walks by covering his eyes with his arm. and a her bathrobe in his free hand.

"Leena... if u keep beatin him senseless he'll never remember not to keep doing this to you."
"Geez, your right Jamie, next time I will have to only knock him out and not keeping hitting."
They leave a battered but still breathin Bit on the floor. And go and watch tv,

Later on that night Bit regains conscience, Wondering what happened and why he is on the bathroom floor. He shakes it off and heads for the kitchen again. Once there he pulls out a cup of noodles with a sticky note on it that says "do not eat" at the bottom is big letters that say "L.T" Bit wonders aloud "who is LT? oh well chicken flavored!"

Once cooked he heads for the living room graspin his tasty snack. He is surprised to see that Jamie is still up watching tv. He inquires and Jamie replies "eh... cant sleep." Bit decides to join him and go channel surfing.

"Jamie... who's LT." questions Bit
"Those are some vague initials, there buddy." Replies Jamie
"How so?"
"It could be Leon Touros, Ladainian Thomlinson, Liv Tyler?"
"oh cool... but why would their noodles be here?" asks a clueless Bit
"You idiot! LT is Leena Touros!" Yells Jamie
Just then an angry Leena Screams out.
"Run man!" urges Jamie
Bit finishes the noodles and runs for is Liger. But jus as he enters the hanger Leena cuts him will a well delivered clothesline, Jamie looks down the hall listening to the pummeling Leena is handing out, Then looks at the empty cup of noodles, shakes his head and goes to bed.

Then next morning everyone except Bit is sitting at the table. Eating their breakfast. Brad asks Leena

"Is he still able to move?"
"yeah" Replies a seemingly disappointed Leena
"kool... as long as we don't need to look for a new team mate"


I really suck at stories so uhm... reviews to tell me whats i should change to make it more interestin would be cool!
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