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An off-season battle

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This story takes place after the Blitz Team moves into class S, and we see how Bit and Leena are movin into somethin more.

Category: Zoids - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bit Cloud, Brad Hunter, Dr. Toros, Harry Champ, Jaime Hemeros, Lena Toros, Leon Toros, Naomi Fluegel - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-11-30 - Updated: 2006-12-01 - 1139 words

Disclaimer: i dont own zoids... if i did... i would mos def have a liger... cuz those things are hella tight... :D

"Ok team today you are facing the North Team" Says an excited Doc.
"what!? how is that possible? We shouldn't face another team for atleast few weeks" Complains Leena
"how do you figure?" asks doc.
"When you move upto class S you have a year off." Says a puzzled Jamie
"true" answers Doc "but someone challenged us to an off-season battle, and when have we ever said 'NO' to a challenge?" he give a cheesy smile to put the at ease... but it didn't work

"We never have time to say 'NO' because you always except for us dad...." Fired back Leena
"She's right Dad"
Everyones head had whipped around to see Leon and Naomi standing in the doorway of the tactics room
"Eh... She is jus scared her crap heap of a gun sniper will get shredded" replies a cool Naomi
"what are u doin here ya flaming red whore!?" Shouts Leena "and besides my gun sniper isn't that bad"
"You guys are good... I didn't even hear you come in" adds Bit with a quirked eyebrow
"I still have my key" answers Leon
"what are you two doing here anyway?" questions doc
"Brad invited us to watch" replies Leon
"how did you know I accepted the North Teams challenge?" asks Doc
"As a mercenary I was extremely resourceful. And I still am."
"but why the Fluegal team??????" Leena and Jamie and Bit harmoniously Chirp
Brad keeps his cool thru the interrogation and replies "I invited Harry, Jack sisko, and the Tasker sisters too."
"You What? I'm gunna ki...." Leena was cut off by an eccentric Harry
"not long enough" mutters Leena

"Hey everyone!" sing the tasker sisters gracefully
"Hullo" Jack says lazily he steps right around Harry (whose grand entrance has been interrupted and shakes Brads hand) the tasker sisters also join the group and start talking it up with a relieved Leena.
"A-HEM! We will catch up later but right now can I get everyone out of the tactics Room! WE'RE TRYIN TO PLAN HERE" shouts Doc.
"oh yea... I nearly forgot..." says bit
"you guys make yourself at home the battle will take place in an hour." Says Jamie

With everyone gone Doc explains that the north team is using a cannon tortoise as a fixed sniper somewhere on the field with an extremely volatile hybrid cannon "WHAT?" Jamie, Bit and Leena all ask surprised
"this will be easy those things are slow as mud." Says Leena
"he will be but who else is there doc?" asks Jamie
"A Stormsworder, A Rev raptor, and A Iron Kong"
"This sounds like its gunna a tough one" says a skeptical Bit
"we can take em" says Brad

The hover cargo moved safely out of range of the battle field
"Danger! The area within a 20 mile radius is now a designated zoid battle field"
"Danger! All unauthorized personnel must Evacuate the area" repeats the judge
"Area scanned!"
"Battle field set up!"
"The Blitz Team versus The North Team"
"Battle mode 0982!"
Immediately after the judge starts the battle the other team disappears!

"uhh.... How do we fight an invisible enemy?" shouts Leena
"I kinda forgot to tell you guys... they can cloak..." Reluctantly answers Doc.
Sweat beads drop everywhere... and Leon finally chokes out "Real nice dad."

"we'll jus have to fight fire with smoke" answers Brad
"we what now?" says an overly confused Bit
"It's a metaphor, He means we will fight there cloaks with a smoke discharge from the Shadow Fox." Concludes Jamie
Leena and Bit stand guard while Jamie soars above, the shadow fox lets out a loud howl and blankets the entire field with smoke so thick you cant see.
"Now guys run for cover!" says Brad
"Jamie draw their fire and try to find out where its coming from" shouts Doc from the hover cargo.
"I'm on it!" replies Jamie
Jus then 2 blasts from the hybrid cannon blaze past the Raynos
"27 degrees East 10 degrees South" says Jamie
"Where?!?" this time its Leena turn to be confused.
"In the hills" fumes Jamie 'why are my team mate so illiterate...'
"O..... i'm on it" Leena is the first to leave the cloud of smoke and strikes down the hidden cannon tortoise and to her delight the cloaking field also falls with the doomed turtle. Now exposed Jamie, Brad, and Bit select a target and strike.
Jamie gets hit with some shells from the Stormsworder and starts into a nosedive
And at the last second a Sonicboom and the Wild Eagle is here to help.

"HAHA!! Trying to go one on one with me! You should be ashamed to think you are good enough!" laughs the Wild Eagle
Bit and brad have taken on the Iron Kong, and Leena has discovered the whereabouts of the missing Rev Raptor.

"HEH HEH... you are soooo toast...." Laughs Leena her hands tightly grasping the trigger
the rev raptor pilot only lets out a whimper...

"Strike laser claw" Bit and Brad Yell in unison and we see the Iron Kong Slump forward in defeat
"Wild weasel unit! TOTAL ASSAULT" Leena's zoid then opens up and lets loose a cascade of wildly aimed shells. And the Rev Raptor is blow away
Crash! Down comes the Stormsworder and the North Teams final zoid.

"I'm the Wild Eagle..." re-iterates a confident Jamie

"The battle is over! The battle is over!" interrupts the judge
"The winner is..... THE BLITZ TEAM"
"YEAH!" Shouts Leena in triumph

Later on Doc orders pizza, Chinese food, and other delights to feed the teams and to have some good times. (cut to montage of laughter and games, and a mad Harry who cant seem to get to Leena)

"Good night Naomi" says Brad who has a slight smirk in expectation of a good night kiss
"I know what your looking for cowboy" says an also smirking Naomi
they connect in a most awaited kiss (since like Naomi's first episode)
"call me" says brad
"I will" replies Naomi and they hug and part for the night.
Doc and Bit have gone to sleep for the night leaving Jamie to clean and pick up a drunken Leena of the floor.

"Come on Leena easy does it" Jamie lays her into bed and starts on his way out when he hears Leena Mumble "Good night Bit my love" and then kisses nothing but air. Jamie chuckles to himself but also cant help but wonder if it was the Sake talking or Leena.

He decides to let it go... atleast for now


well... another chapter.. this one was a lil more exciting... tell me what you thought
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