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When it all falls down

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A fight breaks out... ooo that must've hurt

Category: Zoids - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bit Cloud, Brad Hunter, Dr. Toros, Harry Champ, Jaime Hemeros, Lena Toros, Leon Toros, Naomi Fluegel - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-12-04 - Updated: 2006-12-05 - 952 words

Disclaimer: i dont own zoids... it would be wicked awesome tho...

Around midnight the ever hungry Bit Cloud cruises into the kitchen looking to score some cookies. He finds some chocolate chip cookies that reads DO NOT TOUCH... L.T. and has flash backs of who LT is and puts them back with a slight shudder. Instead he grabs some Oreo's that are labeled "Jamie" he walks into the living room and flicks on the tv. This awakens Jamie who walks into the living room and sees Bit eating his Oreo's. Jamie quietly Fumes 'You spikey haired...son of a...'
Just then a devious plan flares into the young strategy experts mind.
"Heh... heh... heh..., I'll show him to buy his own cookies" he then takes Leena's cookies and hides em.
Leena head pops off the pillow... Her cookie senses are tingling! She thinks to herself 'Bit has made off with them again. I'm gunna pound him good.' She storms into the kitchen and sees her senses are right... her chocolate chip cookies are missing. Hearing the tv on she speeds for the living room and punches Bit hard in the head.

"Ow! What Hell was that for?" asks a puzzled Bit.
"You Jerk! You ate my cookies didn't you!" shouts Leena
"No! these are Jamies, I figured he wouldn't mind and I could buy him some more tomorrow"
"O.... sorry..."
"You really need to calm down. Why do you always assume when something is wrong its my fault"
Leena pauses... "because it usually is you"
"B.S!" explodes Bit. Whose head is still throbbing from the hit ever since the day I got here you have been blaming stuff on me"
"well no. but you went a little overboard!"
"Like Hell I didn't!
"And you deserved it"
"what ever... I'm going to bed" Bit walks past Leena nearly making her fall as he pushes her out of the way. He also mutters the F-bomb as he goes past her and this makes her unintentionally tense up. She trips him and Bit who has had just about more than enough physical abuse regains his footing and swats at her, connecting with her face.

"What the hell!? I am a girl! You cant hit me." Shouts Leena
"What ever... you sure can hit like a man." Replies Bit, who is still in somewhat of a defensive posture, Leena Throws a right and Bit dodges grabs her Hand and twists it behind her back and knocks her to the floor.
"Leave me the hell alone." Demands Bit. Leena only grunts in reply. Bit eases off of her and walks away.

A Few minutes Jamie walks in, who until now was out of sight waiting to see the almost comic scene of Leena pummeling Bit. He had not idea that his little scheme would trigger such and event
"Hey Leena....." Jamie says shyly, trying to hide his guilt
"Hey there Jamie, Whats got you up so late?" questions Leena
"I thought I heard shouting?"
"Must have been a dream" says Leena who is trying her hardest not to cry
"Yea... maybe"
"well I'm off to bed, Good Nite Jamie"

She walks away putting on her bravest smile and head for her room. Jamie who is now feeling terrible about what he's caused decides to go to sleep too. Hoping by tomorrow they can all laugh about it.

The next morning she awakes just in time to see Doc putting the hover cargo back into the base. Leena sadly walks to the bathroom and lazily starts her morning routine. With a sigh she replays last nights argument in her mind. It moves her to tears and they fall in silence with the already running shower water. Weeks pass before Jamie notices that neither Bit or Leena have spoken a word to each other. He couldn't let this continue knowing what he knows. He walks to Leena's room where he hears muffled sobs. The lights are dim and semi sad love music is playing quietly. He knocks at the door

"Leena? Can I come in?
"Oh... sure Jamie" says a surprised Leena who was in the corner of her room looking at a photo of her and Bit. She dries her tears and hides the photo in a book she is pretending to read.
"Leena are you ok?"
"Yea. Why do u ask?"
"well..." Jamie pauses and draws in a breath. "you haven't talk to bit for weeks."
"sure I have..." says Leena trying to smile
"yea. A few mumbled hello's and hmm's... hardly a conversation"
"I know..." Leena starts but gets choked up
"That arguing I heard. It was you and Bit wasn't it" asks Jamie sounding as innocent as he could
"Yea... I really screwed up. I blamed him for something he didn't do, and we started throwing back words at each other and screaming."
"I see" that's all Jamie can say...
"Maybe those word have always been on his mind..." ponders Leena
"Maybe he was jus having a bad night." Jamie says trying to reassure her
"I dunno"
"Look I'll talk to him" volunteers Jamie "I'll see how he feels"
"Would you really?" Leena Perks up, hope glistening in her Amethyst eyes
"Sure, it's the least I can do" answers Jamie thinking to himself "maybe I can still fix what I have broken'
"thanks Jamie. You're the best"
They embrace and Jamie goes in search for Bit.


Woo... this one was a tuffie...itz kinda short too and it probably still needs some work... Review please!
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