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The Union

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Bit and Leena Finally Speak to each other, and harry becomes more desperate.

Category: Zoids - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bit Cloud, Brad Hunter, Dr. Toros, Harry Champ, Jaime Hemeros, Lena Toros, Leon Toros, Naomi Fluegel - Published: 2006-12-06 - Updated: 2006-12-07 - 1148 words

Disclaimer: I Dont own zoids

this is gettin hard... i am only on chapter 4!

Later that Day, Bit is in the hangar, figuring out ways to improve himself and the Liger. And at the door of the hanger stands Jamie still unnoticed.
'almost in the clear' thinks Jamie to himself "hey Bit. What ya doin?" the words come out shaky and Jamie clears his throat.
"Tryin to improve the Ligers sensors. Last battle was a bit scary not knowing where they were." Answer Bit answers nonchalantly "what are you doin?"
"Nothing... well actually I was wondering. Is something wrong? You haven't said some much as two words to Leena over these past few weeks.
"Hmm... well now that u mention it. We did get into a big fight a weeks ago." And Bit proceeds to go into details almost identical to the ones Jamie heard from Leena.
"I dunno Jamie... I think I definitely over reacted and now Leena probably hates me"
"I dunno Bit why don't you jus go talk to her?" Jamie asks innocently
"You think I should?"
"most definitely!"
"How bout you partner?" asks Bit to the Liger
"rrrrowwwr" it lets out a soft growl of agreement
"Well then its settled. Thanks for bringin me to my senses Jamie"
"no prob"
Bit walks out and as soon as he is out of sight Jamie breaks into a dance (kinda like the cabbage patch kid) and then moonwalks out of the hanger.

Wandering throughout the halls of the Toros base, Bit finally finds Leena in the exercise room on a treadmill. She is in black sweat pants and a white tank top, though she isn't dress to impress, Bit is impressed anyway.

"Leena" calls Bit from the doorway. She looks up and hops of the machine and stops it.
after a long pause they both simultaneously say "I'm sorry..."
"I was totally out of line" answer Bit first
"Me too, I should of asked before I hit you" replies Leena
another long silence occurs and both cant stand it
'Have I really run out of things to say?' wonders Bit in his mind
'I jus wanna kiss him' runs through Leena's mind
Leena stares Deep into Bits Aquamarine eyes her Amethyst eyes pleading for an answer of what to do next. She gets in nicest way when Bit draws her into a warm embrace. And those three small words she had been fantasizing about rings into her ears.

"I love you Leena"

He places his hand on her chin and tilts her head slightly upward, And kisses her. Leena who had her eyes closed opens them, still entranced by his beautiful eyes. Hesitates for a second, and then draws him closer to her and kisses him again. This time opening her lips and allowing Bits tongue to explore the confines of her mouth.

They break for the sake of air and Leena then grabs a hold of reality again and searches for answers to the questions that have been burning in the back of her mind for the last few weeks now.

"So what do you really think of me?" Leena pleaded
"I think you are a beautiful talented pilot"
"oh..." Leena seemed a bit sad.
"lemme finish...." Protests Bit who can tell she is disappointed by the shortness of his reply. "you fun to be with, easy to get along with, aslong as I stay away from your food"
Leena chuckled in agreement
"And I wouldn't chose anyone else over you."
"So you don't really think I'm too manly?"
Bit steps back analyzes her physique for a few seconds and replies
"Definitely not"
"Thank you" Leena replies with a tear of joy streaming down her face.
And they connect in kiss so sweet it seems as if it was something from a sap movie.
"One last thing..." Leena jus had to know "Does this mean you are mine?"
"Yes" answers Bit Firmly "Forever"

The next day everyone was sittin in the tactics room...
"ok today I decided to let you choose... Harry challenged us to a battle" announced Doc.
"Really? How unlike you Doc." Teases Jamie
"Wow... what are we gaining from this again?" asked a skeptical Brad.
"30x the normal prize money" answers doc slyly
"I'm in" replies Brad quickly
"ehh I could use some cash. I owe Brad Shampoo and Jamie new cookies" says Bit 'I also wanna get something nice for Leena' thinks Bit to himself
"Ok sounds good... but..." Doc pauses
But what Leena pipes up with aggravation coming through her clinched teeth. She knows whats coming next
"If by some chance we lose though... you owe Harry a date Leena" says Doc
"EEEWWW! No way don't accept!" explodes Leena
"too late" calls Brad who has slipped around Doc and sent a reply to Harry, Leena bowls Poor Doc over and pounds on Brad
and all Brad can say is "Soo much Prize money...."
"YOU ASS!!!"
"Don't worry Leena..." cant nobody beat us, says Bit smugly
"You'd better hope you are right..." Leena Growled

The next day on the battle field...

"Leena my sweet! I will see you tonight" yells an over confident Harry
"ARRGG!! CAN IT HARRY!!" fires back Leena

"Blitz Team Vs. the Champ Team"
"Battle mode 0982"

Without wasting a minute Leena opens fire on the Champ Team.
"Total Assault!"
that took care of Sebastian and Benjamin and reduced Harry to half power.
Sweat beads fall from everyone. Its appears she forgot murder is illegal in these battles
And before Leena can wind up for another volley. Bit and the Jager take Harry down and hightail it just incase she fires anyway.

"The Battle is over"
"The Winner is the blitz team"

"I will have my revenge Bit!" cries desperate Harry "you will pay!"
Bit shudders a bit. But little does he know how serious Harry was this time.

Later on that evening the Blitz Team enjoys a night out on the town in Romeo City. Brad invites Naomi along, its really no secret that they like each other. Once at the restaurant, they all sit. Doc at the head of the table of course, Jamie sits to his right and Bit to his left. Naomi skips a seat and thinks Brad will sit next to her but Brad can't stand how Bit eats and sits facing Naomi. Leena who is out of choices on where to sit plops next to Bit. Trying to act upset about this but inside she is very happy.

A few blocks away a slightly drunken Harry wobbles around town. Eventually he passes the same restaurant the Blitz Team is dining at he peers into the window only too see Leena having the time of her life amongst Friends, Family and Bit!


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