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Assumptions and Orders

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Who done it?!

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Chapter 2

Dean looked on jealously as smoke curled off Arissa's lips. She had been avoiding answering any and all of his questions for the past thirty minutes by making mindless small talk. He had obviously lost her for the time being. Arissa tapped her fingers on the table and hummed a little tune. Probably something she was working on for her new album. He would have interrupted her little song, but to be honest he liked her soft number. Dean knew that if he wanted her to talk he would have to be patient.

"So, Dean, where are you from?" She asked softly.

"Born and raised in Texas. I moved to LA when I turned 19." He answered her without hesitation. Dean needed her trust and cooperation. He wouldn't deny her anything she wanted to know. Arissa nodded and stood pacing the room in thought. She shook her hips lightly with each step and flipped her hair now and then for effect. She neared the table and reached toward the ash tray putting out her cigarette.

"What were you like in high school?"

"I was quiet and studious. I played football and ran track." Dean paused and watched her drag her chair to the right side of him setting it down backwards. She hiked up her skirt and straddled the chair easily. "I...I was...normal." He stammered out.

"I see. Football games and A's on your report card. One of those "normal" kids." Arissa said air quotes inserted at the right part. "I wasn't normal." She whispered leaning her chin on her hands that were folded on the back of the chair.

"Care to elaborate?" He asked, cautiously, noting the far off glint in her eyes. She frowned and blew some hair out of her eye.

"Not really." She sighed. "It doesn't matter anyway. Won't help you with your case Detective." There was a teasing tone in her voice that told him this could go on for a while. He didn't know how much more he could take.

"How did you and Mr. Wentz meet?" Dean decided to cut to the chase. No more chit chat.

"I bumped into him on my morning jog. Sent him flying." Arissa giggled happily and looked at Dean through her eyelashes. "While he was on the ground instead of yelling or something he looked me over and said 'Nice legs. Can I buy you some coffee?'. I just laughed and then, when I realized he was serious, said yes." She bit her lip and Dean silently wondered if she knew just how seductive she was. With her incredibly sexy voice and long lashes she had to know what she did to men. More importantly what men probably did to themselves after a few moments of just looking at her. Arissa eyed him knowingly and stood up.

"Dean?" She called. "Do you like what you see here?" She gestured to her body, smoothed a hand over her hip and sauntered in front of him pulling herself on to the table right in front of him. She slipped a finger under his chin and he pulled away narrowing his eyes at her.

"Watch it Arissa." Dean warned. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and crossed her legs.

"I can't help it Detective Johnson." She whined slightly. "It's just too easy. The way you watch me. I just feel the need to entertain." She bobbed her head to a beat he couldn't hear and shimmied her shoulders.

"Well, hold it back."

"Yes Sir. I'll try real hard." The last couple words lingered on her lips like the pink chap stick he knew she wore.

Dean tried to read her. He was almost positive she'd killed him, but something was there in the back of his mind saying he should give her the benefit of the doubt. Everything in him said he still shouldn't trust her though. "Please get your chair and sit on the other side of the table." He asked through gritted teeth. He was frustrated, tired and not in the mood to deal with her any longer.

Arissa stood and looked at him in mock astonishment. "Why, Detective Johnson, I am surprised at you." She giggled while moving her chair to the other side of the table where it belonged. "I assumed you would have enjoyed the closeness."

"You assumed wrong." She sat in her chair and placed her hands in her lap.

"Any other requests?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm and she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Not at the moment."

"Good. I don't make it habit to do what people say."

There was a small amount of venom in her tone and Dean flinched unwillingly. Something about her was off key. She stretched him in so many different directions. She was playing him. He didn't like to be played.

"Let's not get off track anymore. It's ridiculous how long I've been in here already."

"You tired of me Dean?" Arissa questioned daring him to say yes.

"That isn't what I said."

"You insinuated it." She pouted.

"What? Do you want me to apologize?" He snorted.


"Are you kid..."

"No. I'm not kidding.You don't have to be rude." Dean stared at her in amazement. Had she actually had the audacity to call him rude?

Yep. She called him rude. "Alright. I'm sorry Arissa." He closed his eyes tight and reached up pinching the bridge of his nose. "Can we continue now?"

"Ok." She sniffled lightly.

"Ok." He looked into her eyes and tried to remember where they left off. "So...tell me what happened the last time you saw Mr. Wentz." She stayed silent with a look of defiance on her face. Dean sighed and leaned his head back. "This is gonna take longer than I thought."

"Look I know that all signs point to me, but I didn't do it." Arissa took a deep breath. "A couple of two years argues. Girl feels betrayed and moves out. Boys begs her to stay. A week later boy is found dead. Girl has no alibi and doesn't seemed phased by the death of her lover." She looks down at her hands. "I know the evidence is over whelming because I had been to the apartment earlier that day...It wasn't me though. I didn't murder Peter. I loved him."

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