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In Between Concrete and Coffee I Found You

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To the love...

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Alright all you cool cats...This is where the story changes a bit. A little FOB for RGR's! I hope you all still like it after this chapter!

Chapter 3

Arissa inhaled sharply as she ran down the street at a steady pace. She came to sign and turned the corner swiftly. She picked up her speed and concentrated on the way the trees and cars all blurred into one. The only the thing Arissa was aware of was the concrete beneath her feet and the constant pounding of her heart. She tried to put the rhythm her body and surroundings made together to memory. It was like that old Eurhythmics song "Sweet Dreams", slow yet fast in a some strange way. It was a feeling she loved and looked forward to every morning.

She rounded another corner and closed her eyes feeling a slight breeze pass her. There were wind chimes in the distance somewhere, probably from the old thrift store down the street. Arissa added it to the melody working in her head and mentally put it on repeat so she wouldn't forget.

She was working on new songs and lately it seemed that everything inspired her. But, then again, Los Angeles was an inspiring place. She bumped into to something hard and stopped her jog abruptly. The next thing she heard was a thud and a resounding "Shit!" from a heap on the ground. She looked down and placed her hands over her mouth.

"Oh my God!" She paused looking at the man before her surrounded by papers and what looked to be a bottle of Green Apple Fanta. "I-am-sosososorry!" She ran her words together while extending a hand to help him up.

The man removed his sunglasses and leaned back slightly on his right arm instead of grabbing her hand. "Nice legs." He looked her over taking notice of her tiny black shorts and sports bra. She had a sweatshirt wrapped around her waist and her New Balance were perfectly white. He smiled his teeth straight and shiny white. "Can I buy you some coffee?" Her black curly hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her green eyes were shining from what he presumed was a mixture of embarrassment and surprise brought on by this mornings unusual events.

Arissa laughed lightly and then looked at his soft brown eyes realizing he was indeed serious. She smiled and bit her lip blushing. "Yes?" She said it as more of a question than a statement. The man smiled again making her knees feel a little weak. She liked his smile...a lot. He began to pick up his belongings from the ground. "Let me help you with those." She knelt next to him and helped with the gathering of papers. "I didn't mean to knock you over. I guess I was in a bit of a daze." She raised an eyebrow a bit her lip in the most attractive way.

"It's fine. I needed to take a rest anyway. What better place to do that than the middle of a sidewalk?" He quipped grabbing his soda bottle a grin plastered to his gorgeous face. "I'm Pete by the way." He stood and brushed his pants off. "I'm sarcastic and corny and I believe, very strongly, that when a girl pushes you down it just means she likes you."

"I'm Arissa." She giggled out slowly. "I didn't intend to push you down because I liked you, but each time you smile I get the urge to do it again." She watched as he studied her, obviously shocked by how quickly she replied. The tone she took was sweet and the playful glint in her eye was subtle. She was adorable and completely sexy. To top it all off she had a sense of humor and a killer body.

"I'd reply to that, but I'm at a loss. You see...usually I'm the sarcastic one." Pete wrinkled his nose at her, faking confusion.

"I see. Well, there is room enough for two." She nodded her head and reassured him his place was not at stake. "How about that cup of coffee Peter?"

She used his full name and he loved the way it rolled off her tongue. He was very much intrigued by this quick witted, somewhat clumsy, girl. "Right. Coffee." He paused and gestured behind him. "Right this way."

Arissa followed as he walked down the street. She stared straight ahead and when she felt his eyes on her she grinned. There was a light sheen of sweat covering her slightly tanned form and she knew she wasn't exactly wearing parka. Peter watched as she removed the sweatshirt from her hips and pulled it over her head. He couldn't help but let his eyes follow her every movement. She was precise and graceful almost cat like. There was a definite mystery to her and what guy didn't like to unravel a beautiful girls mind and body. He smiled to himself and stepped in front of her upon arrival to the small cafe. He reached for the door and opened it glancing at her smiling face as she walked in.

"Thank you." She said just above a whisper and made her way over to the counter to order. Peter followed suit and strolled up next to her. He stared at her profile. Arissa didn't have on any make up and her hair was in a messy pony tail. He could swear he'd never seen anything more beautiful though. He'd be willing to bet no man had ever. "I'll have a caramel latte." Arissa breathed.

She tore her eyes away from the selection of coffee on the menu and examined Peter. Everything about him screamed intelligent and cocky. From the way he wore his hair right down to the dark jeans he'd paired with a red shirt and gray converse. He had tattoos covering his arms and a couple black bracelets on each thin wrist. She could just barely make out what she thought was another tattoo on the inside of one of his fingers. 2*R. She thought for a moment and it dawned on her.

"...And straight on 'till morning." A wide smile spread across his face and he looked down at his hand.

This chick was just getting better and better by the second. How amazing was it that they hadn't even talked and he already knew they had a lot in common. Peter blinked several times and turned his attention back toward the cashier. "Uh...I'll have a french roast coffee." He looked at her from the corner of his eye and bit the inside of his lip.

"That will be $8.50." He pulled his wallet from his back pocket and handed the guy a ten. The server counted out the change and placed it in his hand carefully. "Thank you and here are your drinks." A girl in back of him put two cups the counter beside him and flashed Peter a huge smile.

"Thanks." He said and winked at her while grabbing the cups from the counter. Her eyes widened and she blushed crimson before running back to the supply room.

"What was that about?" Arissa asked as they walked to a table near them. He sat down and handed her, her latte before answering.

"Well, she has a little crush I guess." Peter answered avoiding telling her exactly why. He looked down at the cup in his hand and took a sip.

"I see. So, do you always start out conversations by avoiding the truth." She asked. He looked up wide eyed and cocked his head to the side.

"Do you always ask questions you know the answer to?"

"No." Arissa answered softly. "I thought you looked familiar, but I wasn't sure and I didn't want to insult you."

"Good job." He chuckled. "Nice to meet you Arissa. I'm Pete Wentz." He said a light hearted grin on his mug.

"I know that now." She said shaking her head dumbly. "I'm Arissa Ryan."

"You're kidding right?"

"No. I'm not actually."

"I can't believe I didn't recognize you." Peter said dumbfounded. "I have a CD of yours and everything."

"I guess as a face on a CD we try not to pay too much attention to other peoples faces on CDs." She paused. "I have a CD or two of yours as well."

"Well, isn't that something. Arissa Ryan is a fan."

"I guess you could say that..." She trailed off biting her lip.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked with a laugh.

"Nothing. It's just that I feel like an idiot. I've been to like 3 Fall Out Boy shows and didn't even realize it was you."

"Just goes to show your more interested in the music." He leaned forward a bit and whispered the next part. "That doesn't happen too often."

The rasp in Peter's voice sent chills all down Arissa's spine and she couldn't help wondering if she'd be seeing him again after this little coffee date. The twinkle in his eye told her she could count on it. She looked at his lips as he started to talk to her about something or other and took a mental picture. He had very kissable lips. When he stopped talking she took a drink of her latte and added another reason to her list of 'Why running is great'. Knocking over cute bassist's and going for coffee was a definite plus.

Peter told a joke and when she giggled he mentally patted himself on the back. If you can make a girl laugh you can make her fall in love. He watched as her shoulders moved with each breath she took between giggles and decided they would be seeing each other really soon.

They both smiled content with their thoughts and the moment the Gods had so generously supplied them with and drank in each others presence. This was the beginning of something amazing and they both felt it.

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