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Dust Bunnies and Fuzzy Feelings

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What lies beneath?

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Alright! Here it is! Enjoy!

Chapter 4

It was a clear California night as Peter walked from his car to Arissa's door step. She lived in a small apartment building that was just secluded enough. He studied all the flowers planted along her walk way and wondered if she had planted them herself. No one else had flowers going up their walk way. He stopped just outside her door and took a deep breath.

Behind the door, inside the apartment, Arissa was panicking. She was running around the house trying to find her shoe. Not just any shoe though. Her strappy black high heels that buckled around her ankle. They were the only shoes she had that looked good with her cuffed jean capris. Her outfit was planned around those shoes and if she didn't find the other one she was doomed. She got to her knees and looked in the only place left...under the sofa.

"Please God." Arissa prayed as she ducked her head low to peek at what she knew would result in spring cleaning...again. She was a clean freak. Not like those people who say they are and really they just don't like things to look messy. She didn't like even one speck of dust on her coffee table because then she would have to buy out the cleaning supply aisle at the local store. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Just as she suspected her shoe was there as well as a pile of dust bunnies. She shuddered at the thought and resisted the urge to move the sofa and grab the vacuum. She put her shoe on quickly and rushed to the bathroom to look herself over.

Her black drop neck top looked perfect with the color of denim she had paired it with and the long gold necklace she was wearing complimented everything great. Arissa was ready and just as she heard a sharp kind of timid knock at the door she applied some cherry lip balm. She made her way to the door slowly, she didn't want to look flushed.

Upon opening it she saw Peter stood before her in a pair of dark slightly baggy jeans and a nicely pressed button down white shirt with a gray blazer. She smiled when she noticed his Vans and motioned for him to come in.

"Hi." He said as he leaned forward placing a kiss on her cheek. He held his hands behind his back and Arissa eyed him warily while still feeling a small tingle from his lips. This was to be their first official date and that little greeting was a small preview, in her opinion, of what could happen at the end of the night. "Don't worry." He sighed addressing the look on her face and pulling a bright white daisy from behind his back. "I saw this and thought of you."

Arissa reached for the flower and thanked the heavens it wasn't a rose. She hated roses. They grew all high and mighty in bunches acting like they were the king of a garden. She liked simple and sweet. Daisies were her favorite. "Thank you." She said biting her lip making it turn a light shade of red at the pressure. "Daisies are my favorite."

Peter looked down silently praising himself and pulled the rest of the bouquet from behind him. "I'm glad because I couldn't resist." Arissa brought a hand up to cover her mouth as she gasped.

"My goodness!" She beamed. "They are lovely Peter. You shouldn't have. Thank you!" She took them from his hands and walked into her kitchen to grab a vase and fill it with water. She tore the paper from around the flowers stems and stuck them inside the cool pool waiting in the bottom of the glass.

Peter watched as she then picked up the flowers and walked to place them on her coffee table right in the center. She glared at her sofa and wrinkled her nose. "Are you two in a fight?" He asked when he noticed her evil facade.

"No." Arissa chuckled. "You'll make fun of me if I explain it to you. So...let's just go." She blushed and grabbed her purse heading for the door and away from the topic of her OCD.

"Not so fast." He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. "I wouldn't make fun of you and I'd really like it if you shared with me what the sofa did to receive that look so I can make sure to never do it." Peter looked into Arissa's eyes and tried to stay focused on the problem at hand rather than the way she licked her lips to make them more inviting. She stared back and scanned his face through her lashes in that sexy way most men love. He tightened his grip on her and cleared his throat. "You going to tell me?" He asked.

"No." She whispered a little more raspy than she meant to sound. He narrowed his eyes at her and she reached up wrapping her arms around his neck.

Peter leaned in a little and whispered, "Tell me." The feel of his breath on her lips sent a trail of goose bumps down her neck and up her arms. "Please."

Arissa shivered unwillingly and whimpered barely loud enough for him to hear. He smiled and let his lips graze across hers softly. Her eyes snapped shut and she felt one of his hands move to cup her face. Peter pulled her in slowly and moved his lips against hers, gently nibbling at her bottom lip in hopes of hearing her whine one more time. As the glorious end to their first kiss he got his wish.

Arissa sighed when he pulled away and said, "Alright. I'll tell you." He removed his hand from her face and listened intently wrapping his arms around her. "When I was getting ready I couldn't find my shoe. It ended up being under the sofa and when I found it I also found dust and I just hate that its dirty under there." She shuddered closing her eyes picturing just what lay under the dark depths of her over stuffed couch.

Peter smiled at her quirkiness and let her go walking over to the couch. He put his hands on either side of the arm rest and moved it back completely. Arissa looked on astonished. She didn't like seeing dust in her apartment and she certainly didn't like company seeing dust in her apartment.

"Go get the vacuum." He ordered.

"Peter don't be si..."

"Just go get it. If it bothers you that much you should fix it." He reasoned.

Arissa sauntered over to the wash room in her kitchen and pulled the old Hoover out. She rolled it over to the couch and plugged it into the nearest socket. Peter stepped back and watched as she flipped a switch and the machine came to life.

The way she moved it back and forth in straight lines making sure each was the same length was oddly adorable. She had a look of sheer pleasure and concentration on her face and Peter couldn't help but shake his head surprised.

"Are you always this adorably sexy?" He asked not really expecting an answer. She flipped the switch again ordering it back into slumber.

"Yes." She replied matter of factly. Peter chuckled and she pulled the vacuum out of the way quickly. He grabbed the sofa and moved it back easily. "Sometimes I'm unbelievably sweet and even, at times, quite aggressive." She giggled making faces that matched her descriptions and threw her head back in a laugh at his dorky, yet cute, grin.

"Uh huh." He breathed going up to where Arissa stood. "I can be aggressive too." Her laughter turned to seriousness as his hands once again placed themselves on her gorgeous hips.

"Oh, really?" She asked with the raise of an eyebrow.

"Care for a demonstration?" Peter asked. She nodded her head and their lips met for the second time that night. They hadn't even begun their date yet.

Arissa gripped the cord to the vacuum tightly as his hands moved to the small of her back. She then dropped it completely and moved her hands into his hair. He groaned a little throatily and deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue across her bottom lip, tasting cherry along the way. Peter's plea for entrance was granted as Arissa opened her mouth and they began a small war. As far as they were concerned both had won by the end of it.

Peter did a happy dance inside when he let her go and watched in amazement as she tried to pull herself together. The kiss was good. Fireworks and symphony good.

Arissa bent to pick up the cord and attached to the back of the vacuum carefully. She stood and rolled it past Peter to its original place in the wash room.

It was going to be an interesting night.

Thanks for reading and all the great reviews! Hope it was written to your satisfaction!
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