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Endings and Beginnings

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Kind of a filler!

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Uh, A crap chapter! I wrote it just so I could use the very last sentence. It was so I could get to the next part of the story and also to sort of give you an idea of what their relationship is going to be and already is. You might like it, but I could do better! The excitement of Tuesday is getting to me! But, after the show, I'll be back to me!

Chapter 5

Walking down the sidewalk, Peter and Arissa passed under light posts illuminating the smiles both proudly wore. With their fingers intertwined they silently prayed the night didn't have to come to an end. But the closer they got to Arissa's town house the less time they had together. Thoughts of a second date were on their minds as they approached her door step. Once they reached it they turned toward each other, recognition of the nights end in their eyes. The sound of grasshoppers and birds chirping made the perfect soundtrack for their goodbye. The stars in the sky, the perfect back drop.

Peter sighed and reached up to Arissa's face brushing a few loose curls out of her eye. "Did I happen to tell you how gorgeous you looked tonight?" He asked a smile appearing on his face at the faint giggle escaping her mouth.

"No." She grinned. "You didn't. You just barely made it too." Arissa turned her wrist allowing Peter to look at her watch. The time read 12:01.

"Hmm...In that case..." He dipped his head low for a gentle kiss. "Good morning."

"Good morning to you too." She hummed.

"So..." He mused. "I'll call you soon."

"Ok." She responded. "I you." She let him know in an almost shocked way.

"Don't sound so surprised." He laughed addressing the tone in her voice. "I'm a pretty cool guy."

"That you are...And very handsome indeed."

Peter blushed and wrapped his arms around Arissa's small waist. "Keep saying things like that and I'll get conceited."

"You have a gorgeous smile." She bit her lip tangling her arms around his neck. "And your a fantastic kisser."

"Is that a hint?" He smirked.

She answered by standing a little taller and pulling him closer. "Yes." She whispered before kissing him confidently. "Come inside."

"I would love to...I really would. But, you see, I have a habit of ruining good things after so long." He paused looking into her eyes. "It's been such a good night. I don't want to let you in on how much of a dork I really am all in one evening." Arissa chuckled showing she wasn't too disappointed.

"You couldn't ruin this if you tried." She released him. "But if you don't want too..." She trailed off fishing for her keys in her small purse. "You don't have too." She unlocked her door and threw her purse and keys inside on the little table to the left.

"So, can I see you tomorrow?" Peter asked hopeful.

"Of course." She returned to her previous place in his arms and trailed kisses across his neck. He groaned a little and she nipped at his ear whispering, "You sure won't change your mind about coming in? I think I have some more furniture that needs moving." The seductiveness in her voice was close to being too much to handle as her lips traveled across his collar bone.

"I'm positive." Peter breathed as her lips came into contact with his again. " to...stop." He mumbled between kisses. She pulled away smiling mischievously. "I can only say no so many times. Then I can't be held responsible for what I do."

"Oh really?" She asked kissing his Adams apple and making a path to the spot she'd found on his neck. "About how much longer do we have before you take charge?"

Peter groaned as her lips worked their way back to his lips and answered, "Not long." He pushed her back towards the wall closest to her door and kissed her passionately. Arissa whimpered slightly as his lips moved away from hers on a mission. He nipped at her neck and ears licking at the hot flesh to extract sighs from her perfect mouth. His hips pushed against hers and she moaned. "I should go." He said panting and pulled away.

"Ok." She licked her top lip and moved toward her door. "If you want to."

"I don't, but I like you and I think you like me." He backed away slowly. "Let's keep it that way."


"Ok." Peter turned starting to walk down the path to the sidewalk that would lead him back to his car.

"What time tomorrow?" Arissa asked just loud enough for him to hear.

He turned back toward her and said, "Um...twelve...I'll pick you up at twelve." Arissa nodded and then put a hand to her mouth puckering her lips.

She blew him a kiss and then said, "See you then."

After a small exchange of smiles she disappeared inside leaving Peter to wonder how he got so lucky this time.

The next morning Arissa awoke with a start feeling happy that she would get to see Peter. Maybe even spend the day with him. She showered quickly and dressed even faster at the anticipation of their second date. Once she was clothed she pranced into the bathroom to fix her hair and apply a little make up. She put mousse in her hand and smoothed it through her waves carefully. She then grabbed the blow dryer and set her soft natural curls adding a little hairspray and a cute clip for effect.

She put on some mascara and eyeliner with a little pink eye shadow to match her light pink polo top and jeans. After that a little chap stick and gloss. She studied herself in the mirror. She was the picture of perfection.

Arissa sauntered into her room and pulled her converse out of her closet. She loved the way they looked with the wide flare of the light jeans she was wearing. Upon finishing she went to tidy up her living room. She fixed the magazines on her coffee table in alphabetical order and then centered her daisies perfectly between them. The order went as follows: AMP, AP, Blender, Daisies, Cosmo, Rolling Stone and Spin. The fact that the daisies were before Cosmo only bothered her slightly. After that she fluffed the pillows on her sofa and made sure all of them were seam side down. Once she was done there was a knock at the door.

Peter stood outside Arissa's door again for the third time in two days. He knocked gently and waited for her smile. Usually his second date with a girl was the next week, but he couldn't wait that long to see Arissa. He found that he was making up his mind quickly about her.

She was funny, sweet, sexy, a musician and, most importantly, she was patient. All the things he'd learned he needed over time. They seemed to be a lot a like. Which meant they would understand each other. There was still a lot to learn, but he was almost sure that where he left off she'd pick up. He was a bit cocky and she was just confident. She was kind of shy yet brave and he was not shy by any means. Just brave.

Arissa stared at the door for a moment and then bounced over to it. She opened it grinning like Cheshire cat and pulled him inside.

"Hi." She greeted him with a kiss.

"Hello." He replied breathless.

"I'm glad to see you." She said stroking his chest a little.

"I can tell." He grabbed her hands and wrapped them around his neck placing his own on her hips. "Feel like getting some lunch?"

"Sure." She leaned her forehead against his and rubbed their noses together softly. "Can we get Chinese Peter?"

"We can. But only if we can get ice cream afterward."

"Deal." Standing on her tip toes she pecked his lips and reached behind him for her purse and keys. "Let's go."

Arissa walked around Peter and opened the door. He grasped her hand in his and swung her back around, "Not so fast." He said playfully. "I want another one of those."

"Another one of these?" She questioned kissing him again.

"Yes." He whispered against her lips.

"Now you got what you wanted. Anything else Sir?"

"Not right now. No."

"Well, you let me know." She paused. "I want to keep you happy...I love your smile." She kissed him once more before pulling him out the door and into the warm spring air. They made their way to his car and Peter opened the door for Arissa before getting in on his side and starting the car.

"So, after ice cream, what do you want to do?" Arissa smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

She was just glad there was going to be an 'after ice cream'.

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