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The Introduction of Emerald and Chunk's Way In

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Two in one day because Chappie 5 was yesterdays!

Chapter 6

Arissa wandered through the hall of her apartment as she dialed that oddly familiar number on the phone. She was calling Emerald, her best friend since she was five. Things had been going so good lately with her music and her life that she felt the need to make their once weekly talk, a twice weekly talk. It was hard to get each other on the phone though because Emerald lived in Milan at the moment and there was a seven hour time difference. She was a fashion designer and was collaborating on a new fashion line with one of Milan's greatest artists.

Normally Emerald lived in LA fifteen minutes from Arissa in loft that was both her studio and home. Normally they talked on the phone every day and went to lunch together once a week, but when their careers took them in different directions they followed knowing each other would be alright. They had learned to stand on their own quickly, but promised to call each other at least once a week for a life update. They had talked Monday and it was now Friday. A lot can happen in four days though and Arissa was excited to tell Emerald all about it.

The phone rang four times before Emerald picked up. "Hey hoe! What's up?"

"Not much slut!" Arissa paused. "Nice phone etiquette by the way."

"I know." Emerald giggled. "Why are you calling? Who died? Do I detect a smile in your voice?"

"I have news. No one and YES!" Arissa answered giddy. She sat on her sofa and grabbed the remote to her stereo turning it on.

Emerald hummed and made a funny smacking noise with her lips. "The queen of frowns is smiling?"

Arissa gasped. "I never officially won that title. Winona beat me by two points and you know I'm still upset about it!" She half whined.

"I'm sorry for bringing it up. What's on your mind Debbie Downer?"

"Well, Suzy Short Skirt, You remember the guy I told you about last week?"

"Peter? Yeah I remember. Did he mess up already?" She asked ready to hear a juicy story. Arissa was famed for dating your usual jerks. It got so bad she could actually pick which ones were worth the effort and which ones weren't. It was a nice little talent to possess in the industry where you never know who anyone really is. People tell so many lies they start to live them.

"No. He is perfect. We have seen each other every night since the day I knocked him over and he has been completely amazing."

"So, that's like what...three weeks with no fuck ups?"

"Yes. Three whole weeks! I'm almost not sure what is suppose to happen next. I've never gotten this far." Arissa chuckled.

Emerald laughed and shifted the phone on her ear. "I'm guessing you just keep dating and see what happens." It seemed simple enough to say and do.

"I guess." Arissa pulled her knees to her chest and to listened Lauri Ylonen's calming voice as it flowed through her speakers. "It's just weird. You know?"

"Come on Riss. Don't go all 'scared to let something good happen' on the guy." Emerald paused. "From what you told me he seems sincere and genuinely sweet. He's a good guy." She attempted to convince Arissa.

"I know. He is a good guy and I like him a lot."

"But..." Emerald ventured.

"I don't know. We're both musicians and things are going to get rocky at some point..."

Emerald cut her off, "Exactly. At some point. Live for right now. Enjoy the good while it lasts." She paused shuffling around on the other end. "Things are gonna get hard, but is it really worth having if you don't have to work for it?" She reasoned.


"Ok then. Get over your silly doubts." She said with a bit of emphasis on silly.

"Thanks Eme. You're always right." Arissa praised. Emerald always kept her grounded. She kept her from making some of the biggest mistakes and pushed her into doing some of the best things she'd ever done.

"What can I say? It's a gift. Too bad it only works on you." She laughed. "So, are we all clear on the Pete situation?"

"Yes. We're all clear on the Peter situation." She droned.

"Alright. In that case I have to go. It's 2 AM and I've got to get to bed."

"You're still sneaking around with the boss then?"

"Yes. Enjoying every minute of it too!"

Arissa thought for a minute. "You have to be careful Eme. Don't get yourself into trouble. We don't want regrets remember?"

"I remember. I love you! Good night."

"I love you too. No regrets."

"No regrets."

"Good night."

Arissa looked around her living room. She was bored and Peter hadn't called her today. She missed him and was wondering where he was and what he was doing. She wondered if he talked to his friends about her and if at this moment he was thinking about her. If he missed her. A girl could drive herself crazy with all those thoughts. She stood up from her place on the couch and decided to take a hot bath.

She walked down the hall and into her bathroom. Turning on the water she sat on the edge of the tub and drizzled in some bubble bath. Mango was her favorite scent. She added a couple more drops and ran a hand under the tap to check the temperature. It was warm. Arissa slipped out of her clothes and started to get into the tub just as the phone rang. She grabbed her robe, slipped it on and ran to the living room.

Peter dialed Arissa's number carefully. He hadn't called her all day and he'd just been talking to Patrick about her. Now he just missed her more. He smiled to himself thinking about her cute laugh and how his hands fit perfectly on her hips. He listened to it ring a few times before her honey sweet voice filled his head.

"Hello?" She said into the mouth piece.

"Hey gorgeous."

"Hey yourself. Where are you?" She asked hoping he was on his way over.

"Why? You miss me?" He responded playfully.


"I just got home. I was with Patrick all day. I'm sorry I didn't call." Peter said while pacing his bedroom floor.

"You don't have to apologize." She laughed. "It's not like we had plans."

"I know." He smiled knowing she wished they did and said, "But we could make some."

Arissa giggled and went into her bedroom. She layed down on her back at the foot of her queen sized bed and smoothed her fingers over her red sheets. "What did you have in mind?" She asked curious.

"I was hoping I could come over and we could watch movies and make popcorn. Just hang out. You know?"

"Sounds good to me, Sir." She sighed and got up to look through her closet for something to wear. What do you wear for a night in? This was the first time they would actually spend time alone in her apartment. She got nervous suddenly.

"Alright well I'll be over in like an hour. Is that ok?" He asked starting to feel apprehensive.

Arissa bit her lip. "That is perfect." She paused. "See you soon."

"Ok. Bye."

"Bye." They hung up both feeling very nervous.

Arissa sped around her apartment tidying things up. She ran into her room and looked down at her outfit layed out in the bed. A jean skirt and long sleeved v-necked white top with her black and white polka dot flats and black belt. She smiled and rushed over to the bathroom to take a quick shower and shave. Just in case. Once she was dressed and her hair and make up were done she popped some popcorn and got out her stash of junk. Chocolate, cookies and gummy worms. The knock at the door startled her as she put the popcorn into a bowl and arranged the cookies on a plate.

Peter waited on the other side of the door as Arissa walked to it coolly. When she opened it he smiled at her looking over her outfit pleased. "Nice legs." She smiled and motioned him inside. "I brought Goonies."

"I made popcorn." She grabbed the movie and walked over to the DVD player putting it in and grabbing the remote. She sat down on the couch. Peter followed her over and looked at the coffee table where she had put everything out.

"Gummy worms. Yum." Peter sat down next to her and took the remote pressing play. Arissa leaned over and kissed him.

"Yum." She whispered against his lips.

"I thought the gummy worms were gonna be the best part." He winked leaning in for another kiss.

"You know better than that." She smiled backing away. "I'm always the best part." Arissa giggled when he pulled her back toward him and kissed her fully exploring every part of her mouth.

"You're right babe. You are the best part." Peter wrapped his arms around Arissa and she settled into his embrace.

"First you gotta do the truffle shuffle." Mouth commanded. Arissa laughed as Chunk lifted his shirt and wiggled around. Peter tightened his grip on her and kissed the top of her head. She smiled up at him and snuggled closer.

"I did miss you." She said hugging his torso and leaning her head on his chest.

"I missed you too." He whispered back playing with her hair a bit. She sighed and hugged him tighter.

It was going to be a good night and if he played his cards right a great life.

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