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Zuko has a fiance, who is she? Will she make it to Zuko before Azula, or will she be forced into helping Azula defeat her one and only true love?

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~Chapter 2~

Nita looked around her room impressed at how fast she had cleaned it of the incriminating things, letters to and from Zuko had gotten cleaned up in the past hour. Nita had packed a bag for the trip she was going to go on in a few hours. Nita knew she had to make an excuse to her mother before she left her mother would never understand this since Nita's father had never really loved her mother. Nita walked out of the room thinking there was going to be a big fight but what she saw surprised her.

"So, Nita, leaving already?" asked her older brother.

"How did you..." Nita started

"Honey, you've been distant this past week and you just locked yourself in your room for an hour, not to mention you walked out holding a pack that looks full." Her mother said sighing,

"Look you don't have much time you have to go now before the Fire Lord comes to check up on our town"

Nita looked at her mother shocked that she had not argued, but obeyed, walking out of the house she the Fire Lord approach her house. Nita broke into a run and made it to the forest before the Fire Lord saw her. Nita had to hurry to make it to the docks to stow on a ship headed for where she could find Zuko. Nita walked the entire day finally stopping to rest, Nita sat on a rock, pulling out a crumpled letter from Zuko.
My dearest Nita,

As you probably know I have not yet captured the Avatar, which means that I have not been allowed to return to my home, to you. I am terribly sorry if my father or my sister have bothered you because of my leaving, I never wanted to hurt you. Nita, please listen to me this time, I love you. I know you didn't listen to me when I told you before I was banished but now listen to me, this time I am 6 years older than I was then and I have learned so much more than then.

Nita, my love, please accept this from me, it is all I can give you now. I wish I could hold you in my arms and kiss you, but I have been banned and stripped of my honor, although that does not hurt as much as not being able to see you. If you did listen to my admission to you then please listen to this, Nita, as you well know, the necklace I gave you is a token of love. Many have received it, but not accepted it, I wish you to accept this as a token of our love. Nita, if you have made it this far in the letter then I want you to know how much I love you and I would like to ask you these four simple words. Will you marry me?

With all my love,
Prince Zuko
Nita stared at the letter for what seemed like the millionth time since she received it. Nita clutched the beautiful necklace to her chest as she fell asleep thinking about the question Zuko had asked her.

A/N: okay, this isn't long, but oh well
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