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To Lose You

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Jay and Archie want to fight Cronus....probably my most exciting chapter yet so please read and review!!!!

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heeey guys! Thank you for reviewing my last chapter....i have decided to put both the ideas in the stories and now you can all enjoy it:) Still very disapointted in my supernatural and gilmore girls story....still no bye guys!

Jay looked at Cronus with disbelief.
"Cronus you are a liar! This is Theresa." Archie nodded.
"And this is Atlanta." Cronus laughed another mocking laugh and shook his head.
"That's what I want you to think boys....but watch closly." Cronus snapped his fingers and then, right before their eyes, Theresa and Atlanta turned into two other nymphs. Both the boys gasped when they realized they didn't really kiss the girls they loved. Cronus smirked.
"You should have just given up to you two....Theresa and Atlanta will die, on skull volcano!" Jay and Archie ran down the volcano and were running toward a volcano that looked exactly like a skull. They prayed they weren't too late.

Atlanta had swayed the cage over to the edge so they were no longer over steaming hot lava. When they were on the edge, Atlanta helped Theresa out and laid her on the ground. Atlanta was about to run down the volcano to find help, when she then heard Theresa screaming in pain.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!" Atlanta looked at her confused.
"Theresa what's going on?" Theresa kept screaming in pain and then she stopped, allowing tears to fall down her face.
"They failed." Atlanta looked at her confused.
"Terri what are you talking about?"
"Jay and Archie....they failed the obstacle....we're going to die now." Atlanta shook her head.
"Theresa if they failed then that would mean I would be in pain...." Right when she said 'pain' she felt pain like she never felt before and started to scream.
"AHHHHH!!!!! HELP!!!! PLEASE IT CAN'T END LIKE THIS!!!!" Atlanta screamed while Theresa cried, when finally they both collapsed. They lay frozen on the ground....when Jay and Archie finally came up the volcano. Jay looked at the woman he loved laying on the ground, unconcious and he fell to his knees and put her head on his lap. Archie did the very same. He tried not to let tears fall from his eyes.
"Atlanta....I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have believed Cronus when he said that was you....please forgive me." Atlanta had enough strength to stroke his face.
"Archie....I forgive you....please remember me....please....remember...." Before she could say anything else, her eyes shut and her hand fell from Archie's face. She had died. Archie began to sob.
"ATLANTA!!!!!!" His sobbing was uncontrolable. Jay looked at Theresa and noticed that she was pale, she had many cuts and bruises on her face, but she was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. A tear fell from his eye.
"Theresa....please don't die on me. I love you....I can't lose you. Theresa....please don't leave." Theresa managed smile and she looked into his chocolate brown eyes.
"Jay....I'm always with matter where you are, or who you're with....I'm always in your heart."
"What do you mean? Theresa please no you're going to be fine!" She closed her eyes.
"Good bye Jay." With that said, she let out one last breath and then she too died. Jay started to bawl his eyes out and started to scream in the air.
"I mean to kiss her! DO YOU HEAR THAT CRONUS?! I AM IN LOVE WITH HER!!!!" The two boys began to cry a few more tears, when they heard Cronus' raspy voice.
"Aww that is so sweet to hear Romeo. You plan on killing yourself like him too?" Jay and Archie immediatly stopped crying and gave Cronus an abgered look. Archie spat at him.
"BRING THEM BACK CRONUS!!!!" Cronus raised an eyebrow.
"Is that a threat?" Jay got out his xiphos and gripped it tightly.
"You bet your life it's a threat....bring them back to us now!" Cronus slapped them both across the face and had a smug grin on his face.
"Only if you can defeat me....and my dragon." Jay and Archie stopped rubbing their cheek and felt their eyes widen.

What will happen now? Will Jy and Archie win the battle and save their loved ones? Or will Cronus take all the glory and take over the world? Read and review to find out!
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