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Soundtrack and Extra part

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Okay, it's like a hidden track on a c-d. Then comes soundtrack.

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The E-mail.

Message to:30STmyworld-From:PunkRockGirlYo
Message sent December 12th at 3:15 PM.

Lilee, I know you may hate me now. I would've turned me down too. I tried to convince my family that you didn't deserve to die. They didn't listen. My dad said that you were the reason of Aunt Katherine's death, he even blamed Jared. My mom didn't want to have anything to do with this but my dad put in her name anyways. My, well, our grandfather loved her very much and hated what your dad did to her. My brothers a crack head, he'll do anything. My mom and I thought that you were sweet and it was, indeed, Katherine to blame for her death. I will miss you when, where you move. I won't track you down. It's what humans do best, move on. So...far well friend. Hope you except my apoligie, even though you won't.

With much sorrow,
Nikki Radnom.

Soundtrack-not including pointless chapters.


Chapter 1-Mercy Me-Alkaline Trio

Chapter 2-Seventeen Ain't So Sweet-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chapter 3-Hands-The Raconteurs

Chapter 4-Closer-Nine Inch Nails
(reason-same as the rest)

Chapter 5-Waiking-Boys Night Out
(reason-" ")

Chapter 6-A Beautiful Lie-30 Seconds to Mars
(reason-I won't keep repeating it so...yeah)

Chapter 7-My Doorbell-The Whitestripes

Chapter 8-Just The Girl-Click Five
As much I as I hate that song, it works.

Chapter 9-Twenty-Twenty Surgery-Taking Back Sunday

Chapter 10-Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand

Chapter 11-Dark Blue-Jacks Mannequin

Chapter 12-Sweetness-Jimmy Eat World

Chapter 13-Popular-Nada Surf

Chapter 14-same song-continued

Chapter 15-37mm-AFI

Chapter 16-Teenagers-My Chemical Romance

Chapter 17-Demolition Lovers-My Chemical Romance

Chapter 18-Attack-30 Seconds to Mars

Chapter 19-From Yesterday-30 Seconds to Mars

Chapter 20-Friday I'm in Love-The Cure

E-mail-Creepy music from Final Fanstasy or Kingdom Hearts.

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