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Chapter 20.

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I thought I owed you for not putting a chapter up yesterday. Religion class...ya know? I have a soundtrack. Music is my life. So....last chapter.
It was now Febuary, Mid-Winter recess. Lilee was spending it with the boys of Panic! At the Disco. Brendon and Lilee had been a couple for 3 months now. Beggining to take things more seriously.

"Plug it in!" Brendon yelled. "I mean, everything else is ready."

"Hold on, hold on. I'm looking for an outlit." Spencer said.

The gang were getting ready to start up their old PS2 again.

"Wow, it seems like we haven't played this thing in forever." Ryan said.

"It's only been 3 months." Spencer replied.

"Yeah but...still."

"You have the microphone?" Spencer asked.

"Right here." Brendon threw the microphone to Spencer.

"We're back!" They heard a voice scream from the kitchen.

"Uh oh." Jon said. "We're in here!"

Kara and Lilee walked into the living room with a buch of bags. Hot Topic, Spencers, Oldnavy.

"Jeeze, how much did you buy?" Brendon asked.

"A lot." Lilee replied. "More video games?"

"I admit it, we are all hooked to those electronics." Ryan said.

"Yeah." Jon said. "It's amazing of how much you can do on a small screen."

"Oh please." Kara said. Lilee laughed a little.

"Oh please my ass." Spencer said. "You practicly live in the mall."

Both girls laughed that time.

"It works!" Ryan said.

Everyone's attention was switched to the t.v. It had the PS2 logo on it.

Ryan gave Brendon a high five.

"I call use of game first." Brendon said. "Come over here Lilee!" Brendon grabbed Lilee's arm and pulled her to the ground with him.

They were kissing playfully for a few minutes.

"Pick a song already!" Jon said.

Lilee giggled. 'I want "Friday, I'm in Love.'" She said.

"Okay." Brendon laughed.

Wow, I hoped you like it. There will be a sequil. I am sorry for my poor spelling...I really, truely do suck at it. So stay tuned for-"Someone to Die For" the sequil to "A Beautiful Lie"

Soundtrack coming soon.
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