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The Plan

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Well, Gerard has a plan. But, will Frank accept it? And if he doesn't what will Gerard do to him?

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Gerard sighed as he hit the brakes. If they got another red light, he was going to scream. And probably end up frightening Frank even more. Gerard closed his eyes, trying to fight off the growing headache. He hadn't told Frank, but the headaches were growing more frequent. They occurred whenever Gerard was in a situation that was particularly stressful or dangerous.

In other words, the headaches occurred only when the other man in Gerard tried to take over. Only Frank knew about the other man, whom they had christened Angel. Gerard chose the name. Frank had stared at the older man at the suggestion, about to protest when he realized that it was useless.

Gerard's headaches were the result of the mental exertion that came out of Gerard forcing Angel back. But Frank didn't know, and aspirin didn't help. And neither did that red light!

Gerard was broken out of his half-hearted musings by Frank shifting in his seat, mumbling in his sleep. It was dark outside, and Gerard realized that he really needed a cigarette. Completely off topic, though.

'Focus, Gerard,' he silently commanded himself, half-heartedly wondering if he could add ADD to his long list of mental disorders.

He cocked his head, silently cheering as the light finally turned green. He slammed down on the gas, figuring that it was too late for any cops to be on the same road as them. Hardly anyone else was, considering the fact that they had to head east before they could go to Panama as planned. Frankie had said that he had some business to take care of in New Jersey. Gerard had merely cocked an eyebrow, not inquiring on why he wanted to go back to his old life.

Gerard realized that Frank was endangering their chance of escaping the country, but then again, Gerard figured that he was dying inside anyway, might as well go out in a bang. That was how he really wanted to die. He hadn't wanted to commit suicide, in fear of Frank's mental health, but now, he had an opening. A way to end it all, accidentally on purpose, of course. And what better way to go than to go down in a full-out police gunfight?

He had it all planned out in his head. He'd first talk Frank into going on a full-out crime spree, somehow, most likely utilizing the sexy charm that Gerard had mastered. Then, he'd find a gun-shop, steal two Russian Uzis, and then find a nice, big bank. He'd half-heartedly attempt to rob the bank, take down the security guards, and hope to God that the police force in whatever town they decide to prey upon has high-powered snipers.

A grin grew on Gerard's face. The more he thought about it, the better it sounded. It sounded heroic, romantic even, to go down in flames like that.

"Gerard?" the groggy voice broke into the older man's thoughts, and he gasped.

"Did I scare you?" Frank said. Gerard didn't need to look at him to know that he was smirking.

"Yeah, Frank. You scared me. Considering that we're the only people in this car, you've managed to pull off one amazing feat," Gerard said sarcastically.

Frank smiled, and yawned.

"Where are we, Gee?"

Gerard smiled at the nickname, and then shrugged.

"No idea. Somewhere in Arizona, I think."

"How can you not know?" Frank gasped.

"Look, man," Gerard frowned, "if you can drive and pay attention to road signs this late at night, I'll personally buy you diamond tiara. Real diamonds."

Frank blinked.

"We don't have the money."

Gerard rolled his eyes, groaning.

"First off, I was kidding. But secondly, we don't have the money. Yet. Frankie, I have a plan. We're either going to make it out of this country horrifically poor, but free, or go to jail. Why can't we make it out of this rich?"

"What are you getting at, Gerard?" Frank asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes.

"Well, we've already committed enough crimes to earn us life sentences, may as well go for it all," Gerard said, his voice getting excited and faster as he spoke.

"No, Gerard! With your logic, you're saying, well, we've already committed murder, vehicular manslaughter, grand theft auto, and petty theft, may as well go rape that woman!" Frank protested.

Gerard blinked.

Innocently, he said, "Frankie! I never said that we were going to rape anyone! I just meant, let's go rob a bank and get rich! And, perhaps, a gun-shop, a jewelry store, and a car dealership."

Frank's jaw dropped. To say the least, he was appalled and disgusted. And yet, highly intrigued.

"Well," he started, "we have no experience in any of this business. Are we just gonna go up to a random bank and demand money?"

Gerard laughed.

"No silly! We need to steal the Russian Uzis first."

Blinking, Frank asked, "Uzis? Isn't that a gun? You know the name of the kind of gun we're stealing?"

"Of course," Gerard said as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe.

Frank shook his head slowly.

"You watch too many movies, man."

Gerard grinned, and asked, "You in?"

"Do I have a choice?" Frank asked.

Gerard grin melted away, and he said seriously, "No. I would've had to of killed you if you said no."

Frank laughed nervously, but then stopped when he saw Gerard's expression.

"Whoa. You're serious, aren't you, Gerard? You would've killed me?"

Gerard nodded slowly, and whispered, "I would've had no choice."

Frank's jaw dropped, and he blinked, trying to clear his eyes of the tears.

'Not again,' he thought. 'Not again."

"Gerard," he said coldly. "Stop the car."

Gerard blinked, and looked at Frank, confused.


"Stop the damned car!" Frank screamed.

Gerard, shell-shocked, quickly, and rather jerkily, pulled over.

Frank stared at him for a second, before slapping him, hard, across the cheek.

Gerard shakily raised a hand to his stinging cheek, tears pricking at his eyes.

Frank unbuckled, and grabbed Gerard by the collar of his black T-shirt. Gerard let out a choking noise, but didn't fight. Looking back on his words, he realized that he probably deserved it. So he let Frank scream at him, and didn't move when Frank shoved him backwards, his blonde head smacking against the window. Frank stared at him, nose scrunched in disgust.

Gerard had no reaction, staring at Frank blankly.

"Well?" Frank screamed. "Answer me, Gerard!"

Gerard stared at him, and then, a change came over his face.

Frank blinked, and then, realization hit.

"Oh, God, Gerard, no. Fight it. Oh, God, I didn't bring it! Your meds, crap, oh God, Gerard please."

Gerard narrowed his eyes.

"Shut up, oh Jesus, shut up! I hate you! I hate you, shut up!!! I hate you!! Shut up and go away! Just shut up!"

Frank gasped, "Please, Gerard...fight it."

Gerard smiled.

"Gerard can't hear you any longer."

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