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Angel Returns

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Gerard's other personality, Angel, comes out to play. Will poor Frankie survive? Super short. Sorry. READ!!!!

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Frank stared at Gerard, horrified.

'No, that's not Gerard,' he reminded himself. 'That's Angel.'

And the way 'Angel' was staring at him, Frank knew that he wasn't going to play nice.

"Gerard," he said slowly, groping behind him for the car-door handle. "It's me. Frankie. Your boyfriend. We love each other, remember?"

Angel cocked his head, upper lip curling into a sneer.

"I'm not Gerard," he hissed. "I'm stronger than Gerard. I know how to protect him better than he does. I know how to defend myself. And Gerard. Do you know why I'm here, Frankie?"

Frank nodded, concentrating on getting door open while stalling Angel from doing something like killing him.

"Yeah. You're here to protect Gerard from whatever is threatening him. But, come on, Angel. Am I, a 5"4', rather petite male, truly a threat? Think about it. What harm could I cause?"

Angel stared at Frank for a second, confused. Then, he regained the stance he was at.

"You can hurt him emotionally," he exclaimed, smiling triumphantly.

Frank bit his lip, chewing on the lip-ring and still blindly searching for that door handles behind his back.

"Come on, Angel. Gerard's stronger than you give him credit for."

Angel shook his head slowly, a grin spreading across his lips.

"Frankie, accept it. You're going to die."

And then, he lunged forward.

Frank let out a small half-scream half-gasp as he pushed open the door and tumbled backward. He landed hard on the road, and agony rolled through his body as all the air left his lungs.

Angel, in the car above him, let out a low growl as he climbed into the passenger seat and peered down at him. He had an angry, wide-eyed look on his face.

"You can run, but you can't get away, Frankie. Because, look around you. You've got nowhere to go! Nowhere to hide! We're in the middle of nowhere, Frankie. No one's gonna help you now."

Frank blinked, and looked up at Angel with watery eyes.

"Please, baby," he gasped, tears streaming down his face as he stared at his lover's face. But, Angel isn't his lover. This isn't Gerard, no matter what his face looked like.

Angel leaned forward, intertwining his fingers in Frank's shirt collar. Frank closed his eyes, accepting his fate. He felt himself be lifted off the ground slightly, and then prepared himself for the pain. But, it never came.

Frank was dropped, and he gasped, confused. He slowly opened his eyes, and looked into Angel's face. He was pale and shaking, holding his hands out in front of him and staring at them.

He caught Frank's shocked eye, and whimpered.

"Gerard?" Frank asked.

The older man nodded slowly, tears filling his eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I...I swore that I wouldn't hurt you, and...and look. You're lying on a road, and hurt. Oh, god, Frankie."

Frank shook his head, sitting up.

"Gerard," he said softly, placing a hand against Gerard's pale, tear-streaked cheek, "you have a problem. I'm not holding that against you. And, I'm not hurt. I'm just kind of out of breath. You stopped him, though. You defeated Angel. You beat him. You stopped him before he could hurt me, Gee. I'm so proud of you."

Gerard blinked. All the blood drained from his face, and low croaking noise erupted from his throat. His eyes rolled back in his head.

"Gerard!" Frank gasped, catching the older man as he slumped against the seat.

"Dammit, Gee. Why is this happening to us?" he asked, cradling him to his chest.

"Will it ever end?"

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