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Severus falls in love with one of his students. How can they possibly be together without everyone knowing? She graduates this spring will he finally ask the question that has been bugging him sinc...

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When we last left our Heroine:

"Thank you sir." It sounded like a sir when he spoke. The voice sounded very familiar, but where had I heard it before? I looked up to make sure. Whew! I was right, thankfully and smiled into the man's shinning eyes.


Chapter 3

He smiled back. Then man was Severus. Severus helped me up and picked up my books.

"Thanks again. Actually, I was going to go and see you but I guess it can wait until tonight. I have a lot of work to do."

"Be careful Hermione and watch where you're going!" he yelled after me as I walked away towards Gryffindor Tower. I didn't bother looking back, I could sense him looking.

I walked through the portrait after convincing the fat lady that she wasn't fat, just big boned. Dumping all of my books on the table next to the fireplace, I looked around for Harry or Ron. Neither of them was there, probably getting into trouble again.

I summoned my caldron from upstairs and started on the antidote. Some of the first and second years watched in amazement as it came flying down the stairs. Honestly! You'd think they'd be used to this kind of stuff by now! I was going to triple the amount because I knew Snape would need it. It takes me an hour tops to finish one dose of the antidote but three would take a while!

I just knew sometime soon Severus would be pulling something like this so I already had one dose prepared, which was also in my room.

Being Head Girl, you got your own private room, laboratory, lavatory, and a little common room but not your own separate dorm, unlike some rumors. Thank heavens for that because I would be stuck with Draco!

I pulled out all the ingredients from my bag and boiled the water.

Halfway through, Harry and Ron came bursting through the portrait hole.

"What's up guys?" I asked them.

"Nothing, just you're late for dinner and you have about 30 minutes until eight, which is when you have detention with Snape, right?" Harry said, panting.

"Yes, thank you for reminding me and giving me the time as well." I smiled at them both.

"Actually Professor Lupin told us to find you, then we decided to add your detention reminder," corrected Ron. Harry jabbed Ron in the ribs with his elbow and murmured something.

"Why would Lupin care...?" I had totally forgotten his little talk. It was cracking me up inside! No one knew about Severus and least of what I knew.

"He worries about you more than any of his students. It's obvious he favors you, even over Harry, which is something in itself!" Ron grunted again, I assumed Harry jabbed him again.

"He sounded frantic when he called us aside." Harry took a seat next to me.

"I'll grab something later. I really need to finish this. And please tell Professor Lupin to not worry about me, I can take care of myself. BUT I appreciate him trying to look out for my well-being. Oh and please tell him about why I missed dinner and that he's very sweet." I started on the antidote again.

I was only halfway through and only had a half an hour left. I had to win this bet. Otherwise, I would look extremely stupid and I couldn't let Snape have that satisfaction.

The grandfather clock in my room stuck eight, time for my detention. I gathered the entire antidote and headed out the door. Five minutes later I was in front of Snape's classroom door. My hands were full of the antidote so I just lightly kicked the answer. I kicked again, a little harder this time: still no answer.

I jumped at someone's breathe on my neck.

"Don't spill the antidote Miss Granger, it's just me." He, knowing that it was Snape, gently laid his hand on my back and guided me through the now open door.

"No need to kick my door either, I sense anyone's presents at my door before they knock, or in you case, kick." The door shut behind us. He came in front of me and grabbed some of the vials.

"Here, set them here." He said pointing to a table set up with different vials and test tubes. I followed him and set the ones I had down next to his.

"So," I said before he had time to do anything, "what did you have exactly in mind for my detention?" I moved to the closest table with nothing on it and sat on top of it. Severus took a few strides towards me. Then he took my legs and wrapped them around himself. Okay, that's what I thought! He pulled me as close as he could possibly get me then leaned towards my ear and whispered, "What do you think?" he started kissing my neck and his hand was in my hair.

"Severus," I said, no answer, "Severus?"

"Yes Hermione?"

"Don't you think we should move some where else?"

"Why?" he stopped kissing me and pulled away just enough to look at me.

"For one thing I really don't want to break my antidote vials, another is that I don't want anyone just barging in on us then I get expelled and you fired, and another's not very romantic." I froze at what I had just said, hoping he wouldn't get mad at me.

"All three points taken." He backed away and sat on top of the table across from me.

I just stared at the floor and let my feet dangle. I fixed my skirt that he pushed up when messing with my legs. I glanced up to see what Severus was doing because he was unusually quiet. He was just staring at me. Apparently he didn't notice that I had looked up because he did nothing.

"What are you thinking about Severus? You've been abnormally quiet?" I looked back down at the floor and started kicking my feet front-wards then backwards, just waiting for a reply. He still said nothing.

"Professor?" I asked, still sitting on my table. "Are you okay? You're starting to scare me a bit here. You've never acted this strangely before." He just continued to stare at me like he was in some sort of trance. I waved my hand in front of his face...still nothing.

"Professor Snape! Hello, anyone home?" I jumped off my table and went over directly in front of him. He was now staring at where I was at, just moments before. I turned around and leaned against him to see what he was staring at when suddenly he grabbed my waist and pulled me up onto his lap. Then he jumped down and carried me to his office.

"You dirty scoundrel! You big fat pinhead! How dare you scare me like that!" He couldn't help but smile as I playfully pounded on his chest telling him to put me down that I was leaving right then and there. He kicked his door shut behind us and carried me out to his balcony. (Although his office was directly off of his classroom and his classroom was in the dungeons, his office and bedroom were magically high up in the school.) He gently put me down in one of the chairs.

"I didn't see you at dinner, did you eat?"

"No I didn't eat, I was busy making the antidote and I had a bet to win." He smiled and gestured toward a table with more vials on it.

"I wasn't going to let you lose." He chuckled then said, "So, you want to go and get something to eat?" he went behind me and started massaging my shoulders.

"And what exactly do we tell the other Professor and students when they see us together in the hallways?" I leaned my head back so I could see his handsome face.

"I will tell them, if they are nosy and ask, that you are going to do your detention cleaning the kitchens."

"Or we could just floo the kitchen and have Winky or Dobby bring something up." I suggested.

"That would probably be a safer way to do it." He then asked what I wanted and went to his fireplace. Both Dobby and Winky came and then went back through the fireplace. Then he came back and started massaging my back again while I looked at the stars.

"They'll be back in..." the sudden bursting of his classroom door interrupted him.
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