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Life Lessons

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What happens during class? After class??! And what does Lucius have to do with anything??

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is NOT mine, nor will ever be! I cry at nights because JK thought of Sev before I did, she didn't even give me a chance! So, leave me alone!


Chapter 2

I basically ran when the bell rang. I didn't want anyone there when I was going to talk to Snape. He was the only on in the room. He looked up from his desk to see me. I set my books on my desk and went up to his.

"Professor, do I really have to come tonight?" I asked.

"Yes! Of course, like I said, I will find things for you to do." He really emphasized 'things'. I knew what that meant and smiled. He came out from behind his desk and was about to hug me when he stopped abruptly and said, " will come tonight for a month, is that clear?" I gave him a questioning look, and then I figured another student had probably walked into the room. Crap it!

Who ever it was just ruined their talk.

"Yes professor." Then I took my seat. It was Zabini who walked in.

Curse him! He will pay for interrupting; I'll make sure of that.


Class began a few minutes later.

"Take out your textbooks and turn to page 394. You will take the recipe and make what kind of potion?" I quickly looked over the ingredients. My hand shot up after reading the first two.

"Yes Miss Granger?" he flinched a little at the title, but I would be the only on to notice this.

"A Love Potion Professor," then I smiled. He knew exactly what I was going to do next. I slowly raised my hand again.

"Yes Miss Granger?" he said, trying to sound vexed; he was good at acting, he had been doing it for five years.

"Why are you having us make a love potion sir?"

"I have my reasons Miss Granger." He took the time to think this out, very cute!

"And might I ask, what are those reasons?" I was the only one who could get away with interrogating him, in public at least.

"A...a demonstration of what the potion will do to two people."

"How long will it take us?" I asked.

"About a month." I glanced back at my book.

"I bet I could finish this potion by the end of this hour and the antidote by tonight."

"Ok Miss Granger. If you finish this potion by the end of the hour, I'll give you something you want, within limits, and if you finish the antidote by eight tonight and bring it with you to your detention, I will give you an even greater award. And for your brave proposition, you will be the person I test the love potion on." I just about knocked my chair over. I didn't think he would go that extreme.

"Miss Granger, take your seat!" he shouted. I quickly got to work; I had a bet to win.


I glanced up at the clock, five minutes left. I dropped my last ingredient in and stirred. I took a sample up to Severus' desk. He told me that he wanted the entire potion. I turned back to face and raise my eyebrow at him, was he going insane!

"As you wish professor." I whispered. I went back to my desk and poured the entire potion into a plastic container. I laid it on his desk.

"There you are sir." And I took my seat.

"Tomorrow we will demonstrate what this potion does. And if Miss Granger here doesn't have the antidote done tonight, she will be walking around with the affect until she does get it done. Class dismissed."

The bell rang. I slowly put my stuff away. I knew he didn't have any classes after this one.

"Professor," I said, there were still a few students left. Sometimes I am scared to be with him alone, "may I borrow some ingredients for the antidote?" I went up to his desk.

"Yes you know where they are, help yourself." He never looked up, but instead gestured over to the cabinet with his hand. I was somewhat disappointed.

I started opening the cabinet when I realized it was locked. I looked to see if anyone was there: no one, the classroom was empty.

"Professor, it's locked. Can you please unlock it?" he looked up and came over to me. The classroom door was shut; some one must have shut it on their way out. Why didn't I hear it?

"Yes" he said flatly. I was still standing if front of the cabinet. He stood right in front of me and I turned to face the cabinet and tried to move away when he put his arms around my middle and over my arms but failed. The lock was lower than my stomach but not much. So he worked his way down, slowly sliding his hands down my stomach, like a snake crawling around me, until he came to the lock, then he put the key in and turned it. It popped open and he went back up my stomach. He went up to my shoulders. He started to massage them. That is so relaxing. I just wanted him to snog me for the rest of the day.

I was just about to melt into his arms when the bell ran. Drat!

"I have to go Severus, but..." was all I could get out before he whipped me around and started kissing me. His kiss was gentle, welcoming, comforting, and words that never will describe it. I kissed him back. He started rubbing my shoulders, now my arms, and working down. I pulled away.

"Something wrong love?" he asked.

"Yes, I have to get to class before they suspect us, which I can't afford right now. Please write me a note while I get my stuff. Like I was saying before, wait until tonight. Then we'll have all weekend together." He gave me a short peck on the lips and went back to his desk.

I turned around and gathered a few items, shaking my head the whole time. I smiled none the less; he had that affect.

"Here you go angel." He handed me the parchment and gave me one long, last kiss.

"I really do have to go. I would love to continue if I didn't have class." I walked up to the door and looked back. Like always, he was watching me leave with regret in his eyes. I gave him a sad face then smiled and winked at him. I left without further ado.

Shutting the door behind me I found myself face to face with Lucius.

"Mr. Malfoy, what a surprise! What are you doing here?" I asked.

"None of your business mudblood, now get out on my way." He took off his glove and struck me across the face with it.

"What the bloody hell was that for!" I shouted, dropping my things on his foot to hold my cheek.

"Because I don't like you AND you're a mudblood." He hit me hard with his hand this time, knocking me to the ground. Then he pulled me up by my hair and said, "And that was for purposefully dropping contaminated junk on my just polished shoe." He smirked and opened the door. I didn't notice that.

I started to feel hot tears running down my cheek. It stung like nothing I ever felt before.

Lucius didn't shut the door all the way so I could hear him telling Severus, "I just took care of some filth in my way, nothing important. Honestly Severus, why do you agree to even teach mudbloods like her, let alone help them after class?"

"What did you do to her..." why did he stop? I moved and started picking up my books, which had scattered all over the floor, thanks to Lucius kicking them. I turned to find out that the door was open completely and Severus was watching me, anger filled up in him, his eyes dangerous.

"Why do you care what I did or did not do to her? She's just scum and a mudblood." I slowly got up, wiping my tears on my sleeves before leaving, never looking up.

"Mudblood or not Lucius, she is a student and you nor I are not suppose to harm students while they attend Hogwarts. If I hear..." I was too far away to hear the rest. I walked on to Lupin's class.

"Sorry I'm late professor. I ran into someon...some detours on the way here. I'm sure if..."

"No need to explain Hermione." he smiled, "Please, take a seat." I took a seat next to Harry and Ron.


"What?" I mouthed. Ron tossed me a note. I opened it up. It read:

What took you so long? I thought you were just getting some ingredients for the antidote.


I replied.

I was. If you were paying attention, if you ever pay attention to anything, I said that I ran into some detours.


I tossed it back and realized that Lupin was looking in our direction; though he was still talking. Crap! Why me? Why today! I thought, hopefully he won't say anything. And he didn't for the rest of the hour.


Time flew by really fast. The bell rang and Lupin dismissed us.

"Miss Granger, could I speak with you for a moment?" I turned around and saw that it was Lupin who had spoken.

"Yes professor." I went back to face Lupin. Draco brushed by without comment or an insult to me, which was very unusual. It almost scared me!

"What is it professor?"

"It's about your life."

"My life?"

"Yes, I'm a little concerned, and when you were not on time to class it made me even more worried. You are known to hang around Harry and Ron, but you've never actually had a love life that I know of. Well there was Krum, but he doesn't count, he was just playing you. You are 17, I'm not telling you what to do or anything, but this is your last year here at Hogwarts and you probably will have a lonely life. I'm telling you this because I'm concerned about you Hermione. You haven't acted like your old self for a while. And after you leave here, I want you to be happy and to have a family. I'm not telling you to have a love life if you don't want to but I want you to be safe. Wizards and witches get married, mainly, at 17, right after school. Your husband, if you will, will protect you and keep you safe. I fear for you. Chose wisely like I know you will. I just don't want you to lead the same life I did: alone. Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? This is hard for me to try and tell you. I can't say exactly what I want." He stopped and looked at me.

"Yes, I'm glad you care for me. Thanks professor. That really made me think of my future, where as before I never really thought about it. Thanks a load! Um...may I leave now?"

"Yes" he chuckled and dismissed me.

I ran out of the room and down the hallway. I ran into someone on my way.

"I'm so sorry! I should have been more careful and should have watched where I was going. But I was so caught up in my thoughts..." I feared that it was Lucius again until I was cut off.

"Shh! It's quite alright. It's my fault as well. Here let me help you."

"Thank you sir." It sounded like a sir when he spoke. The voice sounded very familiar, but where had I heard it before? I looked up to make sure. Whew! I was right, thankfully and smiled into the man's shinning eyes.


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