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Chapter Four

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Emily and Ryan discover their feelings for each other

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That night, Emily hardly slept. She had slept most of the afternoon and now she wasn't tired at all. She grabbed her journal and turned on the small bed-side lamp, hoping that Ryan wouldn't wake up. She wrote for about ten minutes before she realized that Ryan was awake and silently watching her.
"Sorry... I didn't mean to wake you up." She whispered, putting the journal back in her bag.
"It's fine... you know, we have a lot in common Emily." He said, pulling her close to him. She was wearing one of his t-shirts and a pair of his boxers because she didn't bring any clothes with her when they left her house earlier. Emily smiled as she rested her head on his chest. For once, she felt totally safe in his arms.
"We do. I am just sad that it took us this long to figure that out." Emily and Ryan laughed. Ryan looked at her and kissed her softly.
"I'm sorry... I shouldn't..." Ryan was cut off as Emily kissed him again, this time more passionately. She ran her hand through his hair and finally pulled away, breathlessly. "Wow." was all that Ryan could say, which caused Emily to giggle. "You're adorable and if you let me, I will keep you safe forever."
"Of course I'll let you. Hanging out with you the past few days has reminded me of a time in my life when I was truly happy. Ryan, you make me feel so happy and so safe."Emily said sincerely, holding onto Ryan's hand tightly. The sun was beginning to rise so they decided to get up and make breakfast. A while later, Spencer came into the kitchen to see Ryan and Emily kissing.
"Hey guys, do you mind?" Spencer teased, helping himself to the bacon and eggs that they had prepared. Everyone laughed. "Em, I am so glad that you are okay. We were both really worried about you. Have you thought about pressing charges against Dan?" He asked seriously as the three of them sat at the table in the kitchen.
"I have, and I am going to get you guys to go to the police station with me and I am going to press charges. Maybe if I do, he'll never hurt anybody else the way he hurt me."


The following day, with a heavy heart and Ryan and Spencer by her side, Emily went back to school. She knew that things would be very different, but she did not expect to be treated so poorly by her friends. Everyone thought that it was her fault because she had kissed Ryan.
"Emily, I hope you don't mind, but I took over your job as student council president. I didn't think that the students would want to be represented by someone who has sunk as low as you have. And besides, now that you're dating this loser, I am sure that you will be too busy anyways!" Emily's friend Julie snorted as she walked into first period class. Emily didn't even bother arguing as she sunk into her seat in the back of the classroom. She was relieved when the class was finally over and she saw Ryan standing outside waiting for her. He kissed her quickly and took her hand.
"So Emily, graduation is coming up... what are your plans for next year?" Ryan questioned as they sat outside and ate their lunches.
"I'm moving to Toronto to go to art school I think. What about you?"
"I don't know yet... I really want to pursue a music career, but dad wants me to go to college... and Toronto? As in Canada? That's so far away baby." Ryan said, pouting.
"I know, but nothing is for sure yet." Emily assured, resting her head on his shoulder.
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