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Chapter Eight

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Will Ryan and Emily be able to work things out after being suddenly reunited?

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The next morning, Emily woke up to the sound of her cell phone ringing loudly. She groaned as her head throbbed. She had way too much to drink. She dug in her purse for her phone, to see Danielle's name on the caller id. She was probably freaking out because Emily didn't come home the night before.
"Hey Dani, I'm fine..." She mumbled, very tempted to hang up the phone.
"That's good. I didn't know that you knew the guys from Panic!" She squealed, which made Emily's head feel like it was going to explode.
"I didn't know that I knew the guys from Panic either... I dated Ryan in high school and Spencer was my best friend... then I lost touch with them after I moved." Emily explained. "Look, I will be home in a little while." With that, Emily hung up the phone and threw it back into her purse. She lied back down on the comfortable bed, and tried to go back to sleep but that plan was foiled when Spencer came in.
"Good morning sunshine!" He said happily, which made Emily cringe. He laughed as he passed her a cup of coffee and some aspirin. Emily willingly accepted the gifts. "I see that you're still the same party girl you were back in high school." Spencer teased. Emily hit him playfully.
"Last night was a lot of fun!" Emily said, pulling her hair into a pony tail. "Who lives here?" She questioned as she walked onto the balcony attached to the room in which she had passed out. She breathed in the Las Vegas air as Spencer joined here.
"We do... well, I do with the guys in the band." Spencer explained, leaning against the railing. "We really missed having you around... Ryan hasn't been the same since you left."
"I know... he was really bitter towards me last night." Emily said with a heavy sigh. She walked back inside, Spencer followed. "I didn't mean to hurt him Spence.... or you. I am really sorry with the way things went down, but I just needed to get out of here."
"I know, I understand and I am sure that Ryan does too." Spencer said, hugging her. "Come on, Bren is making breakfast." Spencer said, leading her downstairs to where a few people were hanging out in the kitchen. Brendon came over and hugged Emily briefly.
"How are you feeling this morning you little party animal?" He teased. Emily groaned loudly as he passed her a plate with some eggs, toast, and some bacon. Emily stuck her tongue out at him as she sat down at the table beside Ryan.
"Do you think that we could talk for a few minutes?" Emily asked him quietly. He shrugged his shoulders as he poured a glass of orange juice. "Please Ryan... you don't even have to talk, just listen to me."
"Fine..." He mumbled. Emily grabbed her food and followed Ryan out to the garden where they had attempted to talk the night before. Emily could tell that he was not going to make this easy for her, which was weird considering how eager he was to talk the night before.
"Ryan, I don't know what I did to upset you... last night we seemed okay." Emily said, sitting down beside him. When he didn't say anything, she continued to talk. "I don't know what to say... I am really sorry for whatever I did. If it has anything to do with the way I left, I am so sorry about that. I am sorry for not staying in touch. I just needed to get out... I needed a chance to figure some things out and find myself again." Emily explained, reaching for his hand. She wasn't surprised when he pulled away from her. She sighed, and rested her head in her hands.
"I'm not angry... I don't even know what I am feeling. I guess I am just really confused. I don't know how to deal with all this emotions and feelings that have just come rushing back to me in the past few days." Ryan whispered. "I just need some time to think about everything." Before Emily could say anything, Ryan went back inside. Emily lost track of time and just sat outside, thinking about everything that had happened over the past few years of her life.
"Emily, are you okay? You have been out her for almost two hours..." Brendon said, sitting down beside her. She quickly tried to conceal the fact that she had been crying, but she knew it was pointless.
"Sorry... I was just thinking about much I have fucked up over the past few years." Emily said sadly. Brendon didn't say anything but just hugged her as she cried. "I just wish that I could go back in time and make everything right again." She sobbed.
"Sweetie, it's going to be okay..." Brendon assured. "You are freezing, let's go back inside. If you want to, I can drive you home."
"That would be great." Emily grabbed her purse as Brendon told the guys that he was going to drop Emily off. Spencer stood up and hugged her. They quickly exchanged phone numbers again. Emily looked at Ryan, who was busy writing in his notebook. She decided not to bother saying anything to him and just followed Brendon outside to his car.
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