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Chapter Seven

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Part Two of the reunion

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Ryan took Emily's hand and led her outside to the garden. They hadn't talked since she had moved to Toronto, Canada the day after their high school graduation four years earlier. She felt guilty for that, but at the time, it was the best thing for everyone. The pair sat down on a bench in silence for a few minutes, neither one sure what to say.
"So a band? That's pretty cool." Emily started quietly.
"Yeah... Panic! At The Disco... and things have been pretty insane this past year. Things are finally going great." Ryan smiled. "We're actually off for the next six months to work on our new record."
"That's great! Congratulations, you deserve this Ryan." Emily said quietly, thinking about how she had first met Ryan... in the music room at their old high school. So much had changed since then, and she wished for nothing more than for things to be easy like they were back then.
"You look great Emily... Why did you come back to Vegas? How was Toronto?" He questioned looking at her with concern.
"Toronto was better than I thought it could be. The school and the program were amazing. I just needed to come back... I felt like I was getting swallowed by the huge city. I needed to come back to find my roots I guess." She briefly explained, hoping that he wouldn't ask anymore questions. She knew that coming to this party was a bad idea! Just then, she was saved again, this time by a more welcomed face. She jumped up from the bench and ran into Spencer's arms.
"Emily fucking Saunders! Holy shit, you look awesome!" Spencer exclaimed, spinning her around. Emily laughed loudly, not noticing that Ryan had gotten up and walked back inside. "Man it has been way too long! Come on, you and I are going to go do shots of tequila in the kitchen!" he dragged her inside. After doing seven or eight shots, Emily was good and drunk. She threw her arms around Spencer's neck and hugged him tightly.
"I am sorry for being the worst friend ever... I can't believe that I didn't call or e-mail you once while I was gone!" Emily slurred, as they both fell onto the couch.
"I know, I was a little disappointed, but I forgive you! I have been really busy with the band and everything." Spencer explained as a loud song blared through the speakers. Brendon came over and sat down on Spencer's lap. "Hey man, have you meet my best friend Emily yet? She is back from Toronto, which is good because I missed her a lot." The three of them laughed loudly.
"Yea, I have met her. Ry introduced us earlier. Emily, do you want to dance with me?" Brendon questioned. Emily agreed and let him lead her onto the crowded make-shift dance floor. Emily just let herself go, probably in large part because all the tequila she had drank with Spencer, and wrapped her arms around Brendon's neck and danced very close to him. After a few songs, she was completely exhausted.
"I am going to go get some water, I will be back in a few minutes!" She yelled into Brendon's ear. He nodded his head and watched her disappear into the crowd with a huge smile on his face. Emily found the kitchen and grabbed three bottles of water from the fridge. She noticed Ryan sitting by himself at the table, so she decided to join him. "Are you okay Ryan?" She questioned.
"Fine thanks...." He mumbled, standing up to leave but Emily grabbed his arm. She was going to say something, but she was at a loss for words as she looked into his eyes. He broke the stare as he walked out of the room. Emily, who was concerned for him, decided not to think too much about it at the moment and made her way back to where Spencer and Brendon were sitting.
"Are you okay Emily?" Brendon asked, gladly taking a bottle of water from her.
"I sure am, just starting to get a little tired."
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