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The Bookstore

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Harry tries a ritual to make him stronger. What will happen during his quest for revenge on all who have done him wrong? Harem

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Harry Potter: Demon Possessed

Chapter One: The Bookstore.


Harry Potter stared at his ceiling. It had been a full month since his godfather had been murdered at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry was fifteen, unhealthily thin for his age, with a mop of jet black hair that refused to be straightened. His lightning scar showed through his bangs, while his dull, listless green eyes stared at the fifth wall.

A small crash from downstairs broke him from his stupor, and Harry looked around his room as if it wasn't the only place he had been besides the loo since he got to his relatives' house. Harry decided that he needed to get outside and, pulling on a pair of socks and his trainers, strode quickly to the door and through before his wrecking ball of an uncle could say anything.

He walked away from the neighborhood, stopping by a small convenience store and purchasing a drink with some money he had exchanged the last time he had gone to Gringotts. Harry continued onward before reaching a small bookstore. Feeling as if he might find something of interest, he walked in, taking in every inch of the place. It was well-kept, probably a family-owned store. The shelves were filled to bursting with books of all shapes and sizes, and a nice, friendly old woman was sitting behind the register.

"Hello, dearie. Can I help you find anything?" she asked. Harry gently said that he just wanted to browse and moved to the back of the store. He was looking up and down the aisles, glancing with just a little interest at the titles. He wasn't watching where he was going and it wasn't long before he bumped into someone.

"Sorry," he apologized automatically. He looked down and saw a girl not much older than he was. She had long blonde hair that was tied in seven braids that were splayed about her head. Bright blue eyes looked up at him from a flawless face with skin white as cream. Harry held out a hand to help her up, which she took gratefully.

"No, I wasn't watching where I was going," the girl said with a hint of a German accent in her dove-like voice. Harry picked up the books that she was carrying and handed them to her.

"You seem interested in magic," he commented after he read the titles. The girl blushed and looked at her toes. Harry got a good look at her body while she was preoccupied with trying to make up and excuse. She was about five-foot-eight, with long legs under skintight jeans. Her shirt was tight and showed the outline of her bra, and left plenty of skin showing on her slender arms and flat stomach.

She was hot.

"It's just...a hobby," she muttered, looking back up at him. She saw him staring and smiled. "You done?"

Harry spluttered something unintelligible and tried to laugh it off.

"Don't worry," she said. "I get that a lot. What's your name?"

"Harry," he said. Her smile grew and she handed him a book.

"Well, Harry, you might like this book. It's got a lot of magical rituals in it, supposedly written by some great wizard five hundred years ago," she explained.

"Uh, thanks," he said. They walked up to the counter to pay, where Harry insisted that he cover both of their purchases. The girl smiled at him again, revealing straight white teeth. They walked outside together and started in different directions before Harry remembered that he didn't know the girl's name.

"I'm Nina," she said before he was even halfway done with his sentence. "It was fun meeting you, Harry. Remember to let me in on any rituals you try!"


Harry thumbed through the book in his room. At first, he thought it was going to be like all the other Muggle books of magic-bullshit. But as he read, and remembered what little magical theory he had learned from Hermione (amazing what your brain will remember), the ideas behind the rituals made sense.

"Maybe they could work," he muttered to himself as he landed on a page with the words "Demon Jump" scrawled across the top. Looking down at where it listed the effects, his eyes widened at the uses it would have in the fight against Voldemort.

No, his quest for revenge. For his parents, and Sirius, and all the other innocents that had died because of the bastard's idea that he could be immortal.

Strength, agility, balance, speed, reflexes-all would be augmented by this one spell.

He could do it. All it needed was a circle and incantation.

Harry quickly got to work, using a bit of chalk he found inside the desk to draw a large circle on the floor, then filling it with sweeping lines, runes, and other symbols described by the diagram. Double- and triple-checking his work, he set the book down in front of him and stepped inside the circle.

"Copiae copie ex Abyssus, tribuo mihi vox par ut ut unum Everto, quod vires subvertio meus hostilis," he chanted. The lines of chalk emitted a bright red light, and raw energy crackled like lightning. Harry stood, palms out in the way described by the book, as the energy shot up and hit him in the chest. The force threw him backwards and he lay on the ground writhing in agony.

His eyes were clenched shut, so he felt more than saw his frame thickening, building strong, hard muscle. His ears stretched out, elongating into points. His bare feet were shifting shape, all of the toes lengthening and his big toe beginning to flex against the others like an opposable thumb. A long tail grew from the base of his spine, ending in a spear point.

Harry relaxed as he felt the pain recede, his whole body was sore, and new sensations that he never experienced before were flooding him.

Tomorrow, he thought. I find a mate.


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