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The Drop

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Harry explores his new power and tries another ritual with Nina.

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Harry Potter: Demon Possessed.

Chapter Two: The Drop


Harry woke the next morning and examined his new body in the mirror attached to his dresser. Pointed ears stuck out of his straight, midnight black hair. He looked down at his feet and saw that the toes had formed another set of fingers. He flexed them and made a fist, experimenting with their dexterity.

A long appendage swayed into his peripheral vision, and Harry looked to see a tail, about three feet long with a spear tip. He looked into the mirror and saw that he had a thicker frame, lined with powerful muscles and not an extra ounce of weight. Harry smirked, revealing sharp fangs and knowing that the ritual had worked, even if not quite as he had planned. Now he had, if nothing else, the physical strength to tear Voldemort limb from-his eyes. Harry caught sight of his eyes and was taken aback.

They were a livid scarlet. The same as those of the man-no, thing-he was destined to kill.

"Guess I need to thank Nina," he said, thinking of the girl he had met the day before. Then he realized that he had no idea of where she lived. Deciding that he may as well start at the bookstore where he had met her, he quietly lifted open the window and climbed onto the sill.

"And while I'm at it, I can test out my strength," he said to himself, grabbing the book off of his bed-where it had somehow migrated to while he was unconscious-with his tail and jumping away from his prison. To his amazement, he landed clear in the yard of the person across the street, a full thirty or forty feet. Shaking it off, he leaped in the direction of the small bookstore and landed in a tree.

It didn't slow him down in the slightest, though. He quickly adjusted to his newfound grace and swung from branch to branch, using his feet to grip the rough limbs as much as his hands.

Harry lightly landed on the roof of the bookstore. He looked up and down the street and pondered what to do next. Remembering that Nina had walked to the right, he vaulted in that direction from roof to roof. He saw the German, presumably out on an early morning run.

"Oi, Nina!" he shouted. The blonde looked up and down the empty street and then up at him.

"Harry? Is that you?" she asked. Harry leaped from the building and landed in front of her, instinctually bending his legs to absorb the impact.

"Yeah. I looked through that book and tried one of the rituals," he said, relaying book from tail to hand to girl. "There are a couple of others that could work, too."

"" the German parroted, looking from the book in her hands to the teen in front of her. She took in the changes from the underfed boy she saw the day before and assimilated the information that she was given. Nina was an avid (if secret) follower of the occult, but she had never dreamed that the magic she was reading about was real.

"Yeah. I looked through there, and the theory behind the spells made sense. I tried one," Harry said excitedly, flipping through the book to the ritual he had used the night before, "and it worked!"

Nina was taken aback. From what she could tell when they had met in the bookstore, Harry was a quiet boy who had too much to deal with for someone his age. But now he seemed like he didn't have a care in the world, and more importantly....

"Wow," Nina said softly. "Can I touch it?"


"Your tail." Harry looked at the long appendage that seemed to have a mind of its own. It whipped forward, and Nina tentatively reached a hand out and wrapped her fingers around the spinal extension. She giggled, and Harry twitched his tail back, suddenly embarrassed.

"You remember our agreement, don't you, Harry?"

"What?" Harry asked, not remembering in the slightest any agreement, though he did notice that his new friend was taking his transformation well.

"You remember.... The one where you would let me in on any rituals that you tried," Nina said, taking the book and flipping through it. "Since you did the first one on your own, I get to pick the next one."

Harry's improved, non-glasses needing eyes saw the blonde's eyes widen and the corners of her mouth curve upward.

"Come on, Harry. We can try this one at my house," she said, snapping the book shut and grabbing the boy by his hand. "My parents are gone all week, so we won't be interrupted."


Harry looked around Nina's room and was rather surprised. He had always expected a girl's bedroom to be frilly, with pink and lace everywhere. But Nina's room was painted black on three walls, and an ice blue on the remaining wall and ceiling.

"Um, Nina?" Harry called, his hyperactivity gone. "What are we doing here?"

"We're testing one of the rituals," Nina said. She snagged a piece of chalk from her desk, which was covered in papers and books, and drew an intricate circle on the floor. She checked it against the book and nodded to herself.

"You stand here," she ordered, positioning him on one half of the circle. She took the other half and turned to face him.

"Now that's set. Sim tua pars!" Nina shouted. The circle glowed a bright light, and warmth invaded both of them while a bright, pinkish purple light filled the room.

"It's a spell that'll bind us together," Nina quickly explained. "We can stay in contact wherever we go, even on the other side of the world. All you have to do is kiss me."

Harry hesitated; he just met this girl yesterday, but she already wants to kiss him? She didn't even know him. And she wanted to stay in constant contact.

"Please Harry?" Nina asked, using the dreaded puppy-dog eyes. Harry's will caved in, and the blonde reached forward. Her smooth hands cupped his cheeks, which instantly turned a deep red.

"Sim tua pars. Sim mea pars," Nina chanted as the distance between their lips closed. Just before they met in a kiss, she said, "Pro aeternitas."

Their lips met, both tasting each other for the first of many times.


Harry awoke the next morning with a distinct weight on his body. He remembered almost nothing from the day before, except that he went to Nina's house and that they used some sort of Binding spell. Speaking of Nina, the blonde was laying on his chest, playing with his hair in her sleep. Harry expected her to be warm, like she had been the night before, but her body was actually cooler than the air around her.

Harry looked down at the girl, and then looked through her. The German still had her feminine figure, though instead of flesh and bone, her body was made of a blue, translucent, gel-like substance. She opened her eyes and looked up at Harry, a small smile gracing her face.

"Good morning, Master," she said. Harry blinked at her, while she slurped into a sitting position that straddled his torso.

"Say what?"

"I said, 'Good morning, Master,'" Nina repeated clearly and slowly. Harry stared at her, which prompted her to look down. As soon as she saw her new body she squealed in delight and poked herself, giggling at the ripples that it caused.

"Nina, how did...? When did...?"

"It was part of the ritual we did last night, Master," the German said. She reached across the room, a feat that would have been impossible with her human body, and grabbed the book. She opened it to the page that the spell was on and placed it in front of Harry, who took a look at the title and instantly regretted agreeing to it.

"'The Slave Partner Binding Spell,'" Nina read aloud. "One of the side effects is that the slave gets a special form that they can use to protect or serve their Master. In this case," she explained, reaching for another book from her desk, "I'm a Slyme. You can tell what that is."

No matter what explanation she gave, Harry was still unbalanced by this revelation, too stunned to really do anything about her not telling him from the beginning.


"Hold on, please, Master. I want to see if I can get back in my human body," Nina said. She closed her eyelids and screwed up her face in concentration. The fluid slowly disappeared, replaced by a very beautiful and very naked Nina. She opened her eyes and examined herself, before glomping onto Harry, her breasts pressing against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I did it, Master!" she shouted like a girl who just learned how to ride her bike. Harry looked down at her uncovered buttocks and saw, just above the crack, a tattoo: a bolt of lightning inside a drop of water.


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And the ritual went exactly as planned. It did not go wrong.
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