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All That Was Heard

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All that was heard was a gun shot. A poem, written by me, sorry to poetry haters out there! *puts on helmet so doesn't get beaten up*

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All that was heard here
was a simple gun shot
nothing but fear
and a posionous thought


All that was heard was a gun shot. It ran over and over in Delilah's ears. Julius' screams ran into her ear.

How did this happen?


How could a thought end up like this?
How did I get here, dying on the floor?
Dressed in my blood that I'm missing
I don't want to be here anymore


Delilah looked at the gory scene. Julius was in his bed room, lying on his bed. He was dead. She knew that. He lost too much blood, and the bullet hit the side of his head. His face was so pale. There was a gun on the floor, loaded.

"He...he killed himself..." concluded Emmet, gasping.


All that's left left of yesterday
All wasted
To end here today
It's my own blood I taste


Delilah picked up the note that was by the gun that Julius must have dropped when he killed himself. She read it out loud:


I must explain my desperate actions in attemp to save myself. I couldn't take the pain anymore. I saw you with Emmet. I saw you two kiss. It killed me, literlly killed me.

I'm not blaming my actions on you. I pulled this on myself. I just wanted to say I'm sorry I didn't tell you my feelings for you eariler. Now, you probley found me and this note...and I'm most likely dead. Don't worry. You'll be better without me.

Just remember I'll always love you.

Love, which I sincerly doubt,


It was concluded with a poem. (a/n: The poem he conclued was the one you're reading between the lines, ok?)

silence whispers in my ear
your voice repeating in my head
saying there's nothing to fear
then why am I dead?


"Hey, how did that poem get in there?" Asked Emmet, then gasped.

"Did you have something to do with Julius' death?" She asked him. "Is that why you made it look like he killed himself? making it look like he killed himself because you killed me, even though I didn't want it?"

Emmet remained silent.


You're creeping up beside me
I'm in your grasp
I'm trying to break free
All that I can do is gasp


" murdered made him wright that note, making it look like he killed himself..." whipered accusingly Delilah.

"So what if I did? Did you think that I loved you?"

"If you loved me, you wouldn't have killed him! I...I..."


"Loved him!"

"Yeah, now you say that...when he's DEAD!"

"Stop it!"

"He's dead, Delilah, DEAD. D-E-A-D. DEAD."


Silence in the air
I'm scared, confused and in despair
Does anyone care?
Silence whispers in the air


Emmet was sent to jail for murder when Delilah called the police. But even though he was in jail, it didn't matter. Julius was dead. Gone. Gone with the wind, no longer in this world.


Maybe I should scream
Then someone will help me
Nothing's what it seems
All I want is to be free


Delilah is now at the cemetery, at Julius' grave. She touched the grave stone slowly, not caring it's sharp edges hurting her hands. In her other hand was a gun, the gun that took Julius away from her.


Good bye
It's the end right now
I know I'm going to die
I know I'm going down


And all that was heard from all around, was a simple gun shot.


All that was heard was simple gun shot



xxDarkness' Kidxx
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