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Chapter Ten

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Emily gets into troubble again and is saved by an unlikely person

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Emily threw some things into her bag half heartedly while Brendon sat on her bed, flipping through a photo able over flowing with pictures of Emily and her fiancé Brad. He couldn't help but notice how happy she looked in all the pictures. The girl who was standing in front of him was so different, so sad and hurt. She couldn't stop crying. When she was done packing, she sat down beside Brendon and looked at some of the pictures with him.
"Well, we should probably get going." Emily said sadly as she closed the album and threw it into her bag. Brendon agreed and hugged her one last time before they got into his car. The ride to the house was a quiet one as Emily was lost in an endless sea of thought. She jumped a little bit when Brendon told her that they were there. He grabbed her bag and led her inside where the guys were busy playing some video games. Spencer was the first to see that Emily was upset.
"Emily honey, are you okay?" He questioned, turning the game off. She just shook her head no and started to cry all over again. Ryan looked at her while Spencer was comforting her. He wanted nothing more than to be the one who was comforting her. "Do you want to talk?" Spencer asked, pulling her onto the couch beside him. Brendon rested a hand on her shoulder and sat down beside her.
"Yes.... Ryan, will you please come sit with us?" She asked, almost begged. Ryan said nothing but did as she asked and sat on the couch beside her, taking Brendon's place. She immediately took his hand. "Guys... I... I'm sorry, I can't do this right now." She whispered, running upstairs.
"Ryan, you should go talk to her..." Brendon said.
"Why? She clearly hates me and wants nothing to do with me." Ryan retorted. "You seem to be the one that she has a thing for. You should talk to her."
"I have already talked to her. She needs you right now!" Brendon practically yelled. With a heavy sigh, Ryan got up and went to find Emily. She was in the bathroom, with the door locked and Ryan could hear that she was crying uncontrollably. He knocked lightly on the door, but she didn't answer. He knocked again and again. He was starting to get a little worried so he picked the lock. What he saw almost made him feel sick to his stomach. Emily was sitting in the bath tub, her wrists, legs, and stomach covered with deep cuts that were now bleeding uncontrollably. He rushed to her side, unsure of what to do.
"Ryan, I am sorry." She wailed, grimacing in pain. "Please just make it stop bleeding." Ryan nodded his head and grabbed the towel that hung from the rack directly behind him and held it to her wrists, which were bleeding the worst. "I just didn't know what else to do. I am sorry and I know that you're disappointed in me. I never wanted to hurt you, I never wanted to leave." She was a mess and barely making any sense.
"It's okay Emily... everything is going to be okay." He whispered, hoping that she wouldn't hear the fear in his voice.
"You know, this kind of makes me think of how we ended up dating... after you found me beaten almost to death in my kitchen like four years ago." She said, almost laughing. Twenty minutes later, Ryan had managed to get the bleeding under control.
"Do you want to take a shower to get all the blood off of you honey?" Ryan said soothingly. "I will stay right here with you. I am not leaving you again." Emily didn't say anything, she just took her clothes off and turned the water on. Ryan stood in the shower, fully clothed, and cleaned all the blood away. He just wish that he could clean all the pain away too. She was very weak and needed help getting dried and dressed. He helped her into some over sized pajamas, and laid her on the bed. Once she was all settled in, he turned to leave to tell the others what had happened.
"Don't leave Ryan... please just lay with me." She whispered groggily. Ryan was almost relieved to hear her say those words and climbed into the bed. Emily pulled out the photo album. "I was supposed to get married tomorrow morning Ryan. I was engaged to this guy... his names was Brad. I found him dead in the bath tub. He had cut his wrists and bled to death. I thought that I wanted to die tonight. I thought that would be the best way to get over this insane pain that I didn't even know I was capable of feeling." She whispered, her voice barely audible. For the first time since he had met Emily, Ryan let himself cry in front of her. Emily reached up with her bandaged arm and cupped his face. He kissed her forehead and watched her slip into a peaceful sleep. He was too haunted by the images of Emily in the bath tub to sleep.
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