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The Dog

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Harry gets a new Slave on a shopping trip.

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Harry Potter: Demon Possessed

Chapter Four: The Dog


Harry and Nina had decided to take their own trip to Diagon alley. Her parents still weren't back, and it was simply a matter of Harry jumping up to his window and sneaking out his broom and a set of robes. After all, it would be easier to hide his new form in them than a pair of jeans, where his tail would certainly have been visible.

They were sitting outside Florean Forescue's Ice Cream Parlor, each nursing a cone and watching the people around them. Nina was surprisingly adaptable, and quickly adjusted to the brightly decorated shops and sunny streets, even though she said she had never been there before.

"Master, is there anything you especially wanted for your birthday?" Nina asked suddenly. Harry gave her a questioning look, to which she smiled mischievously.

"Not really, Nina. Why?"

"I may have found you one," the German said, pointing behind Harry's shoulder. A pink-faced blonde girl with her hair in pigtails was flitting from store to store, casting nervous glances over her shoulder every five seconds.

"Hannah Abbott?" Harry asked in disbelief. Nina nodded, taking another lick of her ice cream.

"Yeah. She looks pretty, and she may be an asset."

"She looks like she's about to piss herself."

"Which is how you can warm her up to you. Go up to her, bump into her accidentally, and be supportive. Go work your charms, Master," Nina said, playfully pushing Harry in the direction of the girl. The teen stood and walked to Hannah, his bare feet making no noise.

Harry had discovered, through trial and error, that he would no longer be able to wear any type of closed-toe shoe with the new shape of his feet. Not that he wanted to. It felt good to him to walk around, feeling the earth as he padded over to the nervous Hufflepuff. She looked behind her and didn't see what she bumped into.

"Sorry," she said, looking up from where she had fallen to the ground. Harry extended a hand to help her to her feet.

"No, I wasn't watching where I was going, Hannah," Harry said, putting on a charming smile that wasn't wide enough to show his fangs. "Guess I should pay more attention, huh?"

"Uh...guess so," Hannah mumbled, facing away and blushing spectacularly.

"Nice, Master. I think this one really likes you," Nina said in Harry's mind.

"Hannah, are you alright?" Harry asked, his voice filled with concern. The blonde looked up at him and looked as though she were about to break into tears.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Harry," she lied. "I was just...looking for my parents."

"Nina, I want you to go into the nearest alley and prep a Binding ritual."

"Yes, Master."

"Hannah," Harry said, allowing a small amount of disbelief to flow into his words. "You're scared, aren't you?"

Hannah looked at him with wide eyes, trembling as she glanced around her.

"It's okay, Hannah. I can help you if you want me to," Harry said, smiling gently and holding out his arm. "Come on. We can talk back here."

Hannah took his proffered limb but worried about the fact that they were heading into an isolated alley. There weren't a lot of people looking their way, and anyone who was would just think they were a pair of rowdy teenagers who were looking for a snog session.

Maybe they were. Hannah looked at the confident face of her long-time crush and blushed again.

"Now I want you to tell me what's wrong," Harry said, stopping and turning around to face her. "I'll do all I can to help."

Hannah gawked at him for an uncomfortable while before she broke down and leapt forward, embracing the black-haired teen.

"I'm s-s-sorry, Harry," she sobbed, tears splashing down the front of Harry's robes, "b-b-but the Death Eaters th-threatened my parents. They said th-that they'd kill m-me if m-my parents didn't join them."

"Don't worry," Harry said, wrapping his arms around her. He looked over her head and saw a long blue arm finishing a chalk drawing on the ground around them and giving him a thumbs up. "I'm here for you."

Hannah continued crying as Harry gently rocked them both back and forth.

"I'm...sorry. I barely know you, and I'm troubling you with-"

"Don't worry, Hannah. You're not troubling me with anything. I'll be here to protect you, for as long as you need me."

"Very good, Master, but you're overplaying it a little. Now say the incantation."

"I don't remember it!"

"Then repeat after me: Sim mea pars."

"Sim mea pars," Harry said. The chalk circle under them glowed brightly, illuminating everything in the area. Hannah had her face buried in the front of Harry's robes, and so didn't notice a thing.

"Sim mea pars. Sim tua pars. Pro aeternitas," Harry chanted, lifting Hannah's head and kissing her fully on her lips. Hannah's eyes shot open in surprise, but closed again as she realized what was happening and soon returned the kiss.

Hannah didn't understand the sensation that reminded her so much of a Legilimency probe, but she realized that it meant more good than harm as her priorities were shifted subtly. Harry broke the kiss, and the bright light faded to a dull glow. Hannah opened her eyes and looked around her; everything seemed strange. She could smell and hear any given object more clearly than she could see it, and there was a strange sensation coming from the area where her spine ended.

She almost screamed when she looked down and saw a spotted tail covered in light brown fur following her legs out of her skirt. Her fingers had grown semi-sharp claws, and she felt a pair of long, flat ears that were covered in the same fur as her tail.

"H-H-Master? What happened?" she asked, starting to panic. Harry quickly pulled her into an embrace and whispered in her ear.

"Don't worry, Hannah. I've made you mine. The Death Nibblers aren't going to ever hurt you," he said, gently petting his new slave. On a whim, he reached a hand up and scratched the dog-girl behind her ear. She sighed contentedly and wrapped her arms around Harry's torso.

"That feels sooooo good, Master," she said. Harry got an idea and gently pulled Hannah off of him.

"Do you want to feel even better, Hannah?" Harry asked. The blonde nodded quietly, and Harry ordered her to strip and get on her hands and knees while simultaneously ordering Nina to keep watch over the alley entrance.

Harry drank in the image of Hannah on all fours, back bent slightly, her tail wagging behind her. Her brown eyes were looking up at Harry, adoration clear in them. Harry smiled at her and circled her, lightly dragging his fingertips across her smooth skin, reveling in the warm feel. Finally stopping behind her, Harry caressed the dog-girl's rear and felt the shudder of anticipation.

Harry opened the front of his robes and undid the fasteners on his jeans, freeing his erect phallus. He reached a hand down and ran a finger across Hannah's slit, loving the shudders her body involuntarily produced. Hannah released a small bark when he thrust his finger into her, and Harry grinned sadistically when he felt a thin stretch of flesh.

While his hand was occupied with her lower regions, his other hand reached up to play with her breasts. They were small-a large A cup at most-but just as sensitive as any others, as her appreciative moan showed. Harry, feeling the growing wetness in the girl's loins, decided that he had spent enough time playing. He pushed the very tip of his penis into her opening, stopping when he encountered her hymen.

Hannah howled long and loud as Harry thrust himself into her, ripping through her virginity and completely filling her in one swift stroke. The inumimi moaned as Harry reciprocated in and out of her, playing with her breasts and caressing her elsewhere with his tail. A bubble of raw energy was growing inside Hannah, and she knew that she was being ravaged and loving it. She knew her purpose in life-she was made to serve her Master, to do what she was ordered, and to never be disobedient.

"Masteeeeeeerrrrr," she panted as she reached her climax. Harry, whose stamina was bolstered by the ritual, kept pumping away, adding a smack to the Hufflepuff's bottom when he pleased. Hannah appeared to be deliciously submissive, and Harry grinned at the small "Yipe!" of pain the girl gave every time he smacked her. He grunted, finally releasing a load of semen in the girl's virgin vagina, marking her as his.

"Hannah," he whispered into her ear as she lay on the stone alleyway, "you will forever be my slave. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Hannah panted.

"Good. Get dressed and continue as if nothing happened. Then meet me in Flourish and Blott's at four. I'll take you home with me."

"Yes, Master," Hannah repeated, crawling over to her clothes and pulling them on slowly. She bounded out of the alley, passing by Nina, who was walking back to Harry.

"Master, do you think it a good idea to take her with you?"

"Yes. It will protect her from the Death Eaters," Harry reasoned, zipping up his pants and replacing his robe to hide his tail. "Besides, she'd be nice to have on the foot of the bed."

"Indeed, Master," Nina said. "I don't suppose you could treat me to service like that."

"If you wish, Nina," Harry said as they walked out of the alley. "But for now, we have school supplies to pick up."


"Yes, Nina."

"We never told her how to get back in human form."

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