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Chapter 5 - Marriage

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A girl is born into a patriarchal world and seeks nothing more than the love of her father. This one mission in her life leads her into a world she wouldn't have dared have nightmares about.

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Chapter 5 - Marriage

Oria watched as the two ships were tied together and a Captain strode over from his smaller vessel to their Tigress. Her chin was tilted with arrogance and her eyes as sharp as broken glass, Hellion stepped forwards.

"Welcome Captain Danielson." The man glanced between Hellion, Oria and Marci. His hand rested on the hilt of his cutlass. He was a bonny young man, thick chocolate brown locks and warm brown eyes. His left eye was looking through them being blind from a violent swing from an attacking red coat, the scar marring what would have otherwise been a perfect face. This ruggedness was lost on Oria, she saw nothing but a cage in that mans' eyes, she knew what her destiny would be, "This is your fiancée, my daughter Oria, she's earned all three of her scars and is ready to wed and bed." The man nodded and followed him to the mast.

"I am ready to be wed; I've been waiting sixteen years for your daughter to be ready to wed. I had hoped she would have been available at fourteen but eighteen will have to suffice." Hellion nodded.

"Yes, it would have been more suitable on all accounts. Bit more feisty than we had anticipated, earned her first scar at eight and the other two at ten. She'll give you good sons though." The man nodded and glanced at the girl, she was beautiful, willowy and tall, she matched his height and he knew beneath the layers of wedding silks there would be a firm young muscled body of a well trained warrior.

He could see it in the glint of her eye, the self-assured confidence. Thrills ran down his spine, how had his father managed to earn him such a prize, he thanked the gods again for their benevolence. Marci led her youngest daughter forwards and watched the ceremony from afar, the girl barely spoke and her furious glare never left her father even when the diamond encrusted golden ring encased her finger. She stood besides her new husband while her trunk was carried from the Tigress onto the less impressive Whirlwind.

The new crew stared at her in awe as she allowed the Captain to lead her down to the deck from the Tigress. He turned her to face her father and waved a farewell before the two ships were too far apart to see each other, Oria watched him carefully. He smiled gently.

"My name is Captain Eric Danielson. Welcome to the Whirlwind, Mrs Oria Danielson." She merely blinked at him and turned away.

"Where are we to sail to?" He followed her as she inspected the ship, it didn't measure up to the Tigress' standards but she hid the disgusted look behind an impressed one and smiled at Eric.

"Port Royal to get you some more clothes and supplies after that... anywhere on the horizon." She nodded keeping the smile on her face.

"Sounds good to me." He grinned and followed her around the mast; her eyes met his slowly as his hand caught her wrist. The crew turned away as he ran his lips over hers wantonly and she responded with fake enthusiasm wrapping her arms about his shoulders and moaning wantonly as Cordell had taught her all those years ago. His grip tightened on her waist perceptibly through the corsets whalebone support.

"Keep us on course." His voice was deep with lust, without warning he dragged her towards his cabin more than ready to consummate the marriage. Oria followed without a complaint and forced a blush onto her cheeks making the crew men chuckle as they heard the door lock from the inside.

Oria watched him from under lowered eyes through her lashes as he began to tear his clothes off and press himself hotly against her body claiming her lips harshly as his hands fled trying to take in everything in one touch. She let him push her back towards the desk and her fingers wrapped about the handle of a pistol left carelessly lying on the desktop, thankful that the man was not tidy.

His fingers had begun working on her corset and it was more than halfway undone when he felt the cold kiss of a pistols barrel against his neck. Fearfully he glanced up and met his new wife's eyes, nothing but hatred rested there, nothing warmer than the cold kiss that ended his life in an instant as the pistol went off. She watched him fall to the ground and heard the pounding on the door as it was shattered open by the crew; Oria dropped the pistol onto the desk as the crew men stared in shock, evident in their eyes as they took in the scene. Their Captain led on the floor a shot hole through his neck at the feet of the De Monara, who was fully dressed apart from the expanse of smooth skin revealed by the half-open corset and looking like the devil herself against the dying sun.

"Oops." She grinned as they rushed in and slammed irons onto her wrists and feet, barely an hour after she had arrived on the ship she was in the brig watching a young lad pick the dirt out from under his fingernails with a dagger tip. Slowly she eased herself up and pressed herself against the bars fully aware the lust the lad was feeling for her, half-dressed with the corset hanging half-open. He faltered and cursed as the dagger slipped and sliced the pad of his finger.

"Oh, that looks sore, come here... let me kiss it better." The lad glanced up at her, he was barely a year older than her and obviously had no knowledge of women, "I won't bite... hard."

She grinned and ran a hand over the curve of her breast watching as the lad swallowed convulsively. He rose slowly and stepped over to the bars; Oria smiled and reached out for him. She grasped the hand with the cut finger and raised it to her lips, the tip of her tongue slipped out and lapped the blood off, the lads breath hitched when she placed the whole digit in her mouth and gently ran her tongue over it. She tugged him closer and released the finger.

"I can think of a much better use for my mouth, can't you?" She grinned, he frowned confused and she lowered her eyes to his crotch with a wicked smile. His knees all but gave way and he fumbled for the keys damned if he was going to pass this up.

Oria hid her smile as he unlocked the cell and stepped in his hands reaching out greedily for her. She smiled and stepped up to him kissing him harder than anything he had ever felt, her fingers splayed on either side of his head and tightened forcibly. Pulling away for a breath she twisted suddenly satisfied at the sickening crunch as his spine snapped. He crumpled to the floor in a heap; she pouted pretending to be upset and regarded the fallen form before stripping him of his clothes and swiftly changing into the britches and shirt.

It took several minutes to get him fastened into her dress and into a position that would hide his face, satisfied with the effect of the curled up apparently female form she locked the cell back up and sank into his previous chair tugging his hat low on her forehead and awaiting to be relieved by her next watch. She chuckled with amusement, what was it with men and underestimating women and girls, they actually made it easy.


It took the sailors nearly three days before they realised something was wrong, the second the cell door opened they were within sight of Port Royal and Oria was already swimming away listening with some amusement to the furious curses and shouts. Scrambling onto the bank she laughed at the ship that was slowly sinking into the ocean, only a few hours ago when they had begun to get suspicious had she found a hole borer in the stores. She grinned.

"Down to Davy Jones locker with you 'o' holey Whirlwind." A laugh broke her sinister grin and she strode up into the town towards the old whore house now run by Zechariahs and Cordell for the past two years. She hadn't felt so alive in so many years, a sharp rap on the door and hurried footsteps.

"Come for a whore Ma'am." The gruff voice echoed out, Cordell looked out surprised to see a dripping wet man on her doorstep and gave a delighted grin as the hat was lifted to reveal Oria with a cheeky grin on her lips, "Ah! Just the one!" Cordell grinned and let her in.

"You are still no more than a child Oria, go to the kitchen and sit in front of the fire while I get you some dry clothes. Zechariahs'll be glad to see you, hasn't shut up about you for the past four days." Oria grinned and headed towards the kitchen, a heat wave wrapping about her sodden frame immediately from the giant fire at the other end of the room. Without thought she sat on a chair and swung her boots up onto the table, a hand swatted at them.

"Get them off there. You're still not too old to put over my knee young lady." Oria glanced up at the large woman as she swung her feet off.

"Hello to you too Gretel." The elderly woman chuckled.

"Welcome back pet, your ma dropping in any time soon? Got a good number of hot pies on the sill." Oria shook her head.

"Nah, came on my own this time, took a ship from Tortuga. Thought you might be missing me." The woman chuckled again and handed her a warm bun which Oria promptly began to pick bits off with a grin.
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