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Chapter 8 - A Stolen Life

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A girl is born into a patriarchal world and seeks nothing more than the love of her father. This one mission in her life leads her into a world she wouldn't have dared have nightmares about.

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Chapter 8 - A Stolen Life

After nearly three days the storm cleared, most of the bodies had fallen into the ocean in the huge heaves and lunges of waves and those that were left Oria had thrown over board. One thing she had been grateful of was the fact that her mother had been thrown over board, she hadn't had to see her prone form.

She stared around the empty ship rolling gently on the wide open ocean. She would not admit she was defeated, though both her and Davy Jones knew there was no other option but that. Kicking at a bucket in frustration she headed up the rigging to the sails and began to unfurl them. What should have taken a minute with ten men took her twenty as she scrambled between each yard and fought with salt encrusted knots.

When she had eventually undone all the sails she set her attention on the anchors and slowly began to lift each of them, the ship lurched slightly as the pressure from the starboard side lessened and it began to sail away from its' mooring. Turning back she quickly grasped hold of the wheel and turned the ship around, praying the wind would stay constant and allow her to reach the inlet.

A heavy ripping sound echoed out and Oria watched in disbelief as the prow of the ship began to sink below the waves and planks began to float away. Abandoning the wheel she ran to the side and watched as the hole a cannon ball had forced began to widen with the pressure of the water pushing against it. Water poured into the bowels of the ship and it steadily began to dive beneath the mocking waves.

Adrenaline kicked into action and Oria turned cursing and ran for a row boat, cutting through the ropes she watched as it slapped into the water already swirling about the deck. Glancing about the deck of the Tigress Oria threw herself after the boat and clambered in, gathering the oars she powered away from the ship as it was sucked beneath the waves, the flag giving a final snap of farewell as it sank beneath the ocean.

Tears began to run down her cheeks and she abandoned the oars choosing instead to wrap her fingers in her hair and let the tears take over. Everything sought out her destruction, everything sought to stop her from achieving anything she set her heart or mind to and she was ready to admit defeat, to just let her feet walk blindly down the path others set her on.

A roaring sound echoed over the quiet ocean as the Flying Dutchman reared out of the water alongside the row boat. Davy Jones stood looking out over the ocean before letting his eyes slide down to where Oria was sat in the boat, no evidence of tears on her face but the air of defeat was practically visible.

"Well do you wish to die out here alone or join my crew? You would be a welcome addition... the second to last De Monara." Oria studied him as she set her hands on the rungs and clambered up swiftly to the deck.

"I will join." Davy Jones chuckled.

"Good... I have a special deal for you, my little De Monara..." He wrapped his arm about her shoulders and led her away from the edge of the ship and down into his cabin. Oria hid the grin, her fingers playing over the diamond bracelet on her wrist, she was not about to be fooled twice...
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