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Chapter Thirteen

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Ryan and Emily finally talk

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Ryan and Emily walked through the mall, not looking for anything in particular, just enjoying each other's company. Emily stopped suddenly in the middle of the mall and pulled Ryan close to her.
"Are you okay?" Ryan asked quickly. Emily laughed.
"I'm better than I have been in a long time." Ryan looked at her with confusion. "This is the exact spot we were standing when I first kissed you." Emily explained with a huge smile. Ryan smiled too and leaned in and kissed her passionately, not caring who saw them.
"I can't believe you remembered that!" Ryan said as he pulled away.
"It feels like it was yesterday to me." Emily explained, shrugging her shoulders. "A lot has changed in the past four years... you are in a mega-successful, mega-talented band with your best friends, I am a fucked up art school graduate... but when I see you, I am taken back to a time and a place where I was happy and loved. I just want to go back to that place."
"Well, if you let me, I will bring you back." Ryan said sheepishly. Emily responded by kissing him again. "Do you want to get out of here?"
"Yes please. We can go to my place. My roommate is out of town for like two weeks." Emily suggested. Ryan laughed as Emily grabbed his hand and led him to the car. They drove to Emily's empty apartment and once inside, Ryan pinned Emily against the wall and kissed her passionately. She pulled away, and ran to the bedroom, Ryan following closely behind. "Ryan, I love you so much." Emily said, kissing him again.
"I love you too." Ryan said breathlessly as they fell onto the bed. Ryan kissed her neck, causing her to moan. They were disrupted by Emily's cell phone ringing loudly. She groaned loudly. "Just leave it..." Ryan pleaded, kissing her again.
"It's my mother... I can't." Emily said, grabbing the phone of the bed side table. "Hi mom..."
"Emily sweetie, your father has been in an accident and the doctors don't think he is going to live. Will you please get here as soon as you can?" Her mother said, fighting back tears. "He really wants to talk to you."
"Emily, please."
"Fine." Emily grumbled and slammed the phone closed. Ryan stroked her hair as she collapsed onto the bed. "My ass of a father has been in an accident and the doctors told my mother that he isn't going to survive and of course, he wants to see me..." Emily explained. "Will you come with me? I can't face this alone..."
"Of course." Ryan grabbed his car keys and they made their way to the hospital in silence. Emily hadn't seen her father since the day that she had moved out with Spencer and Ryan, so she had a lot on her mind. When they arrived, Ryan took her hand and led her inside.
"Hi I'm looking for Brian Saunders... my mother just called me and told me that he was in an accident."Emily said to the nurse, who pointed them down the hall. Emily saw her mother and ran to her. They hugged for a while. "Mom, this is Ryan Ross, my boyfriend. Ryan this is my mother, Shelley." The two hugged briefly. "What happened to Dad?" Emily asked, as the three of them took seats in the waiting room.
"Well... he was drinking, of course... and he decided that he needed to go to the store to get some food and more beer. He was almost home when he smashed into a tree... thankfully no one else was hurt or anything. Your father really fucked up this time, and now he is paying the price." Her mother explained. At that precise moment, the nurse and the doctor ran into her father's room. "What is going on?"
"Your husband is dying ma'am... I am afraid that your daughter was too late."
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