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Jenova experiments, what happened to the rejects? What would happened if one was left? Last survivor, is it worth a second chance? [Chapter 6: The annoying voice is manipulative how can Hikari ign...

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Chapter 6: Mistake

Hikari still lay soundless on her bed, she remained there all evening and no one bothered her. She was upset and not only did her hands sting but her head hurt too. A clock somewhere chimes 11 in the well-known tune, the door to Hikari's room began to open letting light seep in through the gap. She quickly shut her eyes and relaxed her body as if she had been sleeping all the time. When they left she re-opened her eyes and stared at the window, she was so confused about the voice, and it kept talking to her inaudibly. Sleep over comes Hikari's drained body, the soft sounds of the night lulling her to sleep with the occasional person crossing the hall, shoes tapping against the floor boards.

The lullaby of the night soothed Hikari into a deep sleep which led her to the voice again. Manipulating the dreams to it, drawing her in to the immense pain the pressure that surrounded her gave off. However this time it was more venomously deadly than before as its hold on Hikari was stronger. Because of the hatred Hikari felt, the voice fed off it for power and that power pushing Hikari into a state of mind when she feels the impossible pain of pressure again.

"Hikari, my sweet you will do as I say" it spoke sickly sweet like "No! I won't!" she yelled back into the darkness of her dream "Oh but you will or..." it threatened and put more pressure onto her mind. Hikari groaned at the excruciating pain strained onto her mind, begging for it to stop. "If you want it to stop, you have to be a good girl and let me take control" there was the sickly sweet tone again.
Hikari suddenly woke up startled, her breathing was irregular and her heart felt it would rip out of her chest. She could hear someone moving around downstairs and decided to go and see, but voice returned "Hurt them Hikari, hurt them!" it ordered mocking but serious
"But...I don't want to" she protested only to feel that awful pressure again. So with no more complaints Hikari carried on walking out of her room and heading downstairs. Quietly she walked down the steps. Silently she stood still to see who was moving around, it was Vincent. She only saw the red cape whoosh by but that was enough for anyone to tell it was the solitary, silent Vincent.

Taking a quick deep breath Hikari stepped into the room, unsure of how she was supposed to hurt him. Vincent only looked at her for a second and it made her more nervous, just how the hell was she gonna injure an adult, way bigger than her? "Hikari is something wrong" he asked in that solemn voice of his except she didn't say anything because she felt the voice taking over. Vincent asked again walking closer to the tense child; her eyes were forming glittering tears. Although getting closer was a bad idea, Hikari had now lost complete control and managed to kick Vincent in the stomach, sending him crashing into the chairs and tables on the other side of the bar. The tears kept falling now, her sobs barely audible as she shot bolts from her arms straight towards Vincent, who managed to dodge out of the way. "Hikari what is wrong with you!" he yelled, a hint of fury in his voice "Please Vincent, help" she choked out through sobs "Make it stop!" she screamed using a combination of Ultima and Ice materia against him. Vincent was hit again; the blast grazed his human arm as he tried to get out of its way "Hikari!" Vincent called to her
"Please Vincent, make it be quiet!" she cried
"Who make who be quiet?" he questioned gripping his wounded arm "HIM!" she screamed so loud everyone must have woken up; her hands clutched her head as her body shook violently.

Suddenly the rest of the team came downstairs to see what was happening. They watched as Hikari kept crying and shaking, trying to get rid of something infecting her. Vincent walked closer, slowly this time. Cautious if she attacked again and she did, hitting him with more bolts so he flew backwards. At that point Cloud had to rush over and knock her out before she did more damage. Her body fell limp, unmoving as the energy burned out of her and what ever caused her to go momentarily crazy quieted down. Nonetheless something had to be done.

Hikari woke up feeling groggy, her back hurt as if she had been sleeping on the floor all night. She opened her green/red eyes slowly, the memories of the night before coming back to her. However that was least of her worries, the first thing she saw were metal bars! Panicking she shot up from her laying position and looked around franticly. But that didn't help her head just hurt more with a headache. The quick movement blurred her vision and she had to lie back down slowly. Hikari's eyes also felt dry from all the crying she had done last night and it made sense to her why she was detained in a cage.

"Hikari?" came Danni's familiar voice gently "Hikari wake up" she soothed to her, so Hikari gradually opened her eyes again to see Danni kneeling next to the bars. Hikari didn't say anything, she didn't even look at Danni she was too ashamed. Sitting up Hikari's eyes trailed along the floor, it wasn't until she noticed the blanket in Danni's hand was when she looked up. "Here" Danni smiled, her cat-like green eyes gleaming as she handed the blanket over "she must be really attached to that" Reno's unforgettable voice spoke from somewhere, Hikari looked up higher to see almost everyone standing out side of the cage. "She won't let anyone take it away" Col grinned from his seat
"But do we really have to keep her in a cage?" Red XIII questioned "Safety reasons, Red" Tseng explained. Hikari held her blanket tightly as she traced random patterns on the bars, waiting till they said something else.

It was a while until Tseng and Reno approached the child, ready to interrogate her. "Hikari, we want to know why you attacked Vincent" Tseng said as softly as he could manage "Because he forced me too" she replied sadly, gripping the blanket tighter "Who is 'he'?" Reno asked quickly more to himself, though he didn't get an answer straight away. Hikari only closed her eyes for while, when she re-opened them they were complete crimson and she spoke in a more confident voice "Him. He is the one you fear, the one I am born to follow, to surpass. Sephiroth!" she smiled wickedly as if she was not herself.
Hikari closed her eyes again and they returned to normal colour and she went back to fragile and nervous mode "I can't make him stop" she shook her head tears threatening to fall again
"It's alright Hikari, Yo" Reno soothed, reaching to hold her hand bravely and surprisingly, no bolts hit him! Only a spurt of Cure hit him and Tseng as they both were near her. Tseng then stood up and turned to the others "the only way Hikari is going to beat Sephiroth is if she learn to use her materia, we'll get more information on the Blitz kreig battalion" he proposed and walked out with rest of the Turks.

Hikari was finally let out of the cage, but it didn't do much for her confidence she still looked hurt and guilty. Quietly she walked to her favorite place she knows, the angel statue on the roof. The morning wind blew strongly, strands of her duo-coloured hair flying into her face. Brushing them aside she sat down still holding the blanket and closed her eyes, tilting her head towards the wind. The cool breeze calmed her and as she opened her eyes slightly Hikari could see the pale yellow and blue cream colours, the candy floss clouds floating along the mellow sky.
Hikari was so memorized by the peacefulness of something simple that she never noticed Vincent.

"You don't have to feel guilty, it's not your fault" was the first thing Vincent said, he saw her flinch in surprise but that was all she did "Sephiroth is the one poisoning your mind" he continued and stood next to her "He's a part of me, I was made from him. He will never go away" she sighed sadly "We can help, all you need to do is learn to control yourself" he stated and motioned for her to come with him.

Hikari followed him willingly back inside, although she wondered about what he said 'can I really control my powers?" she thought to herself.
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