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Jenova experiments, what happened to the rejects? What would happened if one was left? Last survivor, is it worth a second chance? [Chapter 7: Blitz Kreig Battalion come back for round two]

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Chapter 7: Disaster

As Hikari walked back inside following Vincent she heard a lot of voices from the bar. It was no surprise that it was Cid and Danni arguing...again. Hikari sat down with Densel and Marlene to watch them fight about something "What are they yelling about?" Hikari asked to the two other kids "Danni's Chocobo I think" Densel replied.

It was the same old fights really, Danni did something wrong that annoyed Cid a lot. The others blame it on the time she spent with Yuffie or Danni's will to do it on purpose. "You're not getting outta this one dammit! You will clean that mess up on my ship!" Cid shouted at her
"But..." Danni began to protest
"No buts about it kid" Cid ordered and grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the bar
"Col!" Danni exclaimed
"Sorry but ya gotta do it" Col replied apologetically. Hikari then got up from her seat and ran after the two "can I come?" she asked hopefully "yes, you can!" Danni said before Cid could get a say in.

The three of them had to go through the centre of Midgar to get to the Sierra, this gave Danni some time to try and get out of cleaning Cid's airship. "Please gramps! I'll get you anything you want" she pleaded but Cid still walked on not changing his mind "oh now you're giving me silent treatment" Danni pouted. Hikari on the other hand was too occupied with the sights to listen to the quarrel. The child had only admired Midgar from the rooftops not actually been into the city.
Danni pestered Cid until they came to the town square, one place she hated the most. Danni stopped walking and starred at the construction work that was now going on. Hikari ran up to Cid as he was still walking towards his ship "Cid, why has Danni stopped?" she asked in a timid voice "huh? What are you...oh" Cid turned round and saw the Dragon tamer standing there just watching. "Hey come on Danni, forget about it" Cid called to her but Danni didn't answer.

It had taken her a long time to get over it, but the guilt is still there for her. "Cid why is just starring?" Hikari questioned tugging his hand this time "Because, she did something bad that she couldn't stop" he explained and walked over to her "come on, you got a ship to clean. Kid, you can't keep moping about it every time you come here" after Cid said that Danni continued walking but quietly. Then suddenly they heard laughter, evil and maniacal.

Danni and Cid looked up and saw Kev standing on top of a building with two other people. One was a guy carrying a scythe and had black hair styled to the side, the other was a girl with blonde hair and by the looks of it she fought with her fists. "What the bloody hell do you want this time?" Cid yelled at them
"What do you think old timer?" the girl snickered; Cid just growled at the comment but settled when Danni shook her head at him. Danni knew when messing about time was over and to be serious, this was one of those times."Now Azura, Aaron why don't we go give them a proper greeting" Kev grinned sickly.

The trio jumped down from the roof heading towards them, Hikari just backed away frightened. Danni drew her sai swords and ran straight for Aaron, aiming a slash at his throat but it missed then she backed up and hit him with a backward Roundhouse kick in the face.
A small amount of blood trickled down the side of Aarons face; he wiped the back of his hand across his face in disgust then swung his sharp scythe at Danni's feet making her trip as she dodged it unsteadily. However the young tamer came back with two swipes of her sai's and whacked her elbow into his chest hard.

Cid on the other hand was handling Kev. The pilot managed to grind his spear in between Kev's cross defense and break it, then he tried to jab it into his side but Kev dodged quickly. Immediately after the dodge Kev ran, jumped of the nearest wall into the air and swung both his swords down aiming for Cid. Luckily Cid held his spear flat to counter the attack, giving Kev a hard kick in the stomach which had Kev on the ground.
Meanwhile as both Danni and Cid were distracted by the battle Azura was busy making her move on Hikari. With no defense Hikari could nothing as Azura the blonde haired girl grabbed her and began to make her escape calling to the other "Guys I got her come on!"
"Oh no you don't!" Danni declared and began to run towards Azura in order to save Hikari however Aaron tackled her to the ground before she got very close. As Danni was struggling against Aarons weight, kicking and pushing to get out of the annoying position she yelled at Cid "Do something! Help Hikari!" She almost snarled at him in frustration.

Cid could do nothing either as right at that moment Kev chose to land a rock hard punch in his face. Unable to do anything both of them led on the floor as Hikari and the three BKB members made their escape. Danni slowly got up, breathing raggedly as the adrenaline was still freshly going through her. Angry she hit her fist to the ground, only to pull it back up and wince at the pain. Cid managed to get back up steadily "We better get back to the others" he suggested acting all serious and Danni agreed gingerly, cradling her hand.
It wasn't a happy scene back at the bar, once Danni and Cid told them what happened no one really knew what to do. Danni was more annoyed than anything at how Aaron had managed to easily pin her down, the surprise really hit her at that moment. Cid was too busy muttering curses to acknowledge any questions he was being asked, especially when he was yet again smoking another cigarette; the smoke curled up to the ceiling in small wisps.

Now concerning Hikari, she was taken to the BKB headquarters for what ever experimenting or questioning to take place on her. She struggled against her chain restraints but it was no use and she couldn't summon any of her powers up. "So your experiment 164" Kev mused
"Amazing how a child is stronger than the great general" a girl with silver haired admired, she looked to be the brains, the doctor of the pack.
"Who cares about that Carron, with that power we can finish what he started" Aaron declared lifting Hikari face up by her chin to get a good look. Azura remained silent in the corner, her eyes half closed and mostly hidden by her blonde hair. Carron then began to examine Hikari closer "Lets see how her power works" she said and picked up a really sharp looking tool. That did it, Hikari's nerves blew and materia power of fire blast out of her. The four of them managed to put the flames out eventually as Hikari calmed down but still thrash about against the chains the held her. "Clearly she is more powerful than him" Kev smirked
"Who is he!?" Hikari demanded in a bout of courage "you don't know do you?" Azura finally spoke up in a freakishly quiet voice "I'm sure you've heard his voice, you've heard him speak to you" she gave a small, weak smile but it looked extremely devilish. Hikari nodded to Azura's questions watching her all the time as she moved closer. "Sephiroth is the one I speak of, the great Sephiroth who you are the clone of" Azura continued explaining "You were failed because you varied from him" she began to laugh at this point and muttered something that sounded like 'Hojo was so foolish'.

It was hard for Hikari to take all the information in, a lot she didn't understand. She never knew Sephiroth but was only to be him, to succeed as him. "And those fool remnants failed, Kadaj and his gang were pathetic" Carron said smugly but it only triggered another flash back for Hikari. It was a secret moment back in the lab, a precious moment when the 4 siblings could be together. Hikari was very little but she sees herself in Kadaj's arms, the voices are muffled so she can't hear what they say. It ends abruptly and Hikari becomes furious "You're wrong!" she argued her power building up again, but more intense this time. Her eyes are glowing red like they did before and the more confident side of her returns destroying one of the walls in the room. As the thick smoke fills the room so the BKB members can't see Hikari makes her escape back into the Midgar to hopefully find her friends again.
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