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It is the day before Valentines Day. AxA. That's all I'm going to say. RxR. Oneshot.

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Song-Fiction Chapter One :

It was February 13th, the day before Valentines Day. The weather was a bit chilly but had some sunny breaks. Archie planned on giving Atlanta a pair of earrings. They were green and silver diamond flowers. He had picked them out one day when he went to the mall by himself. He didn't want anyone else to know but some how it had gotten out. He planned on telling Atlanta how he felt too.

Archie walked alone around New Olympia High during lunch breaks. He fiddled with the little black box in his blue hoodie pocket. He was exhausted.

He had been chased around by Jay, Herry, Odie, Neil, Theresa and a whole whack of girls off of the Girls Field Hockey team. They ran after him asking him if it was a rumor or not. Asking him if he was really going to do it. Asking him what he would say.

Lucky for Archie, Atlanta hadn't heard about the event. She would have caught up to Archie in a matter of mili-seconds and then have dragged the truth out of him easily.

When he was alone he talked to himself. Not the "Oh I'm such a loser, I have no friends, Nobody likes me," kind of talk to himself. The kind when your confused or stuck on something.

"What do I say to her? Atlanta I love you.? No, that would be to quick. Atlanta we've known each other for a long time now...long time? It's only been a month and a half. Oh Zeus! What do I say?"



Atlanta wandered through the crowded hallways where everywhere she looked she saw couples kissing, cuddling, holding hands, making out and doing other kinds of mushy stuff. It made her sick.

"Get a life you stupid love struck losers!" she shouted as she pushed through the crowds of couples.

A couple girls stopped what they were doing and starred at her. All Atlanta could do was finger them.

"Whoa what's into her?" a girl whispered to another.

"I don't know, PMS?" answered another girl.


She ran outside of the school doors and walked down the streets of New Olympia. Her eyes began to water and salty tears streamed down her face.

It made her sad to see all those pretty girly girls with their hot boyfriends and expensive gifts and clothing. All of the other girls had boyfriends. They were all both being loved by and loving somebody. But she wasn't. Atlanta was loved too but not in the romantic kind of way, or so she thought. She was loved by her friends and family, no duh, and maybe even some of the gods and goddesses but not by a boyfriend. She thought to herself,

'How come I can't find someone? How come everybody else has someone and I don't? Maybe I should date one of my friends. Its gross but it's worth a try, who knows. Lets see, Theresa...eww no I ain't no hardcore lesbian! Jay...No he's got Theresa to love and make-out with. Oh God they make me sick, with all their lovey-dovey flirting and kissing. Get a room will ya'! Herry...Nah, he's like my older brother. This is modern times not ancient times. Brothers and sisters don't have kids and fall in love anymore. That's just sick. Neil... yeah Atlanta there's nothing like loving a guy who loves himself. Odie... No he's like my little brother. Like I said 'No brother-sister relationships here'. Archie... I don't know, he's my best friend.'

Atlanta kept on thinking and walked back to the dorm.


Later that night...

Atlanta lay on her bed with her face buried into the pillow. Her pillow was soggy from all the tears that had been shed. Everybody else loved somebody else and here was Atlanta a tom-boy who had never even had a boyfriend. Or for that matter she'd never even had a crush on anybody. She remembered the day her mother told her that her day would come.


It was the day where her last un-married cousin had gotten married. She had cried. She had been her favorite cousin but now she would be moving away and having kids of her own. They wouldn't see each other much anymore and Atlanta had no other un-married cousins.

All of her cousins had boyfriends and crushes and husbands now. Her family had extended quite a bit now having a bunch of new members added in. She remembered all the times her girl cousins went shopping for skirts and stuff to impress their boyfriends and crushes. She had never had a crush. Atlanta was one of the bridesmaids and was later found in her change room crying. Her mother walked in to see her crying.

"What's wrong Atlanta-Jane?"

"Mom, why does everybody have to fall in love?"

Her mother laughed.

"Atlanta are you upset because you don't love anybody?"

" don't know,"

She started to cry even more. Atlanta's mom grabbed her a tissue and dabbed her tears.

"Atlanta, One day, soon or when you're older, your prince will come. He will rescue you from your tower and be your night in shining armor. One day,"


"One day you'll find him Atlanta-Jane..." her mother had said.

Atlanta hated it when her mother called her by her full first name, Atlanta-Jane. Who came up with that name anyway? Probably dad...It's all his fault that my name is "Atlanta-Jane" she thought gagging at the thought. But the thought was soon forgotten.

"Mom, when will I find him?"


Archie was getting bored of watching re-runs on TV so he went to see if Atlanta wanted to go boarding or something. He walked up the stairs to the hallway and heard soft muffled cries. He listened to Jay's door first. Nothing, not a sound. He listened to Theresa's door next. All he could hear was the sounds of Theresa and presumably Jay making out. He made a face. He listened to Neil's door. He could hear him singing "Sweet Home Alabama". Herry and Odie were downstairs watching the movie so it couldn't have been them. Then he ran to Atlanta's room. He listened closely to the door. He heard the source of the soft muffled cries.

"Oh Shit!" he said to himself.

He opened the door without even knocking.

"Atlanta what happened?" he asked.

Atlanta turned around, so that Archie couldn't see her face. She wouldn't let anybody see her cry. Especially her worst nemesis, yet best friend, Archie. She was supposed to be brave. She was supposed to be tough. She was not going to be a cry baby, girly girl. She wiped her eyes and dried her tears the best she could then she turned around.

"Nothing Archie, I'm fine,"

This was definitely not something that Atlanta would want to talk to Archie about. Not at all. Archie didn't need to know her girl, romance problems. But somehow she didn't seem so convincing. Surprise, surprise. Archie was still worried.

"Come on Atlanta you can trust me, I'm your best friend,"

"Sorry Archie," she dried more of her tears. "But not for this kind of stuff."

"What could you not tell me? I don't care if it's about PMS or anything. You can trust me. I won't tell anybody and I will especially not judge you. Everybody needs to cry sometimes and I understand that. I just hate to see somebody -you most of all- cry without knowing why,"

Atlanta laughed but was still crying softly.

"I know I can trust you Archie and you wouldn't tell anyone or judge me. It's not about PMS. But it is a girl problem,"

"So what? I don't care. Just talk to me please Atlanta!" Archie was now begging.

He hated it when Atlanta cried. It made him feel like it was all his fault even when he didn't know what it was about anyway.

"Do you really want to know?"


"Can I trust you, for sure, for sure?" asked Atlanta uneasily.


"Will you tell anybody?"


"Swear to Zeus?"


"Don't just say yes. Say it,"

"I swear to Zeus,"

"Swear to Zeus for what?" asked Atlanta.

Archie sighed. He knew that Atlanta would always play little games like this.

"I swear to Zeus that I Archie Jeffrey Tanson will not tell or judge Atlanta-Jane-"

"How do you know my full name!?" she gasped.

"I have my sources. Now let me finish. ...will not tell or judge Atlanta-Jane Johansen about her reason for crying. Okay good enough?"


"Now tell,"

"Okay," she sighed. "It's because...," Atlanta really didn't want to say anything.

"Go on,"

"Well whenever I walk through the halls I see couples. It kind of makes me sad because I don't have a boyfriend. All the other girls have boyfriends and-"

Archie had to stop her there. Atlanta was different -unlike any other girl- that's what he liked about her. He didn't want her to change that.

"Atlanta you don't have to be like other girls,"

"Yeah I know that. But do you think that other guys don't like me because of who I am. Because I'm to much like them?" asked Atlanta sadly.

"What makes you think that guys don't love you Atlanta?" said Archie referring to himself.

"Do I have a boyfriend?"


"Exactly Archie. Guys love me as a friend. And a friend only. No more. Like you Archie, you only love me as a friend,"

Archie was surprised.

"Not really," he murmured to himself.

But with Atlanta sensitive hearing she heard parts of his statement.


'Come on just tell her,' thought Archie.

Atlanta was shocked. Did Archie just say what she thought he did? Archie stayed silent.

"What?" she asked again.

It was now or never. Archie took a deep breath.

"I said not really. Atlanta I love you more than a friend. I always have. I was going to wait till tomorrow but here," he handed her the little black box.

Atlanta opened it slowly. She looked at the earrings. She was shocked. Archie had just told her that he loved him and he gave her a pair of earrings.

"Archie they're...they're beautiful. I think I love you too,"

She put the earrings on the desk behind her and hugged Archie. Archie being a gentleman lightly kissed her on the forehead. He didn't want to kiss her on the lips just incase she wasn't ready for it. He knew Atlanta was no girly girl and probably didn't want to be made out with in the first five minutes.

'Awe that's so sweet. He didn't try to go too far. He took the liberty of being kind and respectful, now it's my turn,'

When Archie's lips were no longer pressed to her head, she looked up and leaned in. Closer and closer until their lips met.
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