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Its the end, but Hermione is found in a unlikely place with a unlikely someone

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Author's Note and Disclaimer: Hi everyone, every part of this is flash back from this point in time. I also changed the rating for this story so everyone could read it within reason. There will be some referneces to rape, violence and female issues. If you do have problems with any of those please as much as I want your comments please stop reading. R&R


Hermione stood in the graveyard at Hogwarts. She wasn't alone, Draco stood just a little further down laying flowers on Neville Longbottom's grave. Sydney and Kaity wandered up the hill towards them.

It was June the school was about to end and they had come to say good bye to their fallen year mates. Despite the warm weather Hermione was in a long sleeved dark indigo blouse.

Kaity and Sydney looked towards them as Ginny, Ron and Harry came towards them. Ron's hand slowly became intertwined with Kaity's. Draco came up behind Hermione, his arm snaking around her waist.

Braedon and Brooklyn came up as well; the group just sat in silence staring at the numerous white marble graves that decorated the old yard.

Dumbledore came out from the shadows.

"You all did well," Dumbledore said looking down at the adults standing before him. The battle had turned them all from teenagers trying to fit in with the real world, to adults ready to face all other challenges.

Hermione left the group as Professor Dumbledore continued to praise them.

She knew each name on every one of the graves, some were year mates, and some were younger, housemates, classmates. Friends, lovers to some one else they all lay here after the fight.

She looked up her bushy brown hair shining through the sun. Draco's lips gently pressed against her's and quickly met her eyes. Her eyes trailed downwards drinking in mentally what he was wearing. He was in muggle clothing, a black t-shirt and dark jeans. His hair was combed and his hand was bandaged. She ran her fingers through his hair.

He looked her over; the bruises on her cheeks had faded with the gift of time and Draco suspected some makeup. She was in her blue shirt and cream colored pants. On her feet were small flat ballet shoes making her 3 inches shorter, something Draco loved.

Hermione grinned suddenly and broke out laughing. It was a happy sound, causing everyone to smile and laugh with her.

Everyone's mind wandered. They were all thinking back to when this all started.
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