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Transfer Students

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When 4 of Draco Malfoy's friends go on a trip to Hogwarts from the school Canadian Institute of Magic, Draco, Hermione and the entire school must realize that they must be united or they must fall....

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Hermione Granger stood waiting on the bench at the train station. It was 10 minutes to 10 o'clock, and she was anxious. She couldn't believe that everything had begun, and ended. The summer was over, and as was her stay at the Burrow. She smiled happily; she had spent the last month with her brothers, Harry and Ron. She looked at her watch, and wandered through the portal on to Platform 9 and 9¾. She stood waiting, as she heard a voice call out from behind her.

"Granger?" he said, unbelieving.

"Malfoy..." she commented with out turning around. She continued down the platform, listening to his feet behind hers.

How can this be so?!?! she thought in anguish.
"How much ass did you have to kiss to get this position Malfoy?" she asked, as they stood waiting on the platform.

"I got the position thanks to you, Hermione..." He replied, looking her up and down.

She met his silver eyes, but could not read the drop of emotion that lay within them.

He is kinda hot she thought to herself as she too began to look him over. He was dressed in muggle clothes, which surprised her. He was in a black top, and baggy jeans. The top was just tight enough to show off the muscles beneath the shirt. Her eyes flickered to his face. He was smirking as if to hold in a laugh.

"What is it Malfoy?" she asked, rolling her eyes and turning away.

"Nothing.." he told her, his eyes still wandering over her
body. He spat out the second half of the word, still trying to hold in a laugh. She was dressed in a blue spaghetti strap tank top that showed of her flat stomach and curves. She was in a pair of tight jeans that ended in her booted foot.

She looks different, a voice in his head piped up, but a louder more sensible voice kicked in. Yeah but she a lioness, you're a snake remember? Besides Dumbledore told you hands off until she knows. Draco sighed out loud and thought back at the voice /Yeah but he is crazy remember. /Draco smirked at her again as Professor McGonagall apperated on to the platform.

"Hello, Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy." She led them down the train coming to the last car of the Hogwarts Express.

"Now you two remember you need to be civil towards one another, I know Slytherin and Gryffindor had yet to be Head Girl and Boy together, but you two were the best people for the job. You two will be asked to stay in this car, leaving yourself on the hour to do a quick run of the train. You may visit your friends at this time, but remember to return to this car or make sure one of you are here in case someone needs you. At 1:00, the Prefects will be coming to this car for the meeting. Tell them the same items you were told last year and the year before. Oh and by the way, 4 students are transferring here this year. They are in your year, from the Canadian Institute for Magic. Make sure they feel welcome, Mr. Malfoy you already know them so I suspect you to be even more welcoming." She finished with a quick look at the two of them.

Hermione had kept her eyes on Professor McGonagall, but her mind had wandered. Voices out on the platform startled her out of her thoughts.

"Any questions?" Professor McGonagall asked looking directly at Hermione.

"No Professor," she ducked her head.

"No Professor," he echoed her, as his eyes focused on her.

"See you both at Hogwarts" she told them before apperating.

"How does she get in to Hogwarts? She can't apperate there." Hermione mussed all of her thoughts on the matter.

"She apperates to Hogsmeade, and walks to Hogwarts." Draco replied, sitting down on one of the benches, Hermione sat across from him.

"Trying to be civil?" she asked him as she sat nervously.

"Why are you nervous?" he challenged her, as he stretched out his legs in front of him and leaned back in to the chair.

"I don't trust you," she told him frankly but her head froze as she recognized a couple of voices out on the platform. She left Draco at a run, and headed back out side.

"Women," he muttered as he rose and followed her.


"Ron! Harry!" she called as she raced through the crowd. Harry grinned and turned towards his voice. Ron turned too, when Harry poked him.

"Hey 'Mione!" they scooped her up in to a brief hug.

"Missed us already?" Ginny asked as she came up behind them, one of her arms snaking around Harry's waist.

Hermione laughed, then remembered.

"Draco is Head Boy," she told her friends as her eyes focused on a group of four people behind Harry.

"THAT BLONDE SNAKE?" Ron asked, his face in a snarl.

"THAT SLYTHERIN FERRET?!" Harry cried, but Hermione had moved away.

"I don't recognize you. Are you the transfer students?" she asked coming up to the group of students. Three were girls. One with long brown hair, and gray eyes, one with short reddish brown hair, in a pair of red plastic glasses, and one with short blonde hair with red streaks, with dark blue glasses. The boy had dark brown hair and gray eyes.

"Yeah," the red head replied, smiling at Hermione. Hermione got a good look at her.

"This is Brooklyn Johnson, Braedon Luin, Kaity Hemminger, and I'm Sydney Mohr." The girl with the long brown hair told Hermione, pointing to the blonde, the boy and to the red head who already addressed Hermione.

"Hi, Im Hermione Granger. I was told that you know Draco Malfoy?" she asked them, feeling Ron, Harry and Ginny come up behind her. "Oh and these are my friends, Ron and Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter. She smiled as she looked at Ron's expression as he looked at Kaity. The same expression was mirrored on Kaity's face.

"Can you help me with my trunks?" she asked him and they quickly scampered off.

"Yeah we know Draco, his mom is a teacher at our school." Brooklyn replied as she turned away from them.

"Actually his mother is Headmistress at our school," Braedon piped up.

"In Canada?" Hermione asked, feeling Draco coming and standing where Ron once was. Harry and Ginny hissed and left nodding good bye to the new students.

"She used Floo powder to get to school for the week. On weekends and holidays used it to come home. Hey Drac.." Braedon greeted him.

"Hey Malfoy," Sydney replied, saying Malfoy with a different taste then Harry or Ron did.

"Hey Drac.... HEY WOOD!!" Brooklyn called and turned away from them. She ran towards a man who had just gotten out of the portal.

"She is still dating Wood?" Draco asked Sydney as his silver eyes lit up.

"Oi yeah...She has been since he left Hogwarts four years ago. Remember they met when you took us to the game to meet your cousin?" Sydney told him as Braedon's eyes followed Brooklyn's flight.

"I still regret it" he told her with a sigh and a chuckle; "Im Head Boy so if you want help with any thing don't be afraid to ask, and Hermione Granger is Head Girl. We will both be happy to help. Come on Braedon, I want to introduce you to some people." Draco smiled at Sydney and left, taking Braedon with him.

"Come on Sydney, I'll show you around." Hermione said taking Sydney's owl from her.

"Thanks, Hermione."
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