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Power's Revealled

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Hey its me I just want to apologize to my readers about not having updated in forever. I just got the worse case of writers block ever and wasnt sure what I wanted, I had like 6 possible endings ...

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Hermione settled Sydney in to a compartment, when Draco rushed her off to meet up with some of his other companions in their year.

I thought they all would be ok, she thought as she headed back to the train car. But they all know Slytherin, Draco. We shall see... her thoughts trailed off, she sat down on one of the benches and grabbed a novel. She looked at the cover fondly; it was one of her favourite muggle novels. She also grabbed her Discman, for they were yet at school and it was still able to work. She settled down in to the bench and began to read.

She became so in to her novel that she didn't notice the train begin to go or Draco return to the compartment.

"How's the book?" he interrupted her, sitting down across from her.

"None of your business Malfoy," she retorted as she turned another page. Had she looked up she would have noticed a look on Draco's face, which she never thought she would see.

"Why don't you like or trust me?" he asked his silver eyes downcast.

"You're asking me that?! You should know the answer Malfoy!" She spat at him, while placing her book down. She looked at him, and was slightly unnerved by the fact that he was not meeting her eyes.

"You don't even know me," came his whispered reply. His voice almost sounded heartbroken. Hermione snorted and looked at him.

She really does have a beautiful mind, Beautiful like her body and soul. Poor Potter and Weasley for they do not even know. I know everything about her, except her secrets but there is one I do know, he thought to himself.

"You don't know me Malfoy... But I'm a mudblood remember? You don't care to mess with me" she told him, her book and Discman lay forgotten.

"Oh but I do Hermione, I know you better then Potty and Weasel." An odd emotion was in his eyes. They seemed to be changing colors, almost to a blue gray, not his usual silver. "I know your mind better..."

"How can you know that Draco? Come on, I am not a child. I know for a fact that Legilimency is not a talent you possess."

"What me to prove it?" he retorted, standing up and sitting beside her. He picked up her novel and Discman and placed them on the floor gently. He took up her hand, and looked up in to her honey colored eyes. She shifted uncomfortably making her eyes downcast.

"My skill is better then Legilimency, and more powerful. Let's look in to your mind Granger..." and with that his voice trailed off, and appeared in her head.

*Surprise Miss Granger, his voice said in her head, Your beautiful mind is a novel to me, but don't worry I will never tell your secrets...*

Hermione jumped up and turned to face Draco, in her eyes was almost filled with fear.

"I don't know what you are doing..." she started.

"Come on Hermione relax, Im not going to do anything." Draco interrupted, "Unless you want me too, cause you know, I can teach you how to kiss" he finished slyly.

Hermione gasped in surprise; "I have been kissed before" she growled at him.

"Do Potter and Weasley fall for that? You're an accomplished liar but I know you too well." Draco told her standing an inch away. He could easily count the number of eyelashes she had.

"Im not lying," Hermione tried to say but was cut off by his lips on hers. It was sweet and gentle, but short.

"We need to check the train," Hermione said, her voice slightly breathless when the kiss ended.

"Scared?" he asked her as he stepped towards her.

"Yeah, but not scared of you! You silver ferret" and with that she walked out of the car.

Come on Draco, You need to work a lot slower, Braedon's voice echoed in his head.

Shut up Braedon, I know its just...Its so hard He told Braedon

It will get harder, don't fall for her. Don't hand Voldemort more weapons, Braedon's philosophy hurt Draco in a way no one could explain.

Its too late, I fell for her the first day I saw her, Brae! I was in her mind when she first realised she had feelings for me last year. That's the only secret I know of hers and I respect her too much to say anything about it. Then your life is about to get more complicated Voldemort and your father will realize this and you know it. They will use her to get to you...,Braedon continued, as Draco started to walk down the train.

Then we will make sure they don't get their hands on her agreed?

Draco poked his head in to a compartment of first years. They sat nervously and excitedly as they talked about their families.

It will be harder then that Drac! They will get her, and you know it. And with that Draco felt Braedon's presence leave his mind.

It will be harder, but they won't get her! Potter and I will see to that. Come on Draco you know Kaity and I will help Sydney's presence left as soon as he felt it. Muttering about powers and supposed friends Draco continued down the train following the thread of magic that was Hermione's, the link he had with her mind and heart.

note: Bolded font is a conversation or a voice heard in one's hear, the italics are thoughts and bold and Italizied are my messages to you
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