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An Accident

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Hermione begins to feel like an outcast in her friends as they all seem to have someone

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Hermione slid open the door to the next compartment, she could hear Ron, Ginny, Harry and Kaity’s voices from within.

“Hey guys,” she said opening the door.

“Hey Hermione! How’s Malfoy?” Ron asked, gently taking his eyes away from Kaity’s face. His red hair was fly away, and although he was changed in to his school robes he looked like he was always in them. His top 2 buttons were undone revealing a small chunk of pale skin, his tie hung very loose around his neck. His sleeves were rolled up past his elbows revealing muscled arms from all the training he has done for Quidditch that past year.

“Fine” she spat, smiling at Kaity whom was leaning ever so slightly in to Ron’s embrace. Ginny and Harry sat on the opposite bench, Harry’s hand around her waist; her’s around his.

“You ok ‘Mione?” Ginny asked, looking slightly concerned. Hermione rarely spat out Malfoy or the word Draco in such emotion before.

I wonder if she really is ok with this whole thing? I mean with Ron and Kaity already so smitten with each other, I know Hermione loves him but his feelings for her are strictly sisterly. Or so he says... Ginny told herself silently.

I don’t belong here anymore Hermione thought, but out loud she asked Kaity, “What was your school like? What made you think to transfer here, to Hogwarts?”

Kaity smiled slightly, “The Canadian Institute of Magic, was a small school unlike our 3 rival schools in the United States. It was in a secret spot just like your Hogwarts, but yet the magical teachings were something different. Muggles were allowed to attend this school but to them it was the Canadian Institute of Learning. The Muggles were in one half we were in the other; we had same teachers. The ones that taught them their classes of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English taught us Transfiguration, Potions, History of Magic and Astronomy. The strange thing that the school also taught us Wicca. Wicca is a muggle religion but it also resides in Witchcraft and Wizardry. Narcissa taught that subject along Muggle Studies. Our school year was much different then yours. It started in January, and we took July,August and December off.”

“Yeah, it was amazing to go there though in the winter.” A voice piped up from the door, “here they are Sydney.” Draco called in to the hallway. Sydney entered and sat by Kaity.

“Want me to do the rest of the train Granger?” he asked her, after glaring at Potter and Weasley, who both hissed at him.

“Thanks Malfoy” she replied, and turned back to Kaity.

“What’s Wicca?” Ginny asked, turning away from her raven-haired boyfriend.

“Wicca is one of the Muggles’ belief of witchcraft, I don’t understand it, and I do not believe Kaity does. Wicca in the Wizarding world is that of a Muggle Home-Ec. I think at least….” Sydney answered, "It was soo boring"

"It sounds fascinating..."Hermione said, thinking about the useful spells taught in that class.

"Sydney didnt like it, she enjoyed Transfiguration, she wants to become an animagus." Kaity told the group.

"Whats Hogwarts like?" Sydney asked

"Wonderful, we have amazing teachers, and a wonderous library" Hermione said

"Our Transfiguration teacher is a animagus." Harry told Sydney, as her eyes lit up

"We have four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin." Ginny spoke out.

"Draco told us about that and said I would probably be a Gryffindor" Kaity replied, "And Sydney a Slytherin"

"Im going to go meet up with Brooklyn and Wood, She wants me to check on her raven for her." Sydney said standing up, "I will see you when you get to Hogwarts." She left, leaving Hermione feeling very much alone.

“I’m going to head back to the Head Boy or Girl compartment. I will see you later.” Hermione said, at a spur of the moment. She stood up and left heading back to the train car. She settled down and placed her headphones on her ears. They blocked out all sound except for her Discman. She settled back letting the music, one of her friends burned for her drown out all her thoughts. Her honey eyes flickered shut.

Above the loud singing, a sound like a rattling chain was heard. Her eyes widened, as she removed her headphones, listening to the noise. She felt something bang in to the car and a loud bark.

Sounds like a muggle dog she thought, as the car exploded. The last thing she felt was her blood, cool against her skin dripping down from her head, neck, chest and arms; as she became unconcious.
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