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Paint It Black

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"Black? Are you sure?" Lily sat across from Gerard, shaking a bottle of nail polish in her hand.
"Yeah." Gerard grinned, revealing his small,square white teeth.
Lily laughed, "Ok then....but it's not my fault if the bus goes over bumps or anything...I'll try my best." she said as she unscrewed the cap, toxic scent of the potent polish wafting through the air.
"I trust you." Gerard said, laying his hand flat on the table and spreading his fingers.
Lily shrugged and pressed his thumb flat against the fold out table.
As she ran the brush over his thumb nail carefully, he struck up conversation,
" birthday is coming up soon."
"Ah," Lily said, applying another coat of polish over the freshly dried and faded layer.
"What are you going to get me?" he asked, smirking.
"Who said I'm getting you anything?" Lily joked, dipping the brush into the pungent black elixir, moving on to his index finger.
Gerard sighed.
Lily continued, "What do you want, then? I can give you IOU's for..manicures if you want?" she joked, eyes focusing on his cuticle as she scraped away some stray black paint.
Gerard shrugged, "I don't really know what I want." he admitted.
"So..." Lily gathered, "I can give you whatever I want, then?"
Gerard shrugged, "I guess so..."
Lily smiled as she applied another coat of black, "Ok then."
"What? Any ideas?" Gerard asked as Lily dipped the brush back into the bottle, covering the brush in thick, black paint.
"Bert and I have been talking...we have a couple ideas between the two of us...Don't worry." Lily sighed with a smile.
Will walked by them, eating a sandwich, pausing to stare at the two of them. He took a bite out of his ham sandwich, "What are you doing here?" he asked, nodding towards Gerard, mouth full of wonder-bread.
"Im painting his nails, obviously." Lily said, looking up from Gerard's hand.
Will took another bite and sighed, "Obviously you hated each other last week."
Will walked away, slouching off to the mini fridge.
Lily chuckled to herself,shaking her head, "He's such an asshole..but I love him."
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