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Saving Me(once again....)

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heyy same plot as before...sorry that but my thing wasn't working and didnt upload the whole thing....very it is again

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"Yes....the dragon of will suck any worthless soul into tartarus....only if you show fear....the one thing it craves." Archie and Jay were shaking a little bit and then, right out of the volcano, came the dragin, with boiling hot lava dripping down it. Archie turned as white as a sheet.
"T-t-t-that's the dragon that Atlanta tried to warn us about??" Jay was shaking and he finally nodded.
"Y-yes....that is....and we are screwed....shit!" The dragon started to chase after Archie and Jay and the two ran away with fear in their eyes. Archie was screaming.
"AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!!" After he said that, it seemed like the dragon sped up and was a hundred times faster now. Jay and Archie hid behind a huge boulder that was nearby and hid. Archie looked at Jay.
"Jay what are we going to do?" Jay thought for a while and then something popped into his head.

"Before we go to tartarus i want you boys to remember something....don't show fear. No matter how scared you are, don't show that you are afraid."

"Yes....the dragon of will suck any worthless soul into tartarus....only if you show fear....the one thing it craves."

Jay shook his head to bring himself back to reality and then he had a very hopeful look in his eyes.
"Archie....don't be afraid!" Archie raised an eyebrow.
"What?!" Jay looked at him with a look that made him very smart looking.
"Mr.Suez told us that we cannot be afraid and Cronus said that this dragon craves fear."
"So that means that it will die if we show we are not afraid."

Archie sat on the edge of the volcano....silently trying to hide his fear. Finally after waiting and waiting, he heard the dragon flying towards him. He looked at it and thought of why he was doing this; because of Atlanta. He screamed at it.
"I'm not afraid of you!" Hearing those words, the dragon screamed in pain. Their plan was working.
"I'm SO brave!" The dragon screamed in even more pain. Jay came to Archie and help his xiphos and aimed at it's heart.
"THIS IS FOR THERESA!" He threw it at its heart and then it exploded into a million flames.

once again i am very sorry and sorry if it was short
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