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Globes And Maps

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They start flying, Karrow feels more thoughtful than ever, and Shakespearean thoughts puncture her normal thinking...

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They start flying, Karrow feels more thoughtful than ever, and Shakespearean thoughts puncture her normal thinking.


After staring at the window for an outrageous amount of time, their flight number was finally called. Karrow had never really seen the world beyond the numbered doors and was just itching to. Whenever her family went away by airplane, she would always stretch extra hard to see past the silver hall in her hometown terminal, but to no avail. She just could never see where they went, and it undoubtedly annoyed her. Now she was finally going to see her life's dream come true! Well, maybe her ambitions stretched slightly farther than revealing the dark secrets of the airports, but still, it was one less thing for her brain to overload about.

Despite her fears, the prospect of getting on the plane and walking down to it, was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Her pearly teeth were actually starting to chatter, but it was hard to tell if it was the cold of the room or the fact that she was afraid. They started to walk down to the opposite end of the building, speeding up when they thought that the baggage wasn't weighing down on her enough. 'Speed plus Karrow plus heavy baggage equals so many wrong things just waiting to happen.' Karrow must have been sighing a lot because a glare from Karlyn said 'Stop being so repetitive or I WILL make sure that you're in the middle seat'. So she scurried along, just waiting to be the little girl in need of a good seat. That would work up some sympathy and she'd be first to pick one, no problem.

A large door loomed in front of them with two wooden desks closing in on it. The laquered material created a slight path into it and judging by the number on top of the door, they were in the right place. The women were in their positions behind them and even had twin smiles stretched across their faces. They were nice enough as they did their jobs, but their cheeriness seemed contrived. Who would really be that happy so early in the morning? Karrow idly wondered whether their pay was adequate for such sacrifices, because she certainly wasn't planning on waking that early ever again. They directed them inside, which to her seemed unhelpful. 'There's only one way to go..'

They stepped into the opening only to discover how dark the hall way was. The walls were a murky blue and the carpet was speckled gray. The lights seemed to flicker every time that they stepped. 'A bit shady, isn't it?' She cast a suspicious glance at the end of the tunnel-like structure. There was an unmistakeable air of fresh perfume and cologne on the flight attendants letting people inside the craft. Karrow could only hope that she never wore that much scent to make up for sleep. She was gagging internally and her nose burned with her lungs as she held her breath. It wasn't only the smell, but the excitement of actually getting on the plane that kept her from breathing. She turned into the plane and almost gasped again as she looked. They settled in for a short ride.

'Finally!' her thoughts squealed. She had managed to beat her elder sister into the window seat and was smiling as she heard her snore. She, however, could not sleep. This was her first plane ride! There were a few other people there, but not many considering that they were taking off. She stared out the window for one final look before they would be ascending into the air. Rowe was afraid of being 5 feet in the air, so thousands of feet didn't appeal to her much. A man, whom she could only assume was the pilot, with a very authoritative voice came onto the P.A. He mentioned something about buckling up ('check'), sitting upright ('check'), and relaxing for the way up. That didn't seem so easy to her.

A deep rumbling set into the plane and consequently, her bones. Her hands gripped the arm rests and her eyes closed. She preferred to concentrate on her breathing. She felt pressed into her seat as it set into motion, and then pressured down and nauseous as it flew upwards. With her mind's eye, she imagined positive thoughts: setting off, and flying higher and higher. She decided to count as it rose. '1, 2, 3...' The shaking began to subside. '34, 35, 36...' The sign switched off. '61, 62, 63...' She now felt safer.

The first things her brown eyes saw were the window and the cottony clouds they were floating on. It was awe-inspiring. The plane's surroundings were sheer all around and much different from what her ponderings had predicted. Instead of the blunt black of space, there was a dreamy blue that looked soft to the touch. It seemed to rival the white parts in the sky. Her eyes became hazed as she stared and even though it began to hurt, she couldn't look away. On their own accord, her lids began to lower. Rowe's eyelashes fluttered as she drifted off into an equally soft sleep.

The first sense that was triggered was her smell. A welcoming aroma of cinnamon and apple felt warm in her lungs and she hungrily inhaled. Her sight spied a tray. Her dad must have known she'd get hungry when she woke up. She even got a shiny apple to go with her muffin. Somehow, this brightened her state of mind, especially since her ears were popping and the economy seats were a little cramped. Cold was creeping into her flesh as well; sitting next to the clear plexiglass was freezing. She shivered a bit and watched the goosebumps rise. Her back pushed into the seat. This was going to be a long day.

Little did she know that she would be right. The whole day was a flurry of activity and pulling baggage, and it was tiring out the girl. Karrow flopped down into the chairs as soon as she could and slept as much as possible. Her small carry-on was now an unbearable burden and was impossible to drag without a towtruck. Her coffee shaded locks were sticky and sprouting off; possibly falling out. Her fingers were raw, her eyes were puffy, everything ached. Rowe felt as if she needed a monologue out of Shakespeare to show her despair. Her mood could have resulted from the many junk and finger foods she had gorged on but her preference was to dramatize.

Her mind wandered to the tragedies of the famous playwright. She couldn't help but wonder if he ever thought of eating rocks. 'Boy, those planters look good right now. Where's dad and his money when you need it?' She wouldn't dare ask from Karlyn. She was now sitting on another terminal chair while their dad went to the bathroom. She had gone only moments ago and was utterly confused by the high tech versions of the toilet and sink. Perhaps her father had met the same tragic fate! 'O' alas poor... Dad, I knew him well. Maybe he doth fell in the toilet.'

The girl stood to stretch her sore legs and find nourishment, only to discover that they were asleep. Pins pricked at her flesh and more goosebumps arose.

' Everything makes me complain.' she sighed for the hundredth time that day and set off in search of another tasty leaf or two. Her previous search for the plant had been less than successful.

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