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Chapter 16 **PART TWO**

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Like i said, computer hates me and wouldn't let me upload the whole chapter... hope this works!

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Ryan crumbled the note in his hand, and sat down on the chair with a blank stare on his face. He couldn't believe that he had let her walk out of his life again.
"Spence, you talked to her last night after we all went to bed... what the hell happened? Did I do something to upset her? Why did she leave us?" Ryan asked, his voice barely audible. He hung his head.
"All I know Ryan is that this is not your fault... She's just a little confused about some things." Spencer said, glaring at Brendon who was holding tightly onto Danielle's hand. "Just give her some time and space and I know that she will find her way back to us... I promise you that she will." Ryan said nothing as he got up from the uncomfortable chair and ran up to his room and locked himself in, letting himself cry.


"Way to go Brendon." Spencer muttered after Ryan had left the room. "This is all your fucking fault." He fought to keep his voice down for fear of Ryan over hearing.
"What the hell do you mean Spencer? This is not my fault at all!" Brendon practically yelled, letting go of Danielle's hand.
"Keep your voices down! Ryan is already upset and he doesn't need to listen to you two fight!" Jon cautioned. Spencer and Brendon continued to fight, clearly choosing to ignore Jon's words of advice.
"She told me that you kissed her... she is confused as hell. Brendon, you pushed away the one person that Ryan truly cares about. You really fucked this one up!" Spencer said, walking out of the house. Danielle looked at Brendon and asked him if what Spencer had just accused him of doing was true.
"Yea... I kissed her and it was a huge mistake... Spencer is right, this is all my fault and I totally fucked things up." Danielle smacked him across the face.
"My friend was so happy with Ryan. You couldn't just leave her alone, could you? And what am I Brendon? The fucking consolation prize? Do you even like me or are you just using me to make Emily jealous?" Danielle demanded. Before Brendon had a chance to answer, she too stormed out of the house. Brendon looked at Jon, and without saying anything he too got up and left the room. Jon was alone in the kitchen and decided to send Emily a text message, although he knew she wouldn't respond.

Hi Em, just Jon... wanted to say sorry about everything that went down. Things are sure different without you here. If you ever need to talk, or just need a good laugh, I am here for you. Please don't forget that. I totally understand why you are doing this, just don't forget that we all love you!
Jwalk xo
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