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Chapter Seventeen

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you'll just have to read to see! i don't want to give anything away! lol

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An exhausted Emily collapsed on the uncomfortable motel room bed. She was still somewhere is Las Vegas, unsure of what she was going to do or where she was going to do. All she knew is that Vegas fucked with her head, and she was done with it. Emily knew that she needed to get out or else she would surely go insane. She just wished that the guys could understand that. Ryan had been text messaging and calling her all day. She knew that she was hurting him, but she knew that it was for the best. She had also heard from all the other guys, including Brendon who apologized over and over again for kissing her. With a heavy sigh, Emily decided to turn her phone off and try to get some sleep so that in the morning she would be able to decide what to do. She quickly got changed into one of Ryan's shirts that still smelled like him and crawled into the bed. Her mind began to race and no matter how hard she tried, Emily could not get the events of the past few days out of her head. Thinking of how hurt Ryan surely was brought tears to her eyes. She cried harder than she had ever cried before and, eventually, cried herself to sleep.


Ryan laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling. Any normal person would surely be sound asleep at that time of the night... well, morning. But Ryan's mind was racing. He couldn't stop thinking about Emily. He wished desperately that he could wake up from this bad dream and find her sleeping cuddled up beside him. He knew that it wouldn't happen though. He accepted the fact that she was gone. He had no idea where she went. For all he knew, she could be back in Toronto now. Ryan just wished that he could go back in time and fix whatever made her run. How could he have been so blind to her pain? He picked up a picture frame off the bedside table and studied a picture of him and Emily taken not too long ago. Her eyes were sparkling and she was truly happy. Ryan wondered what happened to Emily... he wondered where all the happiness suddenly disappeared to. He longed to just reach out and touch her face again and tell her that everything would be okay. Most importantly, Ryan just wanted to tell her how much he loved her. He threw the picture against the wall, causing the glass to shatter violently.


The next morning, Emily woke up and every muscle in her body ached. She groaned loudly as she stood up and got in the shower. The hot water burned her skin, but she didn't care. In all honesty, she couldn't really feel it. After twenty minutes, she climbed out and wrapped a towel around her raw skin. As she dried her hair, she decided that she was going to return to Toronto. Anything would be better than this hell, she was sure. Besides, with Emily out of town, the boys would be able to focus all of their attention on writing their much anticipated sophomore record she convinced herself. She quickly got dressed and threw her belongings into her suitcase. Less than an hour later, Emily had arrived at the McCarran Airport.
"Hello dear, how may I help you this morning?" The cheerfulness in the clerk's voice was enough to make Emily feel sick to her stomach.
"I need to buy a ticket for the next available flight to Toronto please." Emily said, forcing a smile.
"Alrighty dear, the next flight leaves in forty-five minutes from gate 130." Emily took her ticket and quickly made her way to the small café that was located in the center of the airport. Twenty minutes later, Emily was boarding the plane. With a heavy sigh, she took her seat and looked at the Las Vegas lights one last time. She put her headphones on and closed her eyes as the plane took off.
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