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Chapter Eighteen

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Emily finally tries to move on with her life... with out Panic!

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Emily and her roommate Lexi stumbled into their downtown Toronto apartment after a late night of drinking and partying. It had been a year since Emily had moved back, and things were finally looking up for her. She was working at the art museum and taking more classes at the art school. She hadn't had any contact with the guys from the band, but from what she heard, they were pretty successful, which made her happy. Once the girls were inside their apartment, Lexi decided to put some music on and dance around the living room. Emily laughed as she headed towards her bedroom.
"I've had enough for one night! See you in the morning Lexi!" Once Emily closed the door, she peeled off her revealing black dress and killed high heels and collapsed onto her bed. She groaned loudly as the room started spinning. Unable to sleep, Emily flicked on her television. She flicked the channel to Much Music. A catchy tune was playing and at first she didn't recognize it. But then one of the band members caught her eye. "Holy fuck..." She mumbled. The band that was playing across her television screen was undoubtedly Panic! At the Disco. She smiled because she knew that they had really make it. They were doing what they always wanted to do. At the same time though, she felt sad. She missed the days where they would all just sit in the living room that the boys shared in Las Vegas. Most of all, she missed waking up to Ryan's touch. Once the song was over, Emily turned the television off and climbed into her warm bed and pulled a picture of her and Ryan, taken two years earlier, out of her drawer. Just as she was about to fall asleep, her cell phone rang obnoxiously. She groaned as she answered it.
"Emily?" The person on the other line said. "Em, it's Spence."
"Spencer, are you okay? What's wrong?" Emily questioned. It was clear that Spencer was very upset.
"We were in a car accident tonight... in Vegas. We were in the van, on the way home after a photo shoot. Jon was driving and Ryan was sitting in the front with him. We were hit head on by a drunk driver... Jon is in okay condition, all things considered but the doctors don't think that Ryan is going to make it." Spencer sobbed uncontrollably. Emily jumped out of bed and threw some clothes into her suitcase.
"Spencer honey, I am going to get there as soon as I can. I will call you when I get to Vegas, okay?"
"Okay thanks Emily..."
"I love you Spencer." Emily hung up the phone and quickly wrote a note to Lexi, who was surely passed out in her room after the night that they had. Emily hailed a taxi and rushed to the airport. She cried the entire flight to her home town. She regretted countless things in her life, but if Ryan did pass away as the doctors predicted he would, her biggest regret would surely be running away from him a year earlier. Her mind was racing so fast. When she finally arrived at the hospital several hours later, she wasn't surprised to see the group of fans that had gathered outside. Zack quickly spotted her and pulled her through the crowd and inside the hospital doors.
"He's in surgery right now but the guys are up in the waiting room..." Zack said sadly, hugging her briefly. Without saying anything, Emily pulled away from him and practically ran to the waiting room. She ran right into Spencer's arms. They were both crying uncontrollably now.
"Emily, we're so scared." Spencer cried, unsure of what to say. Emily pulled away from him and hugged Brendon tightly.
"I am just glad that you guys are all okay..." Emily whispered, sitting on the uncomfortable hospital chair. She despised the hospital more than any words could describe. "Zack told me that he's in surgery." Spencer reached out and held her hand. She took her other hand and held tightly onto Brendon's hand.
"Yeah... they told us that he was bleeding internally..." Brendon explained. He too was crying. "I don't know what I am going to do. He is my best friend."
"Don't be insane. Ryan is going to be just fine! He has to be!" Emily exclaimed. She stood up and starting pacing aimlessly around the tiny family waiting room. She was completely exhausted from her trip down that when Spencer finally pulled her back onto the chair, she quickly drifted into a very restless sleep.
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