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Chapter Nineteen

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Seeing Ryan for the first time since the accident

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The sound of the hospital coming to life in the early morning woke Emily up. She noticed that the boys were still sound asleep so she decided to go sit with Ryan. She was not prepared for what was on the other side of the heavy door. She gasped a little when she saw Ryan, lying lifelessly on the bed. His left arm was in a cast up to his elbow, he was full of bruises and cuts. She must of counted a least one hundred stitches in his head from the emergency surgery he needed the night before. He was pale and looked like a ghost. He also looked like he hadn't eaten a good meal in weeks. Emily sighed as she sat down and took his hand, unsure of what to do.
"He's in a coma sweetie. But talking to him will help." The nurse explained as she checked up on Ryan. "He is doing much better than he was last night." With that, the nurse walked out of the room. Emily fought back tears. Seeing Ryan like this broke her heart. He didn't deserve this. Not with a successful, world famous band needing him so much. If anyone deserved to be in that hospital bed fighting for life, it was surely Emily.
"Ry, I don't know if you can hear me or not but the nurse told me that talking to you will help." Emily started, wiping her tears away. "It's been a year since I left and I still regret it every single day. I wish that I had had the strength to stay and work through all of my issues... but of course, I didn't. I never meant to hurt you. Everything was just so fucked up. I love you so much and I would give anything to hear you say those words back to me again." Emily stopped briefly when someone entered the room. She turned around to see Brendon approaching her. He urged her to continue as he sat down beside her. She held his hand tightly before continuing. "We have been through some pretty shitty times, but no matter what was going on, I always counted on you. Remember the time when you found me on the kitchen floor? Or the time you found me in the bath tub? I would have died a long time ago if it wasn't for you. We all love you and need you to get better. Please get better Ryan." Emily pleaded. By now, she was sobbing. Brendon tried to hug her, but she pulled away.
"Emily, am I the reason you left?" He questioned, unable to look her in the eye.
"Part of the reason... I was just confused about a lot of things and what happened between us did not help matters." Emily explained. "But we can't talk about that here. Ryan is the most important thing right now. We will have to talk later, okay?"
"Yeah I guess so..." Brendon said, standing up. "I am going to see Jon for a while. Come find me if anything changes." Emily promised him that she would and just as he was leaving, Spencer entered the dimly lit room. His eyes were red and puffy from crying, as were Emily's. She stood up and hugged him tightly.
"Em, I grew up with Ryan. What am I going to do if he doesn't make it through this?" Spencer questioned, his voice shaking.
"Don't be insane. Ryan is the toughest kid I have ever met. You and I both know that he is going to make it through this. We have to believe that everything will be okay." Emily said quietly. She couldn't help but notice how peaceful Ryan looked. "The nurse said that talking to him helps. I'm going to go get some coffee for us." Emily left the room, leaving Spencer alone with Ryan.
"Ryan, I hope you can hear me... we are all here for you, even Emily. She flew down last night from Toronto. She looks really good. I will never forget when you told me that she had kissed you in the mall. At first, I was kinda jealous. I mean, she was the prettiest girl in the school! I got over that pretty quickly though when I saw how happy she made you. No one deserved to be happy more than you. I know that you were really hurt when she left, but she's back now and that's all that matters. She needs you though. I am afraid that she is slipping back into the person she was before and you need to come back to help her through that. I don't doubt for one second that she loves you more than anything in this world. Just get better... for all of us."
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