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Chapter Twenty One

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on this story. i seriously wasn't going to finish it, but i am going to now. thanks again! also, i want to say thanks to everyone ...

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Emily and Jon returned to the hospital later that night, showered and well-rested. And as promised, they brought some Wendy's fast food for everybody. The group sat in the waiting room silently eating their food. Emily wasn't really hungry, but forced some French fries down her throat so no one would worry about her. A nurse approached the group, a smile on her face. Emily's heart began to race.
"I have great news everybody. Much to everyone's amazement, your friend Ryan is conscious now and he is asking to see all of you." Everyone was elated to hear the news. Spencer jumped up and hugged Emily tightly, causing her to laugh a little.
"Come on! Let's go see him!" Becca exclaimed happily, leading the way to the room. Everyone followed closely behind. Everyone except for Emily that is. Spencer ran to her side to see what was wrong.
"It's nothing Spence. He probably wouldn't want to see me right now anyways. But you guys go ahead." Emily said, forcing a smile. She ran her fingers over a bracelet that hung around her wrist. It was a bracelet that Ryan had given her just before the last concert she went to, just before Brendon had kissed her.
"Do not be insane Missy! You are coming with me!" Spencer ordered. Emily sighed, seeing that there was no point in arguing. He dragged her into the room where everyone was laughing at talking. Seeing Becca lying on the bed beside Ryan was almost enough to make her sick. She longed to be close to him again. When everyone noticed Emily standing in the door way, an uncomfortable silence fell over the room.
"I'm sorry... I'll just..." Emily turned to leave the room, feeling all eyes on her.
"Don't be insane. Emily, please come sit down." Ryan said, almost begged. Emily looked at him, unsure of what to do. He flashed a smile at her, so she decided to stay. She walked over towards the bed and hugged him briefly before sitting on Spencer's lap. "You look great Emily. How have you been?" Ryan questioned, unable to take his eyes off her. She blushed a little bit.
"Well, worried sick about you." Emily stated, smiling. "I missed you!"
"I missed you too Emily. What have you been up to this past year?" Emily couldn't help but notice that Becca was glaring angrily at Emily and Ryan. Emily hesitated for a few minutes before answering Ryan's question.
"I've been back in Toronto... I went back to the art school. I'm taking more voice lessons." Emily explained, glancing at her watch. It was pretty late. "Guys, it's late. We should get going so Ryan can get some rest." She stood up and the others did too. Ryan looked at her, pouting, which caused her to laugh. "We'll be back in the morning Ry, I promise. Try to get some sleep." Everyone said their goodbyes and walked out if the room, chatting happily among themselves about Ryan's recovery. Jon wrapped his arm around Emily's shoulder, noticing that she was keeping to herself as they walked to her car.
"You seem very quiet. Are you okay?" He asked her with concern. Emily smiled and reassured him that everything was okay. Spencer, who had over heard the conversation, saw right through her. He knew that she was upset. He sighed as they all climbed into the car.
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