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A Sailor Passing By

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A background for my D&D Character. A Half-Elf that was born mute but learns to be a bard. He was for Ravenloft and I loved playing him. Please spend the few seconds after you read to leave a rating...

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Pirates always were and always would be the kind of people that drew in some of the younger women who wanted a taste of the rebellious. They were attractive in certain ways because they had the charm of being dangerous and mysterious.

Marianne was a woman who was bored at home and lived in a whimsical world of her own. Her father constantly strive to teach her to be a young lady but she would be found hanging about on the streets watching the pirates wishing that she could find some adventure in her life.

It was the same night that she had been told if it continued she's be sent to a school in the Temples to solve the devilish attitude that she had stolen into the docks and spotted the latest ship coming in. Marianne watched as several of them alighted and one of them was a young man with a patch over one eye who seemed almost too graceful for words.

He wandered into the tavern with a few of the men and she couldn't stop herself from following. The man that went in had a strange swagger to his steps and long black hair that went almost to his ankles. He was too clean and tidy to be a rough sea dog she mused and he was too cheerful to be an underdog.

She listened from the background as he spoke to the others. His voice was so wonderfully soothing and he seemed to be aware of her sooner than she would have liked. The young pirate wandered over and with a flurry of lace and other additions to his shirt and jacket he leant over the table and looked into her eyes.

Aaron, was actually from a strange race of outsiders, born of Elven blood he used magical spells to make himself look human. Aaron was actually a strange young man in that he had escaped slavery and stowed away on the ship. He was good at entertaining and they kept him on to do the ships logs until such time as he settled down.

"Hi there." He smiled at her and leaned a little closer. She found herself being drawn in. "Fancy hanging about with me for a while? I've got some spare pennies and a half-decent voice for conversation. You've followed me this far..."

Marianne left the tavern the following morning in high spirits and with a slight glow about her. The first time she'd been brave enough to follow one of the pirates and she's got her one night affair. She was full of the joys of spring as she wandered off and never saw him run off to the ship because his spell was wearing off. She had no idea who or what he was and just that he had escaped from a slave camp and was a very pretty face. She had his name and his memory but she guessed she'd never see him again.

When she found herself pregnant a month later she thought nothing of it. She was after all in a healthy relationship with the man that she planned to marry. Aaron's fling had not even been thought of in regards to the possibility that he had given her a child. The plans to marry went ahead but the child was born a little early and the wedding was postponed.

Stephen was going to be Marianne's husband and was even outside waiting for the news when the nursing study went silent. It was deadly silent and Stephen and his friends feared the worst. Had the child been born still? They weren't there too long before the male doctor came out to greet them and asked Stephen to follow him. All the time Stephen was of the belief that he'd lost his future wife and his child.

"Well the good news is the child is alive and is a boy." The doctor said and then Stephen went to say something but guessed there was more to the story. "Do you er... is there any Elven blood in your family?"

"No." He answered. "All human why?"

"Well that complicates matters a little." The doctor mused and handed a large brandy to Stephen. "You see the boy is quite clearly of Elven descent but we are more concerned about his health. You see the child appears to have no voice, a retard we think."

Stephen looked at the doctor before downing the brandy. He had no idea what to do and anger took hold of him. So she'd been sleeping around with the fancy flighty Elves and she had got herself pregnant with another man. Of course the child was mute; it was most likely a throw back of her disgusting behaviour. He voiced it all before leaving the room and heading home to gather his things. He wanted no further dealings with the woman.

Marianne came round from the birth a few hours later with the child wrapped up beside her. It was a young and very small baby and he was already fast asleep. The nurse helped her to sit up and to get comfortable without waking the child and gave her something to drink.

"The doctor would like a word with you if you feel up to it?" She asked her.

"I am ready, is he okay?" She asked panicking as the little bundle slept by her side. "I mean he's wrapped up tight but he's not... dead is he?"

"No he's not dead but you need to speak to the doctor." She left to get the doctor. He was a nice man if not a little too lean for working too many hours.

"Hello, I am Doctor Orlans, I have to have a bit of a chat with you so do you mind if I look after your little one whilst you get comfortable?" He hated his job when it was a day like this. The woman had obviously made a mistake in her life and was now going to suffer for it. She nodded and the little boy was handed over nervously. She hadn't even heard him yawn yet. "It's a little complicated so I want you to listen rather carefully and then you can tell me what you want."

"Yes Doctor." She said. It would probably be about how to take care of the little boy but she wanted all the help so that she could have her family happy.

"Well the first issue we will come to is that your little boy gave us a few shocks." He handed her a mug of water. "He's actually a half elf."

"Oh." She gasped and looked a little closer. The Doctor pulled back his wrappings and she could see he had slightly pointed ears. She also noticed he was awake, just barely. He had similar blue eyes to her own. "He err... Well I don't know what to say."

"Well that's not too bad but the thing is he isn't a very healthy baby." He waited for her to take it in before carrying on. "Marianne the baby is a mute and he will most likely never speak. He isn't going to be able to live in the world and well," he took a long drawn out breath; "we could have someone take him to a better place if you consent."

Marianne tried not to cry but she couldn't help it. She wanted to ask where Steven was and after several pathetic attempts she managed to ask the doctor. The Doctor couldn't see a nicer way to tell her so he spoke the truth and then waited for her to calm down. As the baby in his arms heard the crying he started to struggle around. The child was crying too and the doctor waited until she calmed down to pass the little boy over to her.

"He knows I'm crying." She said as he stared back up at her. Eventually he stopped crying when she calmed down enough. "I can't get rid of him like that, he's been with me this long and he's a little life."

"He won't know be able to survive. He can't talk, we don't know if he'll even have any intelligence. He's better off that way. I really didn't want to suggest it." He told her as the young baby grabbed a handful of her hair and watched her again. "It's your choice but he might never get older than he is now mentally and he could be ill all his life. You might end up caring for the boy forever."

"I will risk it." She said still half-crying and taking in a deep breath. "He's probably the only person that will ever love me unconditionally anyway. If he can hear me cry he can hear other people. He can learn to write and if he doesn't ever grow up then I'll find someone that will care for him if I go first. He's the only thing I have left now. My parents won't forgive me for loosing out to a rich man and now he's left. The boys' father doesn't even know he exists and he was just a one off night. I can't get rid of him, he's all I have."

"It's your choice and I won't make you decide I just want you to know this will be a difficult thing for you either way." He told her standing up and making sure the boy was okay again. "You will need to name him and when you are well enough you can go home."
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